Share XL - sex toy by Fun Factory - review by Ansley Agnello

Toy for Two

The Share XL double ended dildo by Fun Factory is an excellent toy made for two, just like it's predecessor, the original Share. Fun Factory came up with some marvelous upgrades for this one, including ridges and added girth on both ends.
Silicone, Dual Use, Partner Use, Boilable, Bleachable, Dishwasher Safe.
May be too large for some.
Rating by reviewer:
somewhat useful review
Having tried (and loved) the original Share double ended dildo, I was a perfect candidate to receive and review the brand new Share XL from Fun Factory. Though it's packaged in the same box as the original Share, the Share XL is a creation all it's own. This double ended dildo is quite heavy and has an incredible girth on both the bulb and the shaft ends. In fact, the circumference is an astounding 5 1/2" (bulb) / 5 3/4" (shaft). The swirling ridges enhance this toy by adding a more rough ride, and also by stimulating the clit where the bulb and shaft meet. The shaft is not much longer, if at all longer, than the original Share's, measuring in at an insertable 6 3/4". The bulb isn't too far behind, having an insertable length of 4 1/4".

The first time I used the Share XL, I slid the bulb end inside simply to see if my muscles were strong enough to hold the weight of the toy. It was a snug fit, but I found I was able to hold and maneuver the shaft pretty easily. The shaft was a bit floppy, just like with the original, but held in steady by my pelvic floor muscles grip on the bulb. The second time I used it, I slid the shaft in and out using the bulb as a handle. (The bulb made a surprisingly effective handle.)

Proper care and clean up of the Share XL was a breeze. After play, I washed mine off with warm water and a mild soapy washcloth. I set it aside to air dry thoroughly before storing it away in my toy case. Thankfully, I've got a large toy case, because this is one of my larger toys. The box in which it came could also provide sufficient storage.

All in all, Fun Factory's upgraded Share XL exceeded my expectations and caused me to fall in love all over again with the colorful, body safe silicone swirls.
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  • ScottA
    I've heard things in passing about this toy, but never tried it out. Other than a rougher ride, what do you think of it? Would it work anally, or is this toy better left for vaginal use? Which Share do you prefer for general use? Which user gets stimulated by the clit bulb? Anything else?
  • Juliettia
    I'll most likely never try this out, but it looks pretty!
  • Liz2
    Does look more ample then the original. Did you use this with a partner? Have you tried it with a harness? I too found the original Share "floppy" is this more floppy?
  • Ansley Agnello
    ScottA - I think it's a great update to a personal favorite. I haven't tried it anally because of it's size (I'm only used to smaller toys).. but I'm sure if you're experienced you can handle it. I actually prefer starting out with the original Share with partners, because it's not as big of a shock to them when I get out the XL. Either user can be stimulated by the ridges.. it just depends how you use it. I think you should definitely give it a try!

    Juliettia - It's a very gorgeous toy, indeed! I love Fun Factory creations!

    Liz2 - I haven't had the opportunity to use this with a partner yet, but I have tried it on with my Jaguar harness. It's a bit trickier since the XL has ridges, but I got it to stay put pretty well. As for being floppy, this one is still floppy but I'm not sure if it's quite as bad as the original since it has more girth to it.

    Thank you all for your comments! Smile
  • Femme Mystique
    How would you compare this to the feeldoe (if you've used one)? Easier? More difficult?
  • Ansley Agnello
    The Share XL is a lot bigger and floppier when compared to the Feeldoe (original). It's also a lot softer and smoother. I'd have to say more difficult.. since there's more weight to hold.
  • bigger than the original. holy crap i thought that was a monster.
  • I have the Feeldoe Slim and the More and like both of them, but once I get really aroused it's hard to keep it inside. With the better angle of the bulb I'm thinking of going with the Share. Any ladies with experiencing using this find it was easier to keep inside as the giver?
  • I'm a trans guy and my boyfriend is too, and I've got to say, I love the original, but the one thing I needed on the shaft..was more girth. This is like a sex toy dream come true.
  • This toy is incredibly satisfying for pegging, and the ability to use it without a harness adds considerable spontaneity, speeds clean-up, and allows our bodies to collide a lot more naturally. By the way, this toy is packaged in a classy, upscale box - would make a nice gift compared to the tacky packaging of most sex toys. The only negative is the high price, but in time you will definitely get your money's worth!
  • deceased
    I ordered this one (in black of course) . Can't wait for it to cum....
  • HomuHomu
    Does it ever fall out? If it does, why? D:
  • richsam
    Thanks for the review
  • LuciFaery
    Thank you for the review!
  • tigertiger
  • sugar&spikes
    thanks for the review!
  • FunFantasys
  • mrssnyder
    nice review
  • ruger7mm420
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