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Kandi For My Vag

The Bedroom Kandi hold on to me vaginal balls are a discreet way to exercise your pelvic muscles. You can wear them during your daily activities at home or in public and no one will know. These balls are sweet love Kandi to your vagina!
Small, cute, create nice sensations, and can be worn with discreetly.
Pull string is weak.
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The Bedroom Kandi hold on to me are vaginal balls. These are meant to help strengthen your Pelvic muscles when you do kegels. Some women have claimed to orgasm from the feeling of the balls inside during kegels, but this is not something that every women has been known to do. They are meant to be worn around while you do your daily activities. You can even wear them in public discreetly. These can be used inside of the cases/cages or as ben wa balls.

These are not anal balls, please do not insert them anally, the pull string is not durable enough and they could get lost inside, which results in an embarrassing visit to the Emergency room. **These balls are only meant for those who have vaginas, they should never be used anally. When you insert them you should use some spit or lube for easier insertion.

Material / Texture

Bedroom Kandi balls are made of two materials. The cages or cases that the balls are placed in are made of 100% Silicone. The Silicone is black, smooth, and have some drag to them. Silicone is latex free, hypo-allergenic, phthalates free, and non porous. There is a slight "new" smell to the silicone, but nothing overwhelming. Silicone has a material safety rating of a 10. It can be completely sterilized by boiling, so you can share them if you would like. This silicone collects a fair amount of lint.

The balls that fit into the cages/cases are made of Plastic. Plastic has a material safety rating of an 8, since it is latex free, hypo-allergenic, phthalates free, and non porous. These balls can be sterilized with an alcohol and water solution, so you can share them too.

There is two cages/cases, so depending on what you insert you are either have one ball or two balls for texture. These create a popping feeling when you pull them out. Inside of the plastic balls are magenta silicone balls. These roll around inside creating a bouncing feeling inside.

Design / Shape / Size

When you purchase this you get 2 cases/cages for your balls and 4 balls. Once of the cases hold two of the balls and the other holds one ball. That leaves one extra ball. Each of the balls have their own weight to them, which are explained in the manual. The balls are marked with dots, but all are the same size in diameter 30mm (1.2" or 3.75" circumference.)

Weight g | oz
~One Dot- 25g | 0.9oz
~Two Dots- 30g | 1.1oz
~Three Dots- 35g | 1.2oz
~Four Dots- 40g | 1.4oz

The balls are clear plastic with gold writing. There is a backwards B that is connected with a K, but the B has two hearts for the openings inside of the B. On the back are the dots marked in gold too. All around the balls are grooves for the proper placement of the cases. Inside the clear balls are hot pink smaller balls.

The cases are black. Both are constructed the same, except one has placement for a second ball. They start off with an 1/8" thick retrieval cord that is 3 1/2" long. This is attached to hollow circles for the ball placement. The one that can hold two balls has a 1/2" silicone string separating the two hollow circles. There are seams around these, but they are not easily felt. The retrieval cord is really stretchy, but seems weak. I swear I am going to break it one of these times.


I had a lot of fun using these balls. I play Kinect with them in. I really enjoy using the pair instead of the solo ball, because the solo ball I can't really feel the bouncing ball inside. With the pair I can feel the final ball inserted right on my G-Spot, which is really interesting. It is not orgasmic, but it thuds and tickles, which is really nice. I find myself jumping up and down regularly, just to get the bouncing feeling. I really like the popping feeling I get from removing these. That is probably my favorite part of using these.

I have used the balls as ben wa balls too. I find that I can spit them back out with my muscles on demand, so I like this too. They are harder to remove if you can't spit them out, since you have to dig in there for them.

If you are looking for vaginal exerciser you can wear on the go, then these are perfect. They create the bouncing sensation inside without the noise! So, no one will know what you are doing.

These can be used in the shower too.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning does require you removing the balls from the cases, which can be a pain to get back into place. They only go in two different ways, so you just have to line up the curves on the hollow circles with the grooves on the balls. Everything should be washed with soap and water, toy wipes, or toy cleaner.

They come with a beautiful case for storage, but inside is also a pouch if you don't want the bulky box.

If you are just using the balls then all lubes are compatible, but if you are using the silicone cases/cages then only water based lubes. Silicone based lubes can damage your silicone products.
Follow-up commentary
I found that I like the Luna beads better than these. I think these are just too small. They are better for someone who likes petite toys. I have gifted them to a friend.
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    Thanks for the video AND pictures! I can't wait for these to come back in stock. I was looking for something small yet durable with a string but was unsure about these until I clicked to read all the reviews and saw yours. After reading and watching I was able to make a sure decision. Thanks again!
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