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Keep Them On Without Having To Hold Them Up

These are, if nothing else, a fantastic way to experiment with something crotchless without having to break the bank in the process. They don't scream "high quality" but they do seem to hold up pretty well in general. They aren't meant to last forever, but they can easily and cheaply be replaced if you do manage to wreck them.
Should last you a while, Cheap enough to replace fairly often, Pretty comfortable, Functional
Will bunch on shorter legs, No reinforced toe
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My husband has a definite fishnet fetish. He's loved seeing me in fishnets since we were in high school. In addition to enjoying the sight of me in fishnets, he also enjoys having sex with me, and this set of fishnets let us combine the two wonderfully.

They came in your typical Leg Avenue stocking package, stuffed with a piece of cardboard and wrapped inside an insert that shows a model wearing them. The packaging does also tell you that these are made from 100% Nylon, and are a one size meant to fit between 90-160 pounds. These particular fishnets will definitely fit a wide range of thighs because they are quite stretchy. The packaging also says to hand wash warm and drip dry, however I have another pair just like these that have survived a full wash cycle, so wash however you see fit, and keep them wherever you keep the rest of your delicates.

The design is pretty simple; like fishnet tights, only without that irritating crotch portion. Who needs it anyway? It just irritates you when you can't get it lined up right and gets in the way of everything else, right? Anywho, These particular ones seem like just enough thought was put into them to make them functional without making them really great. There's a relatively cheap elastic band for your waist. When laid flat, it stretched up to 21" without much problem and where it sat on my is about 31" around and I was able to wear them comfortably for a long period of time. In the middle of both the front and back, you'll go down about 3 1/3" before starting your crotchless portion. I was able to wear them tucked right under my buttcheeks like the model does, but I was also able to wear the cut-out portion lower down.

When you first put them on, you can tell they aren't going to last you forever. My toenails aren't really snag city, but the little bits of chipping nail polish I had managed to catch the weave of the netting. The weave itself is kind of hard to explain. It all looks really plush and almost fluffy or fuzzy. When you stretch it out some, you can see each strand and how it all interweaves. They'll fit pretty tall folks as well as us shorter folks, however they won't bunch as much on a taller leg. On my 33" long legs, it bunched at my ankles, behind my knees, and it would gravitate towards weird areas of my thighs. The toes aren't reinforced, and if you're doing any real walking around, be prepared for your toes to possibly pop through the netting. It's not painful, just slightly irritating.

And now the part you're really interested in; how well the crotchless portion worked. It did! Marvelously! Despite the weird bunching at times, the barely there edge that lines the crotchless portion does stay put pretty nicely, and allows easy access to everything, front and back. Oral, vaginal, and anal sex are all easily achievable in pretty much any position you can think of here. A little hint for you if you want to wear these out and about and have a sexy surprise later without having to take them off to remove your underwear: put these on first. Then layer your undies on over it. You'll have plenty of protection and not have to kill the moment by taking everything off and putting it all back on.
Things I don't really like about these include the bunching of the material, the lack of any kind of reinforced toe, how easily they snag, and the fact that these feel like these are only going to last a few wears.

Things I like are being able to wear these in literally every single position we tried them in, being able to wear them out comfortably, and the fact that they're so cheap, if I do manage to destroy them with a few wears, it's not a big deal.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with them. I was also able to use these to figure out who made the pair of fishnet tights that I've had since I think I was about 14. Those are exactly the same with the bunching, and the fluffy cheap feel. But I've literally beaten the hell out of them, and they've held up fantastically, even if they only hold their shape well once or twice before having to be washed and "reset." I've gone back and forth between 3 stars and 4 stars for a while, and I'm leaning more towards 4, since these aren't supposed to be kept forever, and they're cheap enough to replace even at a rate of once a month without breaking the bank.
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