We-vibe Tango - slim bullet by We-vibe - review by Tuesday

Strong enough even for me

I love its strength. I love its quietness. I love how it remembers the last setting I used. I love how cute and small it is. I love that its rechargeable. I love that I can let it touch against me lightly and it still feels incredible. The only thing I don't love about it is how frequently it needs to be recharged.
Strong, quiet, rechargeable, waterproof, cute, remembers last setting
short charge life
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The We-Vibe Tango is a rechargeable vibrator that is perfect for solo sessions, to take with you while traveling or for use with a partner. It has deep, rumbly, strong vibrations that will please even those with a clit o'steel.

It is not suitable for anal use since it could slip completely inside you too easily.

It also doesn't work vaginally. It's not quite long enough for that.

Material / Texture

Tango has a hard plastic covering on most of it's surface. The bottom is either rubber or silicone. Two small nails hold the bottom in place.

It has no scent and no texture.

Design / Shape / Size

Tango is about three and a half inches long and about the same width as a bullet. It could be used in toys with holes for bullets. Since its longer than standard bullets it would be easier to remove in such toys.

The tip of Tango is slanted, like a lipstick. I'm not sure that actually provides an advantage while Tango is in use. At least any orientation of its tip feels good to me.

At Tango's very tip is a small orange dot. It looks like it should light up when Tango is on, but it appears to have no function. I have not figured out why its there.

The bottom has a raised nub on a flexible rubber or silicone surface. This is what you use to turn it on, move it through its vibration settings and turn it off.

It comes with a magnetic charger that clicks in place onto Tango's base. The part of the charger that connects to Tango can be removed from the rest of the charger if that is ever desired.

Also included is a satin storage bag that is large enough for Tango, its charger and the instructions.

Functions / Performance / Controls

One press of the button at Tango's base turns it on. When its on, an orange light glows through the bottom. Turn it off either by holding the button down for two seconds or by continually pressing the button until you've moved through all vibration patterns to the off setting.

If you turn it off by holding the control button for two seconds, it will remember the setting you last used and will still be at that vibration mode when you turn it on again.

Its eight vibration modes are:

- low steady
- higher steady
- even higher steady
- highest steady
- nine pulses followed by two short pulses
- roller coaster
- fast pulsing
- two long pulses, followed by three short pulses. This one sounds like dance music. I don't know enough about ballroom dancing to say if it follows the rhythm of a tango.

The instructions say to let it charge for 90 minutes during the first charge. After this, it seems to take about a half hour to fully charge. You will need to charge it frequently. It doesn't hold a charge for very long. Mine has held a charge for about an hour at the most. But I always use it at the highest steady vibration. It will probably last much longer if you use lower vibration settings. The We-Vibe website says it will hold a charge for 2 hours. I assume this is when Tango is kept at its lowest vibration setting.

The We-Vibe website also states that the motor inside the Tango and the Salsa are the same, so which one you choose will depend on which tip you prefer or your color preferences.

Its a waterproof vibrator. It seems to still perform well even after being used under water. I don't know how you would tell if water entered the vibrator. There is no way to open it.

Care and Maintenance

Being waterproof and made of plastic, Tango is an easy care vibrator. Just wash with soap and water after use then towel dry it.

You can store it in the satin storage bag that comes with it.

Water based lubes are recommended with Tango. I suspect that the flexible base may be made of silicone.

Charge it for 90 minutes before you use it for the first time.


Tango comes packaged in an attractive, white cardboard box. The box won't be suitable for storing Tango. The sides are angled and things fall out of it as soon as its opened. A satin storage bag is included.

The instructions for Tango are quite minimal.


The first time I used Tango, it stopped working after 20 minutes. It had become quite warm. I thought it had run out of charge, but an hour later I could turn it on again, even though I hadn't recharged it. So it appears that it turns itself off when it becomes too warm.

I was a bit disappointed at this, but I've managed to use it for 20 minutes or longer after that without it turning off. It may have been related to the fact that it was Tango's first use.

I've also noticed that on occasion, after I turn it off, if I try to turn it on again a few minutes later that it doesn't always start. When this happens if I wait a few hours, it will start. I've concluded that Tango must be below a certain temperature before it will start.

Tango has very deep, rumbly vibrations. You can actually see it moving back and forth as it vibrates. While during its first use I pressed it down on myself hard, like I always do with vibrators, on subsequent uses I've let it just rest on myself. I find that letting it vibrate against me when its just barely touching me feels incredible. I highly recommend trying this.

Tango is both strong and quiet. I've never found a vibrator that was strong enough for me but also quiet enough that I felt comfortable using it when others in the house are still awake. You won't even need to have music on to keep others from hearing it. It has the best strength to quietness ratio of any vibrator I've tried.

It is as strong as MiMi and much stronger than the Seed and Siri.

Each time I use Tango, I love it more and more.
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