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You Can't Tango Under Pressure

I love my Salsa and assumed that the Tango would be a sure thing in my collection. While Tango was a pleasant surprise in that it seemed more powerful and rumbly than Salsa, it had some issues my Salsa did not. When I apply pressure, the vibrations lose power and change in pitch. As a person who needs power and pressure, this is a major drawback for me. The amount of power alone makes me still like it, but I wish it didn't have that issue.
Strong and rumbly vibrations, Unique tip, Small size, Rechargeable
Short battery life, Loses power and changes vibrations when pressure is applied
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Tango is one of three clitoral vibrators offered by We Vibe. It's the sister of the Salsa and the cousin to the Touch, if you will. The Tango and Salsa have the same motor and size, just different tips. The Tango and Salsa are different from the Touch, which is made of silicone and shaped less like a bullet and more like a tongue.

Tango is a vibrator for those who like bullets but want something a little extra. Rather than the regular curved tip, Tango features a lipstick tip to offer a different type of experience. The motor is much stronger than what you will find in any bullet. If you like the idea of a bullet but find them lacking in power, Tango may be the answer.

This is best used as a clitoral vibrator, but can be used externally just about anywhere. It should not be inserted anally as it is small and there's nothing to keep it from getting lost. It probably shouldn't be inserted vaginally for that matter, but I suppose you're welcome to try it that way if you'd like.

Fully waterproof, Tango can go anywhere you do. It can be used with a partner or by yourself. It's small size is ideal for use during sex since it doesn't get in the way.

Material / Texture

Tango is made of plastic, putting it at an eight on the safety scale. It is non-porous and phthalate-free. Tango is done in a very pale powder blue with a glossy finish. You can also get purple or pink for color options. Plastic is a hard material and is unforgiving when used. There is no give or squish to it. Tango does not have any type of coating on it to soften the plastic, so it is very hard to the touch and in use.

The surface is smooth. There is no texture to Tango, just the design of the tip for additional stimulation.

There is no plastic odor to Tango. There is also no taste to the plastic.

Beginners and advanced users will be able to use the material so long as the user's preference is for harder surfaces. The power on Tango plus the hard material does make an intense experience.

Design / Shape / Size

Tango is about the size of an average bullet. The product page lists the length at 3.5" while I measured out 3". The diameter is 5/8" as per both the product page and my measurements.

Here you can see the Tango in my hand for size reference:

The size is good, but not particularly ergonomic. It's long enough that the vibrations won't get into your hands and you won't feel cramped up. It's small enough to be convenient and easy to use. Holding something that's a cylinder in your hand for a long time isn't the most comfortable, but that's just the nature of bullets.

The size makes Tango easy to hide and store. It comes with a storage pouch and even with that it is still small enough to tuck away in a drawer. It's also a good size for traveling. There is no lock feature to the vibrations, so if you plan on traveling keep that in mind.

The tip of Tango is shaped much like you would find on a lip stick. It comes to a point, but it is done at an angle so that one end slants upward while the other rounds out as opposed to a traditional pinpoint tip (which can be found on the Salsa).

The Tango tip seems to provide a hybrid sensation. It's not exactly a pinpoint sensation, but it's not broad stimulation either. You can make it more broad by using the flat end or a little more pinpoint by using the area where the tip comes together. No matter which area I use, it still feels like a cross between broad and pinpoint stimulation. I'm a fan of pinpoint stimulation and I actually did end up liking the stimulation provided by the Tango tip, although not as much as my Salsa (which is accurate pinpointing).

Functions / Performance / Controls

There is a push button at the bottom of Tango that controls the functions on it. To turn on, press once. To scroll through, press again. To turn off, hold down for two seconds or scroll through until it cycles through to off. If you hold it down to turn it off it will remember the setting it turned off on and start back up at that setting the next time it is turned on. The button is easy to press, but not so much so that it is pressed during use. I do always seem to have trouble with the press and hold changing settings before it turns off for some reason.

There are four constant vibration settings to choose from. The first setting is 3000 rpm. This comes in around a mid level three. The next is 3600 rpm. I would put this at a low level four. The next is 4200 rpm. This is a high four/low five. The final speed is referred to as "ultra" by We Vibe and is 4800 rpm. This is a mid to high level five.

Tango and Salsa are supposed to have the same motor, but Tango feels stronger to me. Salsa and Mimi seem to be about the same strength to me where Tango feels stronger than those two. I don't know if I have a defective Salsa or an extra powerful Tango, but my Tango has more kick than my Salsa does.

The vibrations are very deep and rumbly. They feel almost like a thud-thud instead of a vibration at times. They are low in pitch and penetrate the skin. They do not cause and numbing or itching. Like the power, I find Tango to be more rumbly than the Salsa. My Mimi felt more rumbly than my Salsa, but I think my Tango may be a bit more rumbly than my Mimi and my Salsa.

The vibrations are located at the tip and radiate strongly up about half of the toy. The second half the vibrations can be felt, but not as strongly.

The first pattern is a moderate level pulse followed by a quick pulse. The next pattern is what We Vibe calls "wave" and cycles through the speeds from low to high and back down. The next pattern is a quick pulse. The final pattern is a pulse that goes 1-2-1-2-3.

My only issue with the Tango is what happens when pressure is applied. While my Salsa lost some power when I applied pressure, Tango seems to just go crazy when I apply pressure. The vibrations lose power and seem to change in pitch somehow. They stay rumbly, but it's a different kind of rumbly than how they started - less of a thud and more of a vibration. I'm no good with external patterns and really need steady vibrations and no sudden changes. I also need to apply pressure right before orgasm. So the combination is really bad for me because I'll get really close, apply pressure, and lose it because the vibrations change. I have to actively remember not to apply pressure when I use this, which is hard on my brain when I'm just trying to enjoy the moment.

The Tango is about the same as a cell phone on vibrate for noise level. It can mostly be muffled with covers and cannot be heard through a closed door. Now, it should be noted that if the plastic comes in contact with any hard surface, the noise level will shoot through the roof. So those who need noise discretion should just be very careful when handling the toy to avoid letting it hit other surfaces when it's on.

It is a waterproof toy. I have submerged it with no issues as well as wash it regularly under running water.

Tango is rechargeable via a magnet charger. The magnet charger connects at the base of the toy. It requires a 90 minute charge for 2 hours of use. I tend to think that's a short life, but that may just be me. I feel like this and my Salsa are on the charger more than other toys are.

Care and Maintenance

Since it's waterproof, care is easy. You can wash this with soap and water or toy cleaner. It can also be cleaned with a wipe if you're in a hurry.

Plastic can generally be used with water, silicone, or oil based lubes. However, We Vibe's manual says that you should only use water based lubes with this toy. This leads me to believe the button is made of silicone or that they have really strange plastic at the We Vibe factory. Either way, I guess use water base lube with this.

We Vibe includes a pouch for storage. If you choose not to use this, it can be stored in a drawer or baggie.


Tango comes in a white cardboard package with a picture of the toy on the front. It says "We Vibe Tango" and "Personal Massager" on the front. The back says "Intimate Pleasure for Solo or Couple's Play" and lists some features of the toy.

When opened, the Tango and it's parts are neatly placed in the box. Underneath the main layer is the charging adapter and pouch.

An instruction manual is included that has detailed information about the toy. You can also get a wealth of knowledge from the website if you have further questions.

The box makes for terrible storage. I have yet to be able to open a We Vibe box and not rip it and they don't close back very well. Good thing they give you the pouch, right?

It's not a very discreet package as it has the toy on the front and "personal massager" on it. It could be gifted if you don't mind giving non-discreet gifts. It's not as bad as a package with a naked woman on it.

I'm generally pretty meh on We Vibe packaging. I think for the amount of money you spend you could get something more than a somewhat fancy cardboard box that can't even be reused.

Personal comments

If it's power you're after, Tango does not disappoint. In fact, I think it's more powerful than the Salsa, despite what We Vibe says. I actually held off writing this review for a few weeks to make a final determination on that because I read over and over that they were the same so when they felt different I wanted to be really sure Tango felt stronger before I came here and said so. If you're deciding between the Tango and Salsa and your only concern is power level, Tango is the winner (at least out of the two I happened to get).

If you need to apply pressure or need pinpoint stimulation, then Salsa is probably the way to go. It's only slightly less powerful than my Tango - still more powerful than pretty much everything else I have - so you won't be giving up a lot of vroom to be able to apply more pressure. It really just depends on what exactly you're looking for.


The Salsa is one of my two favorite external vibrators. Scratch that. One of the only two external vibrators that actually even work for me. I decided instead of buying another clit vibe that was too weak, I'd just buy a different tip on a vibrator I knew would work.

I actually don't like Tango nearly as much as I like my Salsa, despite the fact that it can bring me to orgasm. The pressure issue is incredibly annoying to me and causes problems the whole time I use Tango. If it didn't do that, this could be a new favorite. As it stands, I still like it a lot, I just get frustrated with it. I'm still giving it four stars pretty much because of the sheer amount of power it has.

Also worth noting is that the plastic on both the Tango and Salsa seem to really have issues with my clit ring. If I don't hold it out of the way, the plastic will vibrate up against it in a very painful way. All plastic toys do this somewhat, but the Tango/Salsa plastic seems to be extra hard on my clit ring.
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