Fleshlight is a synonym for amazing

If you are looking for a great way to change up your masturbation routine then this is it. If you need help with increasing your stamina, the reviews are great for that and I can see how it would help. I would not hesitate at all to purchase one of these again as this is about as close as you will get to the real thing and the orgasms this will give you are amazing.
Texture, feel, ease of cleanup.
Prep to use, copious amounts of lube usage.
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Every guy masturbates more times than he will probably admit to most people. Personally, I have a high sex drive so when I'm not getting any sex I have a desire to masturbate more often. It's not rocket science. With that said, masturbation is just like sex and the same thing over and over becomes boring and is why products like the Fleshlight are created and why I ultimately ended up buying one.

The Fleshlight can be used in many ways. I personally use it by hand but numerous people use it mounted in between the cushions on a couch, in between their mattress and box springs, using one of the nifty mounts that Liberator now markets like the Motion Dog Day or even in a shoe!

Fleshlight recommends warming up the Fleshlight before using it and I really, really, really, really agree with them. The sensations are a lot better when warm and it does help add to the realism. If you grab the Fleshlight at room temperature, lube it up and thrust in you will be met with a cold pussy and no one wants that. They say throw it in a sink of warm water and while this does work quite well there is one huge issue for me, it floats! Damn thee! What you have to do is rig it up so it's weighted down or else it will not warm up all the way through. I like to use a bottle and wedge it between the faucet and the Fleshlight. You will need to play around to figure out what will work for you. This is a minor issue but it is something that irritates me and is worth noting.

The end cap is the biggest way to change the sensations. You will need to play around with this a lot to figure out what feels and works best for you. The end cap can be kind of noisy when it's partially loosened so make sure to be prepared for that.

I have only used this by myself but I have thought of a few ways where it could be incorporated into some fun play with a woman. Just let your mind run wild and see what you two come up with!
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Material / Texture

The sleeve is made out of Fleshlight's patented and oh so super secret Real Feel Super Skin. The sleeve does not smell to me and the feel and touch of it is outstanding. Does it feel like a real vagina, no. Does it do a pretty decent job at mimicking one, yes. The sleeve feels very soft, forgiving and you can actually feel it giving to accommodate your dick which gives you the feeling of it gripping you.

The inside of the sleeve is absolutely amazing in my opinion. I did not buy this particular Fleshlight for the stamina training but because of the high marks this sleeve received for its texture. Those accolades are well placed, trust me. The bumps inside the sleeve did take a little time to get accustomed to but once I did I have thoroughly enjoyed them numerous times. My one minor gripe is that when nearing orgasm and at orgasm the feeling of the bumps are so intense that it can be distracting from the actual orgasm itself. Honestly, I'm not even sure if I should be upset at that! This will give you some of the most intense orgasms you will ever have by yourself.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

Oh, haha, they have a play on words for their product name, aren't they funny?!? Well, sorry folks but NO ONE is going to confuse this ginormous fake pussy for a flashlight even with only getting a quick glance. The case for the sleeve is big at just over 10 inches long and with a circumference of 7.5 inches at the base to 11.5 inches at the opening is far from discreet if left out in the open. However, it is not so big that you can't hide it somewhere if you please or even travel with it. As far as traveling, I say just throw it in a suitcase and you're fine. If someone from the TSA sees it then they can be jealous they don't own one. The plastic case should be more than adequate to protect the actual sleeve.

I think the size of the actual "vagina" is adequate for the average penis size. I personally found it to be a little tight and still do which is why I like to use a good amount of lube when using this. The insertable length is close to 8 inches which should be long enough for the majority of users to go balls deep if they so choose with the cap on. One fun thing that I stumbled upon is with the end cap off you can play with the head of your dick if you're long enough. If you have a sensitive head then I would highly recommend giving it a try at least once and experiment with sticking a finger in way deep, just a little or whatever to increase suction and change the sensations on your shaft and head.

Care and Maintenance

Lube, the joyous fluid that makes this Fleshlight even more amazing, HAS to be water-based. The use of oil or silicone-based lubes will cause the material to deteriorate per Fleshlight. With that said, I would recommend you find a good water-based warming lube such as System JO H20 and go to town on this thing. You will need to find what amount of lube works best for you as I even still find that sometimes I like a little more while other times a little less.

The cleanup of a Fleshlight is super simple and is one of the many things that I enjoy about this product. When you are done, simply clean the inside out with warm water for a minute or two and leave the caps off for it to dry. I've read where some people run a small towel through it to help dry it but I have not found that necessary. I simply wash it out and then place it on the counter in my bathroom to air dry. If you don't have the luxury of leaving it out then I would recommend using a towel to help with the drying process. A word of warning, do NOT put the caps back on until the Fleshlight is completely dry. If you put the caps back on before it is dry you will have a musty smell the next time you go to use it and that is just a mood killer. I mean, we're already resorting to having to use one of these so why make it worse by it smelling funky?

It will become sticky after the first few uses. If you find this to be a problem, simply use some corn starch and the problem goes away. It doesn't bother me as I heat the Fleshlight up in the sink before use and it fixes the stickiness problem for when I'm using it.


I was extremely disappointed in the package the Fleshlight came in. It arrived to me in an ordinary cardboard box so it's by far nothing special. As much hype as there is around Fleshlights I somewhat expected some cool box proudly exclaiming "OMG this box contains a Fleshlight!!!! Bow down to it!!!!" but no. I know most people will appreciate the discreet packaging though.

The instructions that came with it were pretty basic. It does warn you to remove the plastic shipping rod which is very important as you don't want to stick your better half in there and bump into it. It also gives you general guidelines for care of the Fleshlight, lubes to use and some ads for other Fleshlight sleeves.
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