Sue Johanson's super head honcho - masturbator by Cal Exotics - review by Kmonkey

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Quick, dirty fun.

The ability to last after oft repeated uses in a toy that inspires me to use it again and again and again is a great toy to keep around. Well worth the lower price of the toy as with proper handling it will last for a rather large amount of uses. Fabulous feeling that keeps me coming back for more, night after night. Great product for the money.
Tight, but stretchy, soft material that warms quickly and feels like the real thing.
Has an interesting smell, has an interesting color not quiet enough to use discreetly.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review


This is the first oral simulation toy I've ever bought, but it certainly won't be my last. I've made my own before, but none had the same realistic, orgasmic sensation that this one did.

The Super Head Honcho is just that, super head. It came before I went to work, and was sitting in my car the entire day. Believe me, my thoughts were with it. When I finally got it home and everyone else in the house had finally fallen asleep, I opened the box, loaded up the porn and went to work.


I came in less than thirty seconds, a record for shortest time spent pleasuring myself. Of course it didn't stop there. I went back to playing around online and once I was hard again, I placed the Head Honcho in between my mattress and box springs and with a little spit I was rocking back and forth with a frenzy I RARELY use while jacking off.

I'm very impressed with this toy and plan on spending many more nights (and afternoons) alone with it.

Material / Texture

The smell of the material is perhaps the only drawback of the toy. It's not bad, but not very good at all. Of course, I wasn't exactly expecting rose petals. I expected there to be an odd taste to go along with the odd smell but it's a tasteless item. There's a slight feel of stickiness to the product when dry which I suspect comes from the slightly porous nature of TPR. So don't be a chump, wrap your stump. It seems to be most adhesive to wood... Go figure.

It's an incredibly soft product, lacking the rigidity to even stand up on its own, but that doesn't seem to be a problem as it's (so far) incredibly resilient and amazingly stretchy. It's definitely a hands-on way for a beginner to start their sex toy collection.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The size of the "mouth" is a tad on the small side, but that makes it all the more fun for anyone with a width approaching the average side of the scale. With the material being as easy to stretch as it is, the throat stays tight after even dozens of uses. It has an odd cup coming from around the mouth, that I don't quite understand, which can be a little uncomfortable for the ball sack. But it folds over easy. It's a toy on the smaller/medium size so can be hidden well in the sock or underwear drawer. It tends to have a loud, squelchy, sucking sound that makes it a little less than discreet. I wouldn't travel with it if I'm traveling in a group, but by myself or with a partner it makes a great and easy way to get off quick and enjoy a more thorough sexual experience afterward.

Care and Maintenance

This toy is easily taken care of, especially when stored in the proper place, I use a dry dark underwear drawer. Wipe down after every use, turn it inside out and wash it with warm water or a TPR-safe antibacterial solution. Incredibly quick, incredibly easy.


My partners and I usually share multiple orgasms with each other. I think it's an integral part of being a gentleman and a considerate lover. As most men know, that first one can sometimes come pretty quick (pardon the pun) and each one after that getting longer and requiring more attention to oneself. This toy, is just like that first one, every time.
Follow-up commentary
I remain a fervent and fevered fan of the head honcho. I's been about two weeks now and after about two-dozen uses (give or take) I still find this toy surprising me with new little stimulations. I've found that if I use this toy after I've already had one masturbatory session, it takes longer to come, but the sides are constantly providing an AMAZING rubbing sensation on the head of my penis. I have to stop at times because I'm just not able to take that much pleasure for very long. Though a slight oddity to the texture makes me keep my rating at a four star, it's definitely going to see much more time alone with me.
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  • J's Alley
    Great first review!!! Keep it up, I love reading good reviews, especially from a guy's perspective!
  • Kmonkey
    Thanks very much, in a few weeks when I've used it a lot more often I'll do a follow up review.
    There's plenty more where this came from Smile
  • Maiden
    My fiance has been wanting to try a masturbator that simulates oral... we might have to give this one a try!
  • 2BudZ
    Good 1st review! Check your spelling/grammar in your Summary. Is there a possible danger in tearing/strecthing the material by turning inside out for cleaning? If lube gets on the outside of the toy during use, does it render the toy near impossible to hold onto and do you suggest wrapping the toy in anything to overcome this obstacle? Looks like an interesting toy that I just may try! Tongue out
  • Kmonkey
    It's an incredibly pliable material and I've turned it inside out a few times and haven't noticed any kind of tearing.
    I don't have any real lubes but I think the "cup" around the "mouth" is put on there for just that purpose, keeping lube from getting everywhere. However if lube were to get on the shaft of the toy I imagine it would be terribly slippery. Not a problem if it's being held stationery but a paper towel or even a blanket or old t-shirt would give you a much better grip. I can't recomnend this toy enough to the average sized male. It feels amazing even if it doesn't feel like real head.
  • TastieStacie
    Good review! Smile
  • Openfire
    Nice review, I've been thinking of buying this. I have a fleshlight but it's hard to clean : /.
  • DarkApparition
    thanks for the review
  • dhig
    Thanks for the review!
  • The Awesome Penguin
    Thanks for the review!
  • r00ster
    thanks for the review
  • sugar&spikes
    thanks for the review!
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