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Textured sleeve Textured sleeve

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Textured sleeve reviews

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17 reviews

The only way I can really summarize this review is that I'm just happy that it was a free gift and that we didn't pay for it. I just wrote this review because I was thinking about it today and remembered I had never submitted a review on this item, but that I wanted to to do so, to make sure that others knew how the product really was. I would just hate to see the website carry this again or anyone waste money on this item in the future. I just hope this review helps someone.

This is the kind of thing that anyone can use, and lets be frank, if you jerk off enough that you need the extra why not try it for under $13? Easy to clean. Don't forget the lube!

If you are looking for a masturbation sleeve that works well and gets the job done then this one ISN'T for you. I personally suggest not wasting your money on this product. The smell will make you gag and go the other way.

This toy is a nice attempt of a cheaper sleeve, but does not hit the mark. It fails and you realize that quickly.

For a reasonably-priced sleeve with a variety of uses, the Textured Sleeve does the trick. It can be used during sex, during a blowjob, and in the shower. It even comes with it's own lube! Drawbacks include its tendency to tear, short life-span and nasty habit of magically attracting dust bunnies. If you're okay with these inevitables, grab one up and have at it.

If you're tired of your hand, then I highly recommend that this will definitely get the job done, especially for beginners to sex products.

Since the material is stretchy and both ends of this sleeve are open most men will be able to use this. Unfortunately the material rips easily and has a floral powdered scent and taste. This is a great free gift.

This toy was a lot of fun when we used it the way we did. For oral situations I consider this a definite plus. The size allows you to use your mouth while also using the toy. Our source gave the A-okay.

This Textured Sleeve is a good start for new comers (no pun intended) and is surprisingly better than one might think.

While this is a perfectly good toy, it just wasn't that great for us. It was too small to be comfortable for my man, and it didn't add much to the sexual experience for him. It would be great if you are circumcised, of small girth, and a beginner to sex toys. Otherwise, keep on looking. I definitely like the material, and am going to try and find a bigger masturbator for him made out of the same TPE.

The sleeve was more fun when my husband and I played with it, oh, wow! There were some definite explosions and I am looking forward to a couple more before we need to either re-order or find a stouter one! Give him a sensational night to remember, then sit back and watch. This is one ripper that will give you a couple good times to remember!

Since I love Japan, I thought this would be cool to just have. I used it despite knowing it was going to be majorly short. Since the material is so soft, the length ended up not being an issue, but the softness made it impossible to feel the texture. I don't think I could ever finish from this by itself.

If you want to experience the feel of something besides the same old routine then for the price you can't go wrong with this sleeve. With some care to keep it up this sleeve can bring you pleasure for quite some time.

Great for a first time buyer who wants to try out this kind of toy. Best suited for men of smaller girth. While it doesn't feel completely realistic and it might not last you long it will provide you with a good idea as to whether you like this type of product or not.

In short, the Shaki Textured Sleeve is a good hand job enhancement to add a bit of variety to your masturbation. It's not going to simulate a vagina or a mouth or an ass, but it's soft nubs and ribbed exterior make it easy to grip and full of gentle sensations.

This toy runs on the small size, so it may not last long for those of big girth. It does feel nice, and is small enough to be easily stowed in a bag for a weekend getaway.

For the price, it gets the job done and is great for beginners. If you are looking for something more advanced, check out the "Similar Product".

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