Two Knotty Boys Showing You the Ropes - bdsm toy by Entrenue - review by bodymodboy

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A Bunch of Knotty Boys

While this book looks deceptively thin and disappointing, the content is not! Don't judge this book by its cover. If you want to add to your rope bondage repertoire, the Two Knotty Boys can bring it!
Full of really hot, decorative, and easy instructions for knots.
Initially looked thin and uninviting, this could deter you.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
I just received this book, so I expect a great hands-on review of the knots and works in two months for my follow-up! I'll be going over the whole experience here. I practically ripped open the priority mail box it came in, and pulled away the giant bubble wrapping and... it was thin. I felt a little pouty at first; I was expecting a great tome of rope! Of course, you can never judge a book by its cover. You definitely can't judge this one by the cover, either!

After the initial pout, I flipped through the book and stared in awe at the wonderful black and white photos. Each detail was amazing, and intricate, so you can't get too lost in the directions. If you do, I happen to know that the Two Knotty Boys website has video guides, so if you're in a real pickle go ahead. But they are Windows Media, so Mac users are out of luck.

The beginning of the book is the care and keeping of your rope, along with safety, and a nice introduction by the authors. I never knew you can prevent fraying by applying nail polish (clear or otherwise) at the end! They also teach you clever ways to fold and shape your rope for maximum storage. The starter knots are taught first, for you to get the hang of it. These knots I am familiar with, since I've used them for making jewelry from turkey string. Yes, the same kind of string you use to prep a turkey for Thanksgiving!

The rest of the book flows accordingly. It starts with the basic bondage you would do to someone; the harnesses, shackles, wrist and ankle ties, all that jazz. Next is a bit fancier, the decorative bondage! They teach you how to do the cutest rope panty, bodysuit and harness, and even rope gauntlets for that masculine edge. Now the good stuff started with the dominance bondage, and the cou de gras, sex bondage. They had a way to configure a rope strap on! The positions the models were in, were absolutely stunning. The models all ranged from different body types, races, and ages too. That was something I appreciated a lot.

That's all for now for my initial review. Check back in a month or two to see how I end up utilizing these knots!
Follow-up commentary
I am using these knotting techniques STILL to this day, and I've got to say this book is still my first go-to when I forget something. My partner is a professional Domme and uses all these techniques, and while I may not be as well versed as Ze (their preferred pronouns) is, I can follow along a conversation or knot show that is going on! Non-kink uses for these knots are also abound, since making an etsy store and doing jewelry. Their intricate, beautiful knots have sold quite a few choker necklaces for me!
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  • Sammi
    That's good to know that the site has video guides - sometimes I have to watch something actually done Smile
  • bodymodboy
    @Sammi I know, sometimes when I've been doing a knot for the longest time, then stop for like, a day or two, my fingers loose the motions and need to watch someone else do it in order to remember, and it's like "Oh okay, duh."
  • Juliettia
    I've always loved the look of rope bondage. If only I had the body to pull off some of the rope outfits.
  • her.royal.redness
    Thanks for the review!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I think your review has a solid foundation. You listed the specific topics and things you liked (the mention of nail polish, for instance) but I thought the tone was maybe a bit too.. casual?

    Are Mac users not able at all to view WMV files? I mean, there has to be a program to do so (or even a codec to go with I-tunes or something?) and I cannot imagine it can be hard to find? However, Two Knotty Boys have their own Youtube account for anything who is interested.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Anyone who is interested.
  • bodymodboy
    @Adriana Ravenlust Thank you for your constructive criticism. I tend to be casual because I feel that since we are the ones reviewing it, it can be informative and talking like you're friends. Kind of like the banner that says shop with friends on Edens.

    I believe there may be a codec that allows WMV files to be viewed on Quicktime, not iTunes, but I am unsure. And, Two Knotty Boys youtube account just recently came back, because there was an issue of them being banned from YouTube for a while. It is my understanding that when Google bought YouTube, they were welcomed back. Smile
  • bodymodboy
    @Julietta I am sure your body is absolutely perfect for rope bondage. Every body is perfect, because there's no S, M, L, XL sizes in rope!
  • Lady Neshamah
    thanks for the review
  • Undecided
    Thanks for the review
  • Gracefire
    Thanks for the review!
  • Riv2
    Hi, your review is great and really makes me want to read this book! (And your other reviews are interesting too, by the way.)
    Just a little spelling detail that keeps catching my eye (as a French person, it's a bit jarring) : you misspelled the expression "coup de grâce", in your penultimate paragraph (before the follow-up).
    If literally translated, "coup de grâce" means "fatal blow/hit" (which is probably what you meant, as in "the best part") ; but the "cou de gras" you wrote actually means "fat neck" (more precisely, "neck made of fat"), which is a bit ridiculous in this context.
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