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I Just Love the Two Knotty Boys

The Two Knotty Boys' first book, Showing You the Ropes, is an excellent instructional guide for people new to rope tying and even more experienced. Even though its images are black and white, the book itself is so helpful that it doesn't even matter. Without any prior knowledge to rope tying, you could read this and, with sufficient practice, become a pro.
Extensive guide, very conscientious about safety, lots of different ties.
Black and white pictures.
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About author

The Two Knotty Boys is made up of JD and Dan, two men who are well versed and experienced in rope tying. They not only have two rope bondage books, including this one, but they also have a YouTube channel with videos of knot tying techniques. I really enjoy their guides—they're always comprehensive and easy to follow, even for the most inexperienced rope tiers out there. The images in this book were taken by Larry Utley.
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    • Multiple contributoring authors
    • Very personal approach

Content / Style / Audience

Showing You the Ropes is an instructional guide for decorative and rope bondage. There are a total of thirteen different knots and twenty-six decorative/bondage-style ties. They are split up into five sections: The Knots, Basic Bondage, Decorative Bondage, Dominance Bondage, and Sex Bondage, and they are spread across 73 pages. For the price, it's a good amount of material, especially for a person new to rope bondage (it's not really intimidating with extreme or "over the top" ties).

What's great about JD and Dan is that they always have a safety section before they go into the instructional part of the book. It's extremely extensive, talking about having medical scissors on hand and making sure to keep the ropes two fingers loose, and it doesn't miss a thing. They also have a section about how to finish the ends of rope, and the different types of rope that there are out there and their purposes. It's pretty cool.

Because it's so extensive and has a good mixture, I would say that both people new to rope tying and those that are more experienced would be able to get something out of it. I know that I definitely did, and I am more towards the experienced end.
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    • Fetish
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Something interesting about the book is that it's in black and white. Their other book, Back on the Ropes, has its pictures in color, but this one reads like a regular black and white book (even though it is about magazine-sized). It's easy to hold while your feet are resting on your submissive's back (I'm being quite serious) or even while reading privately. Very well-put together, this book has shown no signs of wear, and I've had it for about six months or more now.

I really love the cover. I believe that the model is Anyssa, who is featured in a lot of BDSM photoshoots (she's just got that perfect look for it). It has her in a few different ties, with her forearms wrapped in gauntlets, and JD and Dan holding onto her. It's really attractive and is very tasteful.
    • Diagrams / photos included
    • Graphic
    • Large coffee table style

Personal comments

From The Knots, my favorite tie was the snake weave. It's really attractive and alluring, and it looks great paired with multiple other ties (especially when it extends the spine). In the Basic Bondage section, I really liked the dragonfly sleeve (I know, I always go on about how much I love dragonfly sleeves). Their guide makes it really easy to accomplish professionally and ready for photos. My favorite from Decorative bondage was the tortoise shell bodysuit (it was just really unique), and from Dominance Bondage was the Japanese pearl harness that consisted of exposed breasts and a leash/attachment point. I really was not partial to any from the Sex Bondage section, though they were all good. I did like the table tie-down, though.
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  • Kayla
    I liked that they updated the second book to have color pictures; the black and white worked, but it looked way better with color. I just still am not too amazingly fond of these books. They're amazing at knots but not so great at functional bondage.
  • Sir
    So do I, it definitely looks more pleasing. And yeah, I know what you mean completely. I guess that that's the sort of thing that you can only learn with time, right?
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    Thanks for another great review! This looks like such a great book, five stars all around from reviewers. Too bad their Youtube channel seems to have been removed.
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    Thank you for the review. I'm definitely going to consider getting this along with the Midori book
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    Thanks for the great review! I think I'll be buying this one.
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