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30 seconds was all that it took for me to fall in love!

If you are looking for intensity, you've got it with the Hitachi magic wand. They don't call it magic for nothing. This product packs a punch that no other sex toy can compare to. If there is a better one out there, I would love to see it because this one right here has all of my attention. This is by far the best vibrator/massager/wand that I own.
* Intense
* Fast orgasm
* Great muscle massage
* Loud
* Heavy
* Large size
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This is one heck of a wand! I've never experienced this much power on my clitoris! It took me 30 seconds to orgasm. My partner timed me. This was on the low setting! This toy can work for anyone and I mean it! This bad boy rocked my world tonight!

I had my doubts about buying this and it sat on my wish list for a long time before I purchased it. I read that the vibrations were in such a broad area that it was hard to achieve orgasm without becoming numb. This kept me distant from this big guy. I just simply didn't want to waste money on something that could only be used for deep tissue or muscle massage. I wanted to have an amazing orgasm with it but I still had my doubts.
I carelessly kept overlooking it on my wish list and trying other vibrators that were mediocre. I wanted something that wouldn't be too wide for my narrow area and this scared me because of the size. I was intimidated by the Hitachi.

Months passed and I gave in. I couldn't take it any longer, whether it worked or if it was going to be a complete fail; I had to have it. And have it I did. I ordered it on buyout and was excited and nervous for its arrival with my large order. Once it arrived, I took the box out and I was relived because the box wasn't as huge as I had pictured. It was fairly smaller than I imagined so this was a good start for me. I told myself that I was going to use it that same night. I was stoked about using it but then the uncertainty kicked in and I shoved it down in the box that it arrived in and put it away for a few days.
During these few days, I would sift through my box and take out things from my order. There would be the Hitachi, sitting, waiting, glaring at me to pick it up and use it. I would put the box back into the closet and go on my way.
So, tonight was different. My partner had me aroused and then I had an immediate need to go get the Hitachi out of the closet. I don't know what came over me but it was as if an animal instinct just took over and I had to have the power from this toy, right now!

I didn't slowly take it out of the package, I tore into the package and went to clean off the top with my antibacterial soap and then I went right to my bed. Cutting out some details, my partner timed me while using this on the low setting. 30 seconds was all that it took me to fall in love. I think my partner was a little jealous of my moans of pleasure, after all he had never been able to make me climax that fast. As a matter of fact, no one has. This is why this toy is worth every penny. This happened tonight and I'm still saying wow. I'm on here typing about it, after all. I feel like I had an intimate night with a new partner now. It's just so great! I am the type of girl who usually needs pinpoint stimulation on my clitoris with a smaller head and more power. Never did I think that this would conquer all other toys and come out on top! This toy is a prize and I can't get enough. Even though the top is broad and wide, I still managed to get strong vibrations from it. I just opened my legs wider than usual and applied the amount of pressure that worked for me. I didn't have to use any movements of my hand or arm, the neck is bendable bit I didn't need it for my use. I simply placed it on one area and voila, the job was done.

This toy is loud and can be heard through a closed door. My partner heard me with this while he was in the kitchen. Play it safe if you have little ones around or they will be knocking on the door asking why the leaf blower is in the house! I turned on a fan that I use for white noise and my partner still heard it a few rooms away.
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    • Campus/roommate living
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    • Powerful
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    • Clitoris
    • Muscles

Material / Texture

The material on the large bulbed head of the Hitachi is made from rubber. This rubber is a white, porous rubber and can inhibit bacteria or other germs. The head is not smooth, it is very textured and has the feel of a ball that we used to use in school to play dodge ball with. The rubber on this product didn't produce a strong odor like a lot of rubber products can, it produced a light one but it was tolerable, shortly after the initial cleaning, I could hardly smell anything. This material needs to be cleaned thoroughly before and after each use so no bacteria can grow. The rubber used on the rounded head is an 3 on the material safety scale. Being porous, rubber does not clean well. You can make a rubber toy last longer and keep it cleaner by using a condom over it each use.

The handle that is attached to the head is a plastic material. The handle is smooth and doesn't have any sharp edges. The handle is predominantly white in color except for the metal ring around the top of the handle which is silver.

The neck under the bulbed head and above the handle is a blue, plastic neck with fine ribbing detail. There is a screw down in the area where the flexible neck inserts into the handle.

The cord that comes out from the handle is plastic. The cord that plugs into the wall is white.
The switch on the top side of the wand is blue with a silver stripe through the middle and the switch itself is black.

The material safety rating for the plastic handle is an 8 because the handle is non porous, unlike the rubber.
The texture on the head is smooth enough for beginners because this product is also made for use on the body. For this toy to be made for skin use for use around the world, this has to be a texture that all can tolerate. I find it to be smooth, with some give. It's not a hard rubber. You can squeeze it and my fingers go into the material. No imprints are left in the rubber after I squeeze it. The head also has a sunk in surface area running along the middle area of the head. It goes all the way around. This doesn't cause any pinching or problems for me when being used.
    • Light odor
    • No odor
    • Somewhat porous

Design / Shape / Size

The measurements of the Hitachi are found below:

Total length of handle without cord: 9 1/4"

Total length with handle, neck, head of toy: 12 1/4"

Total cord length: 65" - 5'5"

Head circumference: 7 3/4"

Head length from top to bottom: 2 1/4"

Head diameter: 2 1/2"

Neck Circumference: 2 3/4"

Silver band near neck circumference: 6"

The size is big and intimidating at first but even with me being a petite female, I can handle the Hitachi with ease.
The handle and head almost are the same length as my arm and hand. This toy would not be recommended for travel unless you really needed this. It's very bulky. This toy wouldn't be easy to hide.

I'm a beginner to this toy and the size worked for me without any issues. However if you are holding it in the air for a long period of time, your arm may get tired. You could work out your arms if you use this a lot!

The design of the Hitachi is basic. This has been around for years and it never gets old. This toy will be a hit for many more years to come, if you take care of it correctly. As for the Hitachi, it's not the design that thrills, it's the chills that thrill!

Also, here is some additional information that you may find helpful:

To avoid overheating or motor burnout, do not operate the massager for continuous extended periods of time (over 25 minutes)

Do not press the "top" of the massage head hard against any surface during use, as it will restrict vibration output and cause strain on the motor. Use the side of the massage head for optimal use.

Avoid using silicone based personal lubricant with the massager, as it may deteriorate the finish. Only use water based personal lubricant.

For safety and to not short out the unit, always turn the power point to off before plugging in or un-plugging the massager into a power point. Also ensure that the unit is turned off.

Do not unplug the massager from the power point by pulling the power cord. This will put strain on the power cord causing deterioration.

Do not cause unnecessary twisting or pulling on the power cord base, as it will cause deterioration.
    • Beginner

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Hitachi is very easy to use with only one switch on the middle of the plastic handle. This is a push button control with only 3 settings. The settings are Off, Low and High. To me, the low feels like a high and the high feels like a super high. On the scale of Vrooms for the low, it would be the highest on the scale. The high setting would be double that, in my opinion. I have never experienced a more rumbly vibration from anything. I can see why this product has surpassed all other vibrators over the years.

There are no vibrations in the handle or anywhere else on the toy, they are all concentrated in the head part.
I used the low setting for my great experience tonight. I tried it on the high but it was a bit numbing so I turned it off and decided to try out that part at a later date.

I did try the Hitachi on high, on my partners back. He loved that I was able to get into his tissues and muscles. It really loosened up his sore muscles from work. I originally purchased this for him for his personal use because I wasn't sure about it working for me.

The switch on this toy has to be the easiest that I have ever used. The strongest vibrations and the easiest switch ever makes for a very happy girl! You just can't go wrong with this product.

This toy is noisy. On a noise level from 1-10, this gets an 8-9 from me. It can be heard through a door from a few rooms away. As I stated above, if you have little ones or other living with you, they will know that you are using this. You may want to use when they are not around or if you are at a store that sells these, be sure to point out that they are for sore muscles and sometimes mom or dad may need some help with their back. I tried to cover up the noise with a loud fan and that didn't work. If you find something, let me know.

This toy is NOT waterproof. Do not submerge in water or get the handle wet. If you do get the handle wet, it could short out or possibly electrocute since it plugs into an electrical outlet. If you are a squirter like myself or you get very wet, use a covering around the full toy and only use the head near the wetness while covered. Absolutely do not get the handle or cord wet. I can't stress that enough. You wouldn't want damage to your toy or cause yourself bodily harm.

The Hitachi magic wand is a corded toy that plugs into a wall outlet, the standard US plug type.
This warning below is also included about international use :

Hitachi magic wand vibrator-

THIS ITEM IS NOT INTENDED FOR INTERNATIONAL USE: Non-US power circuit puts strain on the unit and might lead to damage and injuries.
    • Easy to use
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

The care for this is pretty basic, with a few exceptions:

Don't get the handle very wet while cleaning. Use a very lightly damp cloth or wipe to run along the sides if need be. You can use a sanitizing wipe on the handle for added safety.

Hold the toy upside down to wash the head. I found this more helpful because this ensured that the handle wouldn't get wet. Don't hold it down over the water because it could slip out of your hand with it being a heavier toy. I actually placed it on the head part and cleaned around it with some wipes from here [https://www.edenfantasys.com/sex-toy-accessories/toy-cleaners-wipes/eden-toy-and-body-wipes] before and after use. I made sure to dry off the handle and the head part once I cleaned it. I wanted to be extra careful with this new found love of mine. You don't have to buy special cleansers for this toy, just use a soap and water wash or some wipes, just dry thoroughly. If you want to clean the head part thoroughly, the head actually comes off, it's not easy to pull off but it does come off. There are instructions but it seems a bit harder to do it that way.You need to pry up along the edges of the Hitachi head until the edges of the head cover are up above the lip, once they are above the lip, pull off the head. This is the only massager that I know of that has a removable head. Once you get it off the first time, the rest of the times to remove and put on the head should be easier.

For the storage of the Hitachi magic wand, I actually purchased the Devine playchest here [https://www.edenfantasys.com/sex-toy-accessories/sex-toy-storage/devine-playchest]. I wanted to have something big to put it in and I was running out of places to put things, so this came in handy. I'm patiently awaiting its arrival. You can actually put it in a drawer underneath clothing. I wouldn't put anything heavy on top of it, wherever you store it because something heavy could crack the handle or damage the head part. Never stick it under a mattress as this could also damage the toy. It is a big toy but if you can't find a discreet place in a room to keep it, I suggest putting it in its original box and standing up in a corner in your closet. This saves space and will kept it from getting dropped or damaged.
    • Large size


The Hitachi magic wand comes in a long, rectangular box with pictures of the product on the box. The box is white with colorful red and blue writing. The box has photos of women and men using the wand on their arms, shoulder and back. Some information is displayed about the speeds and uses of the product.

There is also a booklet that comes with the Hitachi magic wand. The front of the booklet has the name of the product and a picture of the Hitachi. The inner front cover has important safety instructions. Further into the book, there are instructions on how to use positions of massaging and care after use and storage instructions. Also included in this booklet are Precautions, Specifications, and Names of parts.

The weight of the Hitachi magic wand it 1.2 pounds.
    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

I'm very excited about this toy. I actually can't wait to use it again. I'm assuming that it will be tomorrow. I'm also interested in checking out these attachments that work with the Hitachi by placing them over the Hitachi's head. Some of these are silicone which is a 10 on the safety scale and it's one of the highest rated materials out there in sex toy land.

You can find most of the attachments on this page here [https://www.edenfantasys.com/Search.aspx?Q=hitachi+magic+wand&ST=1&QST=1]

Check some of these out, they just might tickle your fancy enough to buy one.


The first use of the Hitachi has me yearning for more. I want to explore the other possibilities with this wand. I want to try it on the high setting and see if it makes me squirt. I'm very curious about this toy and how it will work with my partner for foreplay. I don't suggest using during intercourse because the head is far too large to be in that tight spot. It could give an unfriendly jolt to your partner. You could always experiment and see what you both like.

I personally could never insert this but if you are a size queen or have learned stretching techniques, you could try to insert this. Even if I ever could, I don't think that my poor vaginal walls could tolerate the intensity of the vibrations. Let me know if anyone has ever accomplished that one.

In a comparison of the Couture Collection and the Inspire, I find the Hitachi to be more powerful overall. I own both products but I haven't used the Couture Inspire in quite some time. I do know that the Hitachi made me orgasm much faster with less effort.

Try not to use only the Hitachi as your clitoral stimulation because if you do, your clitoris can build up a tolerance and once you try to use toys that are less rumbly, it will take you a lot longer to climax. Switch it up at different times to get the maximum pleasure.

    • Intense
Follow-up commentary
I'm still in the love with the all mighty Hitachi! I've not encountered anything as strong as this massager! I hope to enjoy it for years to come!
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    Wow, your review was extremely useful. Although I haven't ever used sex toys to masturbate before you've got me considering trying this out. I am definitely putting this on my wish list!
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