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Clean, but not squeaky.

Do you find yourself away from home with unexpected plans? Invited over for the night? Forgot your towel? Lost in a desert? For all those times you need to look your best and just don't have the time or facilities to shower, take along Cake Beauty's Glistening Dry Shampoo and Body Powder. It will come in handy many times over.
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does not actually "clean"
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Cake Beauty has amped up their dry shampoos with this product. The original dry shampoos (which I have also used) come in 2 formulations--one for light hair and one for dark hair. Both originals and this Glistening Dry Shampoo and Body Powder can be used to freshen and "volumize" (fluff) your hair. Once you have applied the powder to your hair and worked it through (starting from the scalp and working to the ends of the hair shafts) it reacts with excessive oils and absorbs them. Although this process does not actually "clean" your hair, it will lessen that greasy look and gummy feel. Because the oil has been modified by the dry shampoo powder the hairs do not tend to "stick" to each other and this gives you the illusion of a fuller head of hair.

This product adds the addition of a "glistening" affect. There are micro-tiny, tiny particles of mica (silica) which, when spread throughout your hair, reflect light (think: mirror) and it is perceived as (what I would call) an iridescent/radiant glow.

Also, just as the original product, Cake Beauty says this Glistening Dry Shampoo can be used as a facial makeup and/or as a body powder. Again, the Glistening powder imparts the mica which reflects light in the same fashion as when it is applied to your hair. If you have oily skin this powder will absorb the oil and your skin will have a more matte, smooth look.

As a facial powder this has several uses, and I am sure that most women who apply makeup will have other ideas of how to use it. The company suggests using this product to highlight your eyes by applying just below and along your eyebrows and to the cheeks for an eye catching glimmer. It can also be used on all external body parts. Both for your hair and as a facial/body powder the best use of this product would be to keep a canister in your office and car. This way, if unexpected plans come up when you can not go home first, you will look your best. I would not rely on it as something that will actually clean your hair/body. It will make it look, feel, and smell better, but at some point you need to wash the dirt (and this powder) away.
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Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The glistening dry shampoo is a very fine, velvety soft powder--think: cake flour. It feels very smooth to the touch. It has a distict lemon/citrus scent. The powder is dispensed easily. I had no problems with clumping, which you would expect. Since it is a dry powder it does not clog or clump the dispensing holes.

Once you have poured some into your palm you must be careful, because a slight breeze or an unintentional movement will also send the powder flying everywhere but where you had intended to use it.
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Taste / Aroma

As with any cosmetic, there are many ingredients so you should check the list on the EF product page before purchasing. The company emphasizes that this product is gluten free, has no petrochemicals, phthalates, triclosan and is parabans free.

The powder has a nice, light lemony scent. It is very pleasant. If you have other citrusy scents in your wardrobe this will blend in very well. It is light enough so that if you want another scent to be front and center the lemon will serve quietly in the background and your preferred scent can take center stage.
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This product does give your hair a fresher/fuller look and a fresh, clean fragrance. For the hair, I poured about 1 to 2 tablespoons of powder in the palm of 1 hand and clasped my hands together so that each palm has an equal amount. Then, starting close to the scalp, run your fingers through your hair. This both distributes the powder and "volumizes" (fluffs) your hair. For an alternative application, you can use a brush. The brush has the added benefit of whisking the powder completely through your hair and at the same time removes some of the powder.

After a rather vigorous jog, I was pretty "sweated up" and my hair looked like a rat's nest. The powder did make it look cleaner. It certainly felt better and smelled pretty nice. With bright lights focused on my hair I could see the irregular shimmer of the mica particles but if I did not know I was looking for that affect, I do not think I would notice anything special. It is a very subtle look, which I appreciate. It is the same look as natural as typical shampoo/conditioner leaves your hair. As claimed by the company, the powder is not visible on either dark or light hair. The original has a light and a dark formula. The single glistening type will disappear in any shade of hair.

I used it along with my usual makeup and as facial powder, on my cheeks and eyes. I really did like this look. Usually, I apply a touch of blush under my eyebrows. This gave my eyes that POP without the touch of pinkish color. I still applied blush on my cheeks but used this dry shampoo product over the cheeks. It left a glowy look that I also liked.

Muddling along, I used some large cotton balls and dusted my upper arms. The powder is so fine that it was not at all obvious or chalky looking. Frankly, I accomplished in under 15 minutes what would have been over an hour of prepping. Also, this can be done anywhere--in the car, at the office, school or on the go. It will take away any self-conscienceless you may have because you are not at your best. I was very pleased with the results I could achieve in such a short time--and no water is necessary.
Follow-up commentary
We liked the way this worked until the last little bit of powdery stuff was gone. I doubt we will purchase anymore, not because it is an inferior product, but because we do not have the need for this on a regular basis.
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