Coochy shave creme - cream by Classic Erotica - review by Dame Demi

Coochy shave creme review

Coochy Shave Creme is a good product, but not a great product. It does reduce razor burn, but it must be applied liberally, and tends to stick tenaciously to razors.
Lovely scent; DOES reduce razor burn; excellent hair conditioner!
Doesn't completely eliminate razor burn; must be applied liberally for optimal results
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As a woman who likes things “bare down there,” but doesn’t want to go through the pain and intimate procedures required for waxing (yes, I’ll review sex toys, but don’t want to get a bikini wax!), I decided to give Coochy Shave Crème a try. I’ve been looking for a product that will allow me to shave frequently without razor burn. This product did well, but wasn’t everything I’d hoped.

I ordered the Pear Berry scent, which is just absolutely delicious and smelled good enough to eat. (PRODUCT IS NOT EDIBLE, THOUGH, SO DON’T TRY IT!!!). It came in a handy bottle with a pump top that made dispensing easy.

The price on Coochy Crème is a little steep for all-over shaving, so I decided to use it only on my most sensitive areas. Coochy Crème is really more of a shaving lotion than a cream or a foam, however, and you run the risk of it being absorbed into your skin if you don’t use a decent amount.

Coochy Crème did provide a smooth and close shave, though it was not entirely rash-free. After subsequent uses, I’ve decided this product is best used for shaving the fine stubble that accumulates after a couple of days of not shaving. It does reduce razor burn, especially with frequent reapplications, though it may not eliminate it entirely.

One complaint I do have about this product is that, because of its lotion-like consistency, it tends to SERIOUSLY gunk up a razor something awful! Be prepared to use plenty of very hot water to clean your razor; one of those razors with the push-button cleaning mechanism helps, as well.

Coochy Crème also advertises itself as, of all things, a hair conditioner. In the interest of writing a complete review, I decided to give it a whirl. And, to be honest, this product is an AWESOME hair conditioner! I’ve got very long, very thick hair, and this made it soft and smooth and was excellent for detangling! Go figure.

Coochy Shave Crème is a good product, but don’t expect miracles. It will reduce razor burn when used liberally; it’s just a personal decision whether the relatively high cost is worth it. Great hair conditioner, though!
Follow-up commentary
On the advice of Sleeping Dreamer, I tried using less of this product when shaving, and found I had much better results (it didn't 'gunk up' my razor so much). Getting the product to lather also helps tremendously, but can be a challenge. I found that using a dime-sized portion of Coochy with a pea-sized dollop of baby-oil shave gel added in works wonders in producing more lather without reducing the benefits of the Coochy Creme!
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  • Dragon
    So...  I've always heard and found to be true that shaving daily as you put it "down there" is actually the best trick to avoiding either razor burn or ingrown hairs.  How often were you shaving?
  • I've heard the same thing, and I've always got the best *intentions* to shave every day, but it doesn't always work out that way.  2 days seems to be the kiss of death for me, w hen I get the worst razor burn.  So I try to save the Coochy Creme for those occasions.  You're right, though--I think getting your skin accustomed to it IS the best remedy!  Informative reply, thanks! :)
  • UrbanDurga
    I've had the same experience with the Coochy Creme. The main annoyance for me was the accumulation of gunk on the razor. And the fact that I expected it to perform miracles. But hey, that one's on me.
  • I took the advice of Sleeping Dreamer on using this product, and it actually made a huge difference!  Use only a tiny amount of the cream (helps cure the 'gunking up' problem).  Then work it into a lather before you apply it; it may take awhile, but it IS possible.  It still doesn't work miracles, granted.  But these steps improve the product performance dramatically!
  • I'll Miss You EF :(
    I didn't even know that EF carried shave creams! Wishlisted for sure, Thanks for the review!
  • geliebt
    Lovely review!
  • xjonxthexgreenx
    thanks for the review
  • PassionCpl
    Thanks for this
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