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Coochy shave creme rash free reviews

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This product is well worth it. If used with the proper razor you will have great results! I would recommend using this product and following up with the coochy powder. It will leave you feeling smooth, clean and lovely!

Let me tell you ladies- this product is worth the cost. It is inexpensive and you will get hooked on it. You will not want to use regular shaving cream again! The scents are amazing, it is gentle and leaves your skin renewed. It is rash free, helps with nicks and cuts, and smells great- you won't have to shave every single day (men can use it too! My boyfriend loves this stuff!)

I cannot get enough of this product line. I would recommend this to any women that shaves their female parts, especially those who have a fear of waxing, like me. I have bought this product for all the women in my family, as well as my husband's family, and they all say that this is the best product that they have ever used.

My skin is extremely dry and sensitive. It reacts to so many things, I rarely have an explanation for why I have hives or a rash on an area. This coochie shave cream??? Is wonderful. It is beautiful and it has made my skin sexy and not angry. And I feel so grateful for this stuff. It works ladies!!!

For the price I think I found a new shaving gel. I love this one due to having no razor burn after using it, and the amazing smell.

This shaving cream is nice enough but it just didn't wow me. I was expecting something spectacular which is mostly my fault. I try not to let reviews dictate how I feel about a product beforehand, but unfortunately I did this time. There's nothing bad about it at all, it just didn't keep my razor burn away like I had heard about. I do hope to try the other products in the line along with this.

Coochy shave cream isn't bad, but it's not my favorite shave cream. I prefer the EOS shave cream. Coochy left me feeling moisturized, but dry at the same time.

This is a nice, thick, moisturizing shave crème in a well-designed bottle. It smells lovely during use, though the fragrance won't stick around long enough to interfere with other scented products. Unless you're in need of a more discreet label, I recommend giving this product a try!

Believe me, this Coochy Shave Creme works better than any shaving cream you will buy at the store, and is much cheaper. I love how you can shave anywhere on your body with it. My man uses it to shave his face even though it's called Coochy Creme.

I don't like the bottle this comes in, but as they say, it's what's on the inside that counts. Coochy Creme provides a silky smooth shave with no irritation or razor burn. Smells great too!

The saying "You get what you paid for" does not apply here. I feel I got way more than I expected, and I am very happy with what I got.

The Coochy Shave Creme is a great product that will get you a smooth shave and silky skin. It soothes your irritated skin and prevents those ugly red bumps and ingrown hairs. It has a thick and creamy consistency that stays in place, making your shave quick and easy. A little product goes a long way and it is listed at a great price.

If you are looking for a close shave with out leaving your skin, no matter where you happen to be shaving Coochy is one of the first products that has worked in every way described. Paraben free and safe for all skin types, it leaves skin smooth and shaving a breeze.

If you want an irritation-free, ingrown-hair-free, and rash-free shave most of the time with the added bonus of silky soft skin, Coochy is the shave cream for you!

This product is great. It comes in a 4 oz bottle, and a little goes a long way. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants that perfect shave.

I love this product! It leaves the skin feeling super soft and smooth and has a great scent. The best thing about it? I'm rash free!

This shaving cream is one of the finest available, and at such a reasonable price! The variety of scents and ways it moisturizes your skin, while leaving you soft and hair-free makes it worth buying.

I give Choochy five stars. And recommend it to everyone, weather you have shaving whoas like I do or not this product truly rocks!

A great shaving cream that lasts twice as long as ordinary shaving creams. It has amazing fragrances and feels great against the skin. Overall a great product that won't break the bank.

The Coochy Shave Creme is the best shave cream I have ever used. I love how it makes my skin feel really soft after use. The only thing I hate is how this 4oz bottle doesn't last very long. I use it to shave EVERYTHING, not just my legs. I think it's also pricey for the size.

Sensitive skin beware, this product did not work for me. Razor burn and bumps still occurred and to top it off coochy burned upon application. If you ask me it wasn't worth it!

The product provides a close shave, smells good, doesn't irritate my skin and a small amount is needed. I estimate I won't have to buy shaving cream for another few months! I simply could not find any cons other than the fact that some people might find the label inappropriate, but you could always simply take the label off.

Due to the long list of ingredients in Coochy Shaving Creme, I was very skeptical that it would really give me a completely rash free shaving experience. Coochy Creme exceeded my expectations and left me with one of the closest shaves I have ever had. Aside from just the close shave, it also left my skin silky smooth and free of any razor bumps. I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone, and especially those with sensitive skin.

Are you tired of razor burn or irritation after shaving? So was I! After trying Coochy shave cream I was hooked. I don't dread shaving anymore! It leaves me silky smooth and soft. Something that my partner and I can both enjoy!

Coochy Gave Me a Happy Coochy

I don't necessarily care for the thinness of this cream but I love the moisture that it delivers. My skin is super smooth and supple after using it. I didn't experience any irritation which is a huge plus! While the scent smells like baby powder, it's actually nice and light. If this were a bigger bottle I would use it all over but since it is small I will save it for my lady parts.

This is a very good product for a very reasonable price. It is very worth it. Especially, if you prefer shaving to waxing. It is the perfect product if you shave a few times a month. Before, I used regular shaving creme for those sensitive parts and it never kept me from razor burn. I can honestly say I have never had razor burn using Coochy. That is a life saver in the summer months!

Coochy Shave Creme is a fabulous intimate shave product. Rather than repeat myself, I'll just say that as long as the formula remains the same I will only use Coochy Shave Creme on my coochy!

When you have sensitive skin and need to shave, Coochy is great for protecting the skin from irritation. It also is a nice spa treatment in the shower or bath with its gorgeous scents and thick consistency. Don't go overboard with the Coochy though, a little bit goes a long way! You can also share your Coochy with the man in your life because it's great for those jaw and neck area bumps from his shaving too!

This item has provided the best shave with the least amount of issues involved afterwards that I have ever had in my life. It's simply amazing!

Works better than most commercial shave creams. Does not require much to use; gets stubble and all with a good razor and with little effort. Leaves skin silky smooth. Would recommend this for anyone who does not think the store kind works for them.

Same consistency, smell, and reliability as using v05 conditioner to shave with. Save your money, soap does a better job at protecting your "sensitive areas" than coochy cream does.

This works so much better than I could've expected it to. It prevents all irritation for me from brazilian shaving and it's great to use on your legs too. You don't have to use much of it, just a couple pumps. It stays in place, it's easy to see what you're doing, and it leaves my skin feeling silky.

Overall, this product was okay. It didn't wow me, but I like it better than some of the other shave creams I have tried. I didn't love the "Oh So Original" scent, but it wasn't horrible. It is a good deal for the price, and is travel-friendly.

I would recommend this to anyone, not just women, who wants smooth silky skin or a cute coochy. It stops bumps, redness, itchiness and works every time. It's really good if you have sensitive skin. I love the name of this product it is so adorable and fits the product perfectly! It's been a good experience and my boyfriend is happy with the results of this product!

Coochy shave creme by Classic Erotica, is simply amazing. This rash free, bump free creme is used for intimate shave areas. It's smooth, creamy, silky, and the smell is simply divine. It's not just shave creme it also can be used as hair conditioner and conditioner for legs and private parts. It's not just for women, the man in your life can use it too and feel as smooth as you do! This is my favorite shave creme. I love it!

Who has ever in their life seen a shaving creme that can also be used as a conditioner or a lotion? This is my first time, and I think this is great. It's worth the money/ points. It's a great product to have and it's not only for females.

Like how a baby's skin feels? Would you like your skin to feel that way? Then get this product! It's rash-free, smooth, doesn't run, safe for all skins, and sulfate- and paraben-free.

I have previously used this product once or twice. I kinda snagged it out of my sisters bathroom a few times, so I was quite excited to finally receive this in the mail. If you like feeling sexy silky smooth legs, under arms, and, well, coochy, then this is definitely for you. Not only will you feel silky smooth, but you will also smell of a sweet berry mix, leaving you feeling just that much sexier than you already do.

Coochy shave cream works as a shaving cream and leaves skin softer for days afterward. I am not sold on the pear berry scent as it is still too floral for my sensitive nose, but overall, I am very pleased with this cream. I found the bottle to be frustrating the first time, but now it is smooth sailing.

If you have easily irritated skin after shaving, I would definitely recommend this to you. Man or woman, you wont be disappointed with Coochy!

If I could actually detect the smell, this would rank much higher with me. The bottle appears small, but it also seems like it will last awhile, especially if you only use it on small areas like bikini or underarms. It did not work perfectly for me, but did work pretty good.

All and all, I love this stuff; I just wish they had the bigger bottles of it. I recommend this if you don't want to be dried out after shaving.

If you are looking for a shaving creme to use over all of your body to achieve soft, moisturized skin, look no farther! Coochy creme delivers a razor burn & bump free shave that will make your coochy happy! It is definitely one of the best shaving cremes out there to prevent razor bumps and burns. For the price, it is well worth giving it a try if you battle stubborn ingrown hairs, razor burn or bumps and want a quick and cheap fix!

This is a great product overall. It was a great find for me, since it didn't give me those nasty razor bumps after I shave. Some may be put off by the name; I know I was a little hesitant at first, but it is worth the money to get something that works for you. This has worked for me, and the only way to tell for sure is to try it. I was very happy with my purchase, and I plan on getting more when I run out. I love the smooth feeling I get after I shave now.

As someone who took forever to purchase something to groom myself down below, I'm glad I invested in the product. I only wish it was bigger. I love the scents and I honestly see myself trying the others out in the future. It's fun and it makes me feel sexy.

This product is on the more expensive side, but if you go to any drug store most shave creams are. You won't find any other product like this. It is simply my favorite and the only shave cream I will be using for my private areas. If you want the smoothest closest shave without razor burn, shaving bumps, or irritation then try this product you won't regret it.

The Coochy Rash Free Shave Crème collection is a great investment for a great price. It promises results, and it delivers. It provides a silky smooth feel while combating against razor burn, bumps, and rashing. It works anywhere you shave, and you will love the results! I do!

The Coochy Shave Creme by Classic Erotica is a nice alternative to your usual foaming gel type of shaving products. With its thick and creamy consistency you can be sure it will stay where you put it to get the close shave you really want. Make sure you read the reviews for each scent so you can pick your favorite and start shaving with this highly moisturizing creme!

I first bought this product thinking it was something more than what it really is. It's worth a try. I know some women who live by it. I personally just wasn't very impressed.

This product is definately worth the money because it does what it says. You get a clean shave, no irritation, and soft skin.

It really wasn't a bad shaving creme for my legs and armpits, but the "rash-free shave" claims did not ring true when it came to my bikini area.

Overall, I'm willing to try the product again. I wasn't happy with the small bottle, and I would prefer a scented product.

I just love this stuff, and I am so glad I found something that will work for me that is not really expensive.

Move over Inttimo and Dona you guys have been replaced with Coochy shave crème. I had heard so much about this shaving crème being so good, that I had not got around to getting it. I tried the two others I mentioned first and liked them and planned on getting more. Well Coochy was taunting me from the last review I read. Boy am I glad I gave this shave crème a shot. I am not disappointed at all. I also know what all the hype was about with this product.

I have to admit every time I forget to take my coochy out of my bathroom and I have people over I have to sit and explain it’s not just for your coochy it’s an everybody part shaving cream that I purchase from Eden Fantasys.I think the worst part of it all is sitting down listening to my husband’s story about how he LOVES MY COOCHY!!It’s a plus for him because he can use this shaving cream and not walk around smelling like a girl but he can still have that smooth silky head!

Fully worth the money simple to use, and easy to clean up. The smell is wonderful and makes you feel great! Highly recommendable!

Cootchy Shave Creme is a thick, rich shaving lotion that nourishes and moisturizes skin while providing lubrication for a fairly close shave. The air free pump bottle provides four ounces of Shave Crème, which should last a long time for most users. This product reduces or eliminates irritation and shaving bumps, reduces cuts, smells great and makes shaving less of a chore.

Coochy Shave Creme is a crock of crap! It claimed to be a rash-free and intimate area friendly, but it went to war with my sensitive skin...and my skin lost! If you don't have sensitive skin or you can handle parabens, then knock yourself out. Otherwise, run for cover at your local drugstore and get something that wants to fight with your skin, not against it!

Coochy is a great shaving product and I highly recommend it to anyone suffering from irritated, razor bump ridden lady parts. It has the look and feel of hair conditioner, but provide a much smoother, closer shave than any conditioner I have used for shaving. The bottle may be small but a little goes a long way and it is worth every penny.

The Coochy Cream would make a good gift for anyone. I loved the smell of pear berry, but it just did not have the shaving quality that I was looking for. It would make a great after shave lotion to make legs or other areas smoother.

If you are looking for a new shaving cream, especially for shaving more sensitive areas, try Coochy. I have found that it gives a nice smooth shave and less irritation than shaving with normal shaving cream or without any shaving cream.

A great shaving cream, which is a nice alternative to the run of the mill brands found in most stores. Great for both men and women, I can happily recommend it.

It's a shame there is no way to tell you what the price per inch is to shave with this creme. Coochy shave creme holds its own next to similar products, but it just can't seem to dominate the way it should. For the price, amount of product needed, and for a barely noticeable difference, I'll stick to my old shaving creme unless I have the Eden points to spare. 3 stars for an average shave creme.

I have read review after review stating this was a great product, so I finally decided to get it for myself. Although I found the product not to be exactly what I was expecting from a shaving gel, I love the clean smell the green tea formula offers. It's so much better than smelling the chemically smell of your normal shaving gel.

Coochy, legs, arms, face, girls, and guys. Coochy Creme is good for anywhere and anyone. If you have a hard time finding the right product for your dry and sensitive skin, give Coochy a try!

I am thoroughly impressed with Coochy Shave Creme. It comes in a classy expensive looking container, a little goes a long way, it work incredibly well and at a very small price. I got mine in Naked Silk Green Tea and it is lovely, though I'm sure the rest of the scents are as well. I have found my new shave creme and I am now biased and will use no other. Thank Class Erotica!

Does exactly what it says it will and leaves a clean, soft feeling afterward. Great for both men and women who shave.

You want to keep your coochy clean and sexy? Get this right now! The coochy shave cream works as a conditioner for your hair and for shaving anything you want.

Even though I'm just a guy who used Coochy creme in a pinch, I'd say it's a quality product for any gender. It allows you to have a smooth shave with minimal expense. It might be irritating for people with sensitive skin, but it's worth a try if you're looking for a shave cream.

This shaving creme is a dream come true! Every time I've used this stuff it has worked exactly as it is advertised!

If you're looking for a product that will give your vulva and surrounding areas a clean, smooth shave, look no further than Coochy. I've never had such a close shave. I'm fairly certain that it's even softened the hair that ends up growing back. It's not just for your vulva, though--use it on your legs, underarms, or even as hair conditioner. The price is great and the product is awesome.

Coochy is one of those products that should grace the bathroom shelves of anyone who owns a razor. While it can be used as a conditioner perhaps this is better for frequent travelers that need small bottles of body care products and versatility to prevent overnight bag overload. As a shave creme it is top notch and will leave your skin smooth and rash free.

I've tried many different hair removal creams and I am more than impressed with Coochy. I believe it's a great investment and I will continue using it. It prevents ALL the shaving problems that I've had in the past. Who could ask for more?!

Overall, very worth it. I am smooth because of this product when I've never been able to get that way before. Worth the small amount of money.

I love this stuff it has a wide range of uses, and lasts a long time compared to shaving cream. It can gunk up a razor but otherwise is a wonderful product that leaves the skin irritant free and moisturized. There are a few ingredients that can cause irritation for those with sensitive skin, so may not be fit for everyone, but those with tougher skin you will want to try this stuff out.

This lovely smelling shave creme is ideal for girls who are easily irritated down there after shaving. This creamy gel is made in the states, safe for any skin type, paraben free, sulfate free and this product is not tested on animals.

Coochy is inexpensive and works great. I wish it came in a bigger bottle but still for the price it is worth it. Also, you do not have to shave everyday which may be good for some, because if you are anything like me, I hate shaving. But Coochy makes life a little easier and I look forward to shaving now.

I was iffy about trying this shaving cream out, but decided to go for since it isn’t that expensive and I had points to spare. Now that I’ve tried it out on my legs, I’m not sure I will ever want to use it on my “coochy”!

A great, 5-star shave creme. If you love scented shave cremes of this consistency, Coochy shave creme could be the one you've been looking for!

Great for anyone that wants a clean shave or softer hair and skin! Great for a moisturizer, conditioner and to prevent razor burn or rashes! Allows the razor to gently cut the hairs without the harsh dragging and tugging. Works great on men and women alike!

Have you tried Coochy yet? What are you waiting for? This product is a must have in my house. I love the looks of the bottle, the smell, and most of all the smooth shave that it gives me. As someone with extremely sensitive skin, I was surprised to find a creme that I can use without irritation. This stuff is great!

For the prices of this product you can never go wrong. It will leave you with wonderful looking skin with a smooth touch!

Great shaving cream for all skin types, including sensitive. The cream smells fantastic, and it can be used anywhere on your body. Compared to any other shaving cream, Coochy is well worth the money!

I am pretty happy with my purchase and would totally buy it again. The only thing I wish is that the bottle was bigger so I wouldn't have to order so frequently.

Coochy shave great is nice to shave the most intimate areas of your body, but it does contain some allergy causing ingredients. For me Coochy is a great product that worked better in some areas than others. If you want to know more than read on.

Coochy shave cream is worth your money if you have sensitive skin or you just want a smoother, silkier shaving experience. It is way better than anything you can buy at a regular store. This product won't irritate your skin and will protect it from getting those ugly red bumps. No more unsightly itchy rashes with this product. It's good to use on any part of your body that you want to shave. Men would love it too!

This is truly that one product that is great for anyone and worth the money because it lasts forever. It is easy to use, washes away, and leaves your skin smooth.

If you're used to shaving without any product, have tough skin, and don't often develop rashes or skin irritation from products, this may be up your alley. If you have skin on the sensitive-side, and don't enjoy funky residue on your razor after shaving, this probably is one you should pass up.

This item is totally worth the price! I do not even think about shaving my vagina without it! My mom and I were dressing for an event. It was the first time in a long time we had seen each other naked. She looked at me and said, "Oh my God! You Shave?" I looked at her and said "Oh My God You DON'T" The next day she called me whining from the itch of her muff growing back and I directed her to buy...Coochy Cream!

Coochy rash-free shave cream does exactly what is says it will do. It leaves skin soft and moisturized, while giving you a close clean shave without rashes or bumps. It can be used all over the body, on any skin type and will last forever allowing you to always have a smooth shave. You can't go wrong with Coochy.

This is overall a great shave cream for the money. I highly recommend it. I discovered no faults with it and the fact that it can double as conditioner is fantastic.

Coochy Cream is like creamy liquid gold to me. It works as promised and is well worth the money. It protects your skin while shaving and prevents razor burn, rash, bumps, and cuts. It smells lovely, moisturizes, and provides a very close shave.

As surprising as a review of shaving cream meant for a Coochy coming from a man is, what was even more surprising was how much I liked it. It is great on my sensitive skin and since I started using this product I no longer get those irritating bumps or nicks in areas I would rather avoid them. To top it all off my wife loves it too.

My husband and I both love this shaving cream. We have both been using it a week with no signs of razor burn or bumps. It smells great and can be used as a hair conditioner.

I love this product---it is a permanent addition to my toiletries. I do not use much each time, and it covers a substantial area of skin, so a bottle will last me a while.

If you have unwanted hair, you need to try Coochy. It won't irritate even the most sensitive of skin and will give you a clean, smooth shave, free of razor burn. If you decide you hate it as a shaving cream, don't fret - you can always condition your hair with it.

The Coochy Shaving Creme is perfect for any type of skin, whether it is sensitive type or not. This product is definitely a must buy, especially for it's low price. Leaving you're skin smooth and soft without feeling greasy. I give it five stars!

The best , gave me a very clean close shave, after shaving it felt very soft and smooth. It made my Coochy smell great just like the creme! Sweet and my fiance loves it!

Coochy Body Shave Creme does exactly what it claims to do: provides a silky, smooth shave without the bumps and irritation afterwards. And if that's not enough for you, it can be used as a thick hair conditioner and it smells amazing!

Coochy Shave Cream is a shave cream and a hair conditioner that provides a nice smooth shave to whatever area of the body one chooses to use it on. It has a nice light scent and also comes in an unscented version. It is good for all users and lasts a while so you won't have to buy it very often.

Want a happy coochy? Try Coochie Shave Creme! No more itchiness! No more bumps! Drop your pants to the world and be proud of a smooth, silky shave! You can use Coochy anywhere and get awesome results! Guys love it, girls love it. Coochy is the long awaited answer to everyone's shaving prayers!

We made this purchase after several attempts to find a traditional shaving cream that wouldn’t irritate my skin and cause a rash. It was well worth the few dollars (under 10) we spent on the 4-ounce bottle! I was very satisfied with this product and was very happy we decided on this one at the wall full of similar products. This product has also lasted us a very long time; we have been using the bottle once a week to two weeks for the last 6 or so months and it barely looks used at all!

I highly recommend this product for people who have problems shaving. As in red itchy bumps. It is very simple to use and it will leave your skin soft and smooth.

Overall, Coochy Shave Creme is a good product. It gets the job done. However, I find it just as effective as using conditioner (which is cheaper and comes in a larger bottle). It is thick and smooth, but it will not provide sensitive skin with a miracle answer to shaving your intimate areas.

Coochy is such a great product! It leaves you feeling refreshingly clean and soft! And best of all razor burn free! It'll make you want to say, "Smooch My Coochy"!

Overall I am giving this a thumbs up, smooth shave, great shave, and no razor bumps. I haven't found anything wrong with it yet.

This product is worth it! Once you get the idea out your head that it's some kind of magic cream, you will see it's definitely a shower staple.

Great product that makes a sometimes difficult process, much easier. Coochy can help turn any jungle into a freshly plowed field! I have used this product for over 7 years, and have never once got the 7 year itch, thanks to Coochy.

All I can say is if you haven't tried this shaving cream, you're missing out. It's not like any other and it's pretty much God sent.

Coochy Shave Cream can either be used to shave any area of the body or as a hair conditioner. It is a super-smooth, creamy formula that reduces irritation and ingrown hairs. While it is not perfect, it is a great solution for anyone who experiences those problems when using traditional shaving products.

I feel that this item is worth the money due to it's performance. It helps guard against cuts in gentle areas and keeps you silky smooth. If you are tired of spending more than you care to for waxing, give this a try you will be pleased with the results. It is not the same as waxing but you will be surprised at how smooth and sexy your girlie bits will be.

I love the strong fragrance. But the product just isn't worth it. Nice filler gift or for when you want to pamper yourself.

The Coochy products have fast become a 'must' in my shaving routine. Shaving is still a chore, but Coochy shave cream, and it's partner; Coochy Protection, make the task a little less bothersome.

It smells wonderful, and I can't wait to try the other fragrances. It really works. I haven't been able to find a shave creme that actually works for me and really does kill the razor burn.

I love this stuff and have been using it for years and will continue to for years to come. I think everyone should at least give it a try.

This is such an awesome product! If you've ever wished to get silky smooth legs, pussy, or underarms, and want to get rid of pesky shaving bumps, rash, and irritation, this product is for you. I've never been happier with a shaving product!

I really enjoy this product and recommend it to my friends. It does what it says it will, for me, and that carries a lot of weight in recommending a product.

This is one of the few must have products in my shower routine. It moisturizes and conditions my skin while providing me protection against rasher burn or unsightly bumps. I love how easy it is to dispence and spread over the desired area of my body.

Coochy shave creme is an inexpensive way to keep your body clean of hair. You can use it as a conditioner and guys, you can use it for your facial hair, too. It helps soften your hair, and helps reduce shaving bumps. I feel the bottle could be a little bigger.

Never before have I managed to get such a smooth shave. Afterward my skin felt smooth & velvet soft without my typical problems of dryness, itchiness, & stinging razor burns. Ideal for dry sensitive skin types, fit for any skin type, any gender, and shaving from your head to your toes. Use by yourself or with a partner. I highly recommend this fabulous product. I can't do without it, definitely my shaving cream of choice.

Ladies or guys, if you are like me and shave every day or every other day, this product is great. You won't have to worry about irritation afterwards!

A fantastic multipurpose product that does what it says! Throw away all the bottles and get this one. It's going to last a long time and it smells great.

While Coochy isn't the first thing I reach for to shave, it does get the distinction of being the only product I will shave my own coochy with. Leaves legs feeling silky smooth, eliminates soreness after shaving, and can even be used as conditioner!

Coochy is a basic shaving creme as far as doing its job, it does. It even adds an extra scent but other than that it's a pretty basic shaving creme.

This is a great product and at such a great value, you can't go wrong. Plus it lasts a long time. So, if you like shaving your nether region this is a must! It isn't only great for that though! It doubles as conditioner. Both uses make your parts smoother and softer.

Coochy shave creme is a must have for everyone who likes to shave. It feels good going on and it feel good rinsing off. There is no need to reapply so its time saving close shave.

This is a great product for anyone who loves paying high prices for sex novelties. It works fine, & it’s hilarious this product has “Coochy” smeared across the label, but those who prefer a little more discretion would be better off using regular old hair conditioner.

Coochy is a multipurpose shaving cream that smells great. It does moisturize the skin, and can possibly reduce razor burn and bumps in some people. This is a reputable product that is worth trying to see what Coochy can do for you.

It's so nice to feel sexy, have a clean-shaven pubic area and not have to worry about the burning and itching feelings I get after I shave. Besides the thickness of Coochy and slight difficulty spreading it, I'd highly recommend the product to anyone who shaves anywhere on their body - not just their Coochy.

This is a fine product that lives up to what the words say on the back of the bottle. If you are thinking of shaving those areas for the first time, or if you've gone through several razors keeping them smooth, this is the product for you.

A fantastic way to stay bare, smells lovely and works like a charm! This is a wonderful product to keep the girly bits free from hair. It works well for men too!

It is great for anyone wanting to reduce or eliminate razor burn, bumps or skin irritations. Well worth the money.

I recommend this product for anyone who shaves any part of their body, seriously. This stuff is amazing. It gives a close shave without any irritation.

This product gives me the option to enjoy grooming in that region and leaves my skin feeling super soft and hair free.

Coochy claims to help prevent rashes and irritation, but actually made it a much worse shaving experience for me. It sticks nicely to the skin, but other than that it is a waste of money.

If you want a bare pubic hair region follow my instructions for using Coochy and I'm sure you'll have no problems!

Not good for shaving an actual coochy but acceptable for shaving legs, and is a good multi-use product if used as a hair conditioner and moisturizer for dry skin. Pack it for your next vacation and save on space!

Coochy sticks very well to the skin, allowing for a smooth, quick shave. It makes shaving in the shower much easier and eliminates the need for reapplying shaving gel. Overall, didn't cause any improvements in shaving intimate areas versus a shaving gel.

For anyone who's suffered with razor burn, bumps or irritation on any part of their body, this is the cure all!

Coochy Shave Creme is a good product, but not a great product. It does reduce razor burn, but it must be applied liberally, and tends to stick tenaciously to razors.

Coochy is a fantastic alternative to body washes, cans of shaving cream, or bars of soap. I absolutely love it and will not shave with anything else.

I have used this product for years, as well as my husband. I will use this product until I have no more hair to shave!!

Coochy is a good product with versatility. It may not be worth the wait and shipping to everyone, but it's certainly worth trying out.

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