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Coochy Shave Creme - A Must Have

Have you tried Coochy yet? What are you waiting for? This product is a must have in my house. I love the looks of the bottle, the smell, and most of all the smooth shave that it gives me. As someone with extremely sensitive skin, I was surprised to find a creme that I can use without irritation. This stuff is great!
Easy to use, Lathers well, Multiple scents available, Multi-purpose, Pleasant scent
Ingredients may irritate some users
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When I first saw this product, I couldn't help but giggle at the name. I mean, Coochy? I must admit, the main reason that I bought it was because of the name. There was just something about being able to say "honey, my Coochy arrived today!" that made me giggle.

The other reason that I bought this was that I've been going crazy trying to a nice smooth shave *down there* without having little bumps appear after. This product, and the "after shave" spray were recommended to me by a few EdenFantasy's users. I was skeptical, but I figured I'd give it a try.

Now that I have it, I'm really glad that I took the chance. It turns out that Coochy Shave Creme is a great multi-use product. You can use this product to shave EVERYWHERE. Yes, that means your face, your legs, your underarms, your more intimate areas, and really anywhere else you can think of.

You can also use this product as hair conditioner! I haven't done this, but the bottle lists it as a possible use.

I personally use this for shaving my underarms, my legs, and my very own coochie. It does a great job on all three areas.

A friend of mine used this for shaving his face, and he reported back that he had experienced one of the best shaves in his life; though he wasn't overly thrilled with the scent.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This shaving creme is extremely easy to "pour". You simply press down on the black pump, and it will come out slowly into your hands. The pump is nice as it gives you a great deal of control over just how much shaving creme you get, which helps cut down on wastes. With each pump, it releases a very small amount of the shaving creme.

The texture of the creme itself is sort of like a light lotion. It feels silky and smooth, and is easy to rub into your skin. It's not thick, and it doesn't foam like many shaving cremes do. That said, it turn into a sort of white lather when you rub into wet skin.

Another great thing about this creme is that it does't run at all. I have literally sat here with a drop of the creme on my upper arm for over 20 minutes as I wrote this review. My goal was to see if it would drip downward. I am surprised to report that the creme does not drip at all; it has stayed in the exact same spot.

You may also be interested in knowing that this creme is not sticky or greasy. I have rubbed into my arm without washing it off, expecting it to feel greasy and sticky. Instead, my arm feels extremely soft, as though I just put a really nice lotion on. This makes me wonder if the product could also be used as a general lotion.

Taste / Aroma

This product is available in many different scents. You can get oh so original, green tea, citrus, make me blush, playful plumeria, slick chic pear berry, and yes, even unscented. As you can see, there's clearly something available for everyone. (Side note: I have been told that the Original is also Unscented, but I have not tried either so I can't confirm that).

The one that I personally have is Playful Plumeria. It's very sweet scent, and it's fairly faint unless you put your nose right up to the product (or to wherever you shaved with it). I think it's a very pretty smell, but not everyone enjoys sweet smelling things.

The scent doesn't linger long after you wash it off, but if you do like I did earlier and use it as lotion? The scent will linger.

I did not taste this product, so I can't give you any feedback on that.


I really enjoy this product. At first I was slightly confused by the fact that it didn't foam up; I had never used a shaving product that didn't foam. Even without the foam though, this did a great job. I was able to get a nice, clean shave to most intimate areas.

The product rinsed off me with ease, leaving no residue behind. The product also did not leave any residue behind on my razor.

I liked the fact that you only need a small amount of this to get a good shave. It was shocking to me that I only needed to use one or two pumps per shave. Due to how little I need, I imagine that this product will last a good long while.

All in all, this is definitely worth the $6.99 that I paid for it.


Coochy Shave Creme arrived wrapped in a plastic bag. The purpose of the plastic bag was to prevent it from damaging other items just in case it leaked out. Thankfully mine did not leak out at all.

The bottle itself is very cute. Mine has a pink label. It does say say "COOCHY" in big letters, so it's not something I'll leave out when my niece is visiting.

The bottle lists basic information about the product. The ingredients, how to use, etc... It's pretty basic, but it is enough. The bottle also lists just how much product is inside it, which is 4oz. 4oz doesn't seem like a lot, but as I said before, a little goes a long way with this stuff!

The bottle has a cap that goes over the pump. The cap doesn't stay on extremely well -- for instance, if you were to throw this item in your bag, the cap might come off. If you leave the product standing up right, however, the cap will stay on wonderfully.

Personal comments

I wanted to give you guys a peak at the ingredients.

The ingredients are as follows:
Cetyl Alcohol
Cetrimonlum Bromide
Glyceryl Stearate
PEG-100 Stearate
PEG-60 Lanolin
Simmondala Chinesis (Jojoba)
Seed Oil
Hydrolyzed Keratin
Sodium Hydroxide

It also states that the product may contain: yellow 6, blue 1, yellow 5, red 40, red 33, and violet 2.

Keep in mind again that this is for the Playful Plumeria scent; the other scents may have different ingredients.
Follow-up commentary
Oh, I love this stuff! I purchased this in Feb. It's now early June, and I still have a little left. I tend to use this about twice a week -- clearly a little goes a long way!

I'll definitely be buying this again.
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