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Eden wipes are the perfect free gift choice because they can be used for SO many things besides just cleaning toys or skin of fluids, considering the packaging isn't an issue, and it is you can find other storage options. The price to actually purchase more is not the best value.
Closing an be an issue with the sticky tab
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The Eden toy wipes are an all purpose wet wipe for a quick clean-up anytime, anywhere. They are medium thick, strong, wet and infused with aloe to leave skin feeling soft. These are great for having in the bedside drawer for clean up after alone time or with a partner. They are also good for cleaning up toys that are used in the bedroom, though some materials may require a good scrubbing with soap and water.

Each pack comes with ten wipes. It would be a lot better if the package was more discreet since these aren't really something you'd want just laying around for everyone and anyone to see, nor are they something you want someone discovering in your purse (though I keep them buried at the bottom of mine). While convenient, the packaging limits some people with what they can do with them. The wipes are white with a length of 7 1/2" and width of 6 3/4". They are hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, though some have noted irritation when using, so it's best to look over the ingredients list:
Water, Chlorhexidine, Glycerin, Aloe Extract, Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil
They are for external use only.

They are unscented but do have a light fresh, clean scent, similar to that of an unscented baby wipe. It's nothing strong or headache inducing. It's just a nice, light scent. They are wet (of course) and feel wet when rubbing across skin. They are SUPER soft making them great for skin and the aloe helps to soften skin. They are great for wiping up body fluids, lubricant, massage oil, edible body products, ect. They are nice to use to freshen up down there after sex. These are also a nice option for cleaning toys, though special attention will need to be used with textured toys. They have bit of stretch to them.

For the price, only having 10 wipes is a bit crazy, but they make a great choice as a free gift option. Beside the price, the only other con to these is the packaging (well lets make it two for packaging, one for discretion and the other for the package seal) seal. You lift the sticky tab up and peel back to access a wipe, but don't pull TOO much or it will be a pain to close the pack because there will be a slit clear back to the side (if you back that far) and you'll either have a gap, or have to sort of crumple the pack and then close it with the sticker. I found that out after ruining a few packs.

One thing worth noting is that the date on the back is NOT a expiration date, but a manufacturing date/date packaged.

While there are many uses for these wipes, that darn packaging screaming "sex shop you can trust" and "safe for toys" limits what you can do with them. A quick fix that I have done is open a few packs and put them into a ziplock bag or even the reusable baby wipe tub that we have.
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    Great review
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