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For a free item, I was pretty thrilled by the quality of these wipes. They're large, moist and work in most situations. Resealable packaging is a huge plus. Just be careful where you leave them since it's pretty obvious what they're for!

There are some great things about these wipes (I mean come on, they're safe for your toys AND your skin!), but what you get for the price - ten wipes that dry out seemingly no matter what you do - is really disappointing. I'd recommend saving the money for a liquid cleaner.

A very easy way to clean yourself and your toys when water and toy cleaner are not within reach. Can be used by anyone.

These wipes are truly wonderful, helping you clean sex toys and skin in a quick, safe, easy manner! From the packaging to the wipes themselves, the product is durable and effective! I recommend this item to anyone who wants to save time cleaning up their toys! Since I got these wipes for free, I really cannot complain about the price I paid. Though as a college student on a budget, I find the full price a bit high for 10 wipes.

Eden wipes are the perfect free gift choice because they can be used for SO many things besides just cleaning toys or skin of fluids, considering the packaging isn't an issue, and it is you can find other storage options. The price to actually purchase more is not the best value.

This item is definitely worth purchasing, especially if you like spontaneous sex! I keep a pack or two with me whenever we go out, so that I can freshen up afterwards! They are gentle enough to use on the most sensitive skin, but strong enough to make you feel confident that your toys are being sanitized!

Though the wipes work really well, there is no reason to buy these versus going to the store and getting a regular pack of baby or disinfectant wipes and getting much more for your money. Overall, the wipes are really nice.

Don't have these yet? Get a pack now! Theses will change forever how you view the begrudging clean up after a mind blowing sack session. Too spent from the body rocking orgasm you just had to get up and clean up the mess? No one likes sticky bed sheets, so just wipe up with one of these and toss the wipe. You don't even have to get out of bed. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! I ALWAYS keep a pack in my toy bag and in my bed side table.

A nice, simple clean-up product that is easy to keep on hand, non-irritating, and safe for both you and your toys.

I really enjoy these wipes. The wipes make for a very easy and quick clean-up. I only wish there was a packaging with more wipes available!

If you are looking for something easy and convenient to help you clean up, these are a great thing to add to your night stand. A nice, clean scent on moist, soft cloths make these wipes much better than some other wipes out there.

I absolutely love these feminine and toy wipes. Perfect for a quick clean of toys, or for yourself when on-the-go, camping, or traveling. I'm glad they are a free gift - because otherwise, they're a bit expensive. I'd love to see 20 in a pack instead of 10!

These all purpose wipes are anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic, and lightly scented. They can be used for sex toy cleansing or self cleansing. Overall the wipe itself is a typical all purpose wipes with no issues. However, the price does seem inflated and I prefer to buy a larger quantity for less than the price offered at Eden Fantasys. If you are looking for an all purpose wipe, I recommend baby wipes or Wet Ones.

Eden's toy and body wipes are a gentle, and quick, way to clean up whenever you need to feel fresh, or if you need to clean up your toys in a hurry. In my opinion they are just about the same thing as baby wipes and they cost too much. You only get 10 wipes for $4.99

These wipes are the best that I've ever used. If you want something reliable and easy, then you should definitely order some of these.

These wipes include 10 in a pack, are of a good size, have no strong odor, are very soft on your skin, and have many uses. They also dry out quickly and don't completely clean your body and toys. Is it worth $4.99 a pack? No. Is it a great free gift? Yes.

They are good to have, and they can be a free gift when purchasing any order, so "no harm, no foul."

These are great, they are very affordable, and the material they are made out of is very durable. They work well on skin and toys alike so no need for separate items.

As a free gift, I love these wipes. I'm not sure if they are worth the retail price, but these are going to be my go-to free gift from EdenFantasys. I do wish they were a little more discreet, and there were more wipes. A single package of wipes goes very quickly.

These quick and easy toy and body wipes have become a staple in my bedroom play! They're non-irritating, virtually scent-free, and gentle on toys and the skin. These wipes are perfect.

I am impressed with these cleaning and disinfecting wipes. For being free with my order, they did a good job cleaning my toys and didn't smell terrible. I will be choosing these as my free gift in the future for sure.

I'm not the one to get up out of bed after having intercourse and clean my toys. I end up throwing them in my bedside table and forgetting about them for a few days until I realize I need to clean them. However, EF wipes make it much easier. I can grab a wipe, clean my toys, and then throw them in my bedside table. If I forget they are there, they are already cleaned. However, due to the amount that come in a package, I buy these a lot if I don't catch them for free.

I LOVE these! I will most definitely be buying them quite often! They smell great, and do a great job helping with the cleanup process. I think this is a great product for couples or a single person. Anyone could benefit from these!

These wipes smell nice and don't leave a sticky residue, which is always a plus. I am not, however, a fan of the glycerin in this product. If you're using it for something other than a toy cleaner, it might be good, but they're marketed as a toy cleaner, so it's definitely a minus. They also only come 10 to a pack, which isn't really enough to justify purchasing them. Pick them up as a free gift when they come around and give them a try.

These All-Purpose Wipes offer a quick means to clean. The astringent ingredients will disinfect, while the Aloe and Vitamin E hydrate and moisturize. Ten freshly scented wipes come in a package. This is a body safe product.

Eden makes it easy to clean yourself, toys, and your partner after your dirty deeds with these wipes. They are perfect for lazy times when you just don't feel like getting up afterwards to clean. They come in a travel-friendly package that can be thrown in your purse, overnight bag, and even the dash of your car!

I would say everyone should try them since they are so travel-friendly that you can fit them in a purse or men's jeans pockets. I like that you can clean yourself or a toy with them.

Eden Toy and Body Wipes are safe for your body as well as all your toys. I don't see how they can be improved upon. Edenfantasys has offered them free for a long time with any order placed. Sometimes free doesn't always equal quality but, in this case, that isn't true. I'd really like to see the Wipes offered in a larger pack as well as the 10 pack. I think the Wipes are always welcomed by just about anyone.

If you have a known allergy to chlorhexidine or tea tree oil, these wipes aren't for you. Also, given that each $4.99 package only contains 10 wipes, I cannot recommend purchasing them at full price. However, if you are not allergic to either of the above compounds and you are able to get these wipes as a free gift with a purchase, go right ahead! These wipes make cleaning toys quick and easy and the portable, resealable pouch is highly convenient.

This is a great product that cleans fantastically, but I wish it was less expensive. If you have a lot of sex, the price of these wipes adds up!

When choosing your free gift for your next order, make sure to grab a pack of these if you've yet to try them. They're convenient, lightly scented and make cleanup a breeze. They have very few ingredients and are unlikely to cause irritation. Plus, the resealable packaging means that you don't have to worry about them drying up.

These are expensive so order them as a free gift. Also they run out really quick and if you buy them, they will run you dry. Besides that, use them for all your cleaning needs! Don't forget that they are perfect for pockets and bags.

This is one of those might-as-well-if-it's-free products. If you've got baby wipes around already there's no reason to have these, and there's no reason to pay for them in any circumstances.

The Eden Wipes are safe to use on your body and your sex toys and makes clean up a breeze! These wipes are currently free with another Eden purchase, but are quite expensive if you plan on purchasing them alone. They work really well when it comes to giving your toys a good wipe down, but don't work the best on your body. With the great scent, clean feel, and compact package; they are a great free gift to receive, but probably aren't worth purchasing on their own.

These wipes are great as a free gift from Eden, as long as they have them I will continue to choose them. They get the job done, and do not irritate or harm my skin. I do wish they came in a bigger package, at a reasonable price, so that I could have them any time I needed them, and not just when I placed an order on Eden.

I make it a point to add these to each order, and always have a pack next to the bed. They are convenient and effective, giving toys a quick clean up when you need to.

These wipes by Eden are a nice free product to receive. They work well enough to clean toys and clean yourself of any bodily fluids that might have gotten on. They have ingredients that make sense, and are a good size. Personally if you have to pay for them though you could find cheaper options. Overall an average product.

The Eden wipes are a great addition to any purchase. With their being a free gift, they are well worth a try. There are many uses for them.

The Eden Toy and Body Wipes are a much appreciated gift. Use them after sex, for cleaning toys, or to clean your manhood. These wipes are guaranteed to clean it all with the utmost efficiency. And they are hypoallergenic, which is always a bonus!

If you can grab these wipes as a freebie, do it! They are safe to use on skin and toys. They allow for easy clean up. They are small enough to travel with and easy to stash. The packaging may not be discrete and may not come with many wipes, but nothing beats free wipes!

These wipes are the preferred free gift with purchase for many and I finally understand why that is! They have simple and safe ingredients, are non-irritating, have a pleasant, mild scent and come in a portable packet. You really can use them as an all purpose wet wipe for sex toys, most surfaces and even on delicate skin.

These are a great quick way to clean your toys, and I swear they are meant for lazies like me! The glycerin in the wipes really bothers me so I make sure I wash my toys before I use them again after wiping. I love them as a free toy, and would even buy them if the package wasn't such a blatant advertisement.

These wipes would be great for quick clean ups when you are on-the-go. I recommend getting these wipes if you are in need of a quick clean up after a play session away from home.

The Eden toy and body wipes are a 10-pack of disposable (not intended for flushing) pre-moistened towelettes. Hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial, you can use these on the body after sex or masturbation, or my favorite; on toys for a quick clean down! I love the simple ingredient list and I will continue to keep getting these.

For a beautifully wrapped, well thought out product, it is still too expensive and does not retain moisture long enough to be a practical wipe for us. We will stick to plain old baby wipes for now.

I like these wipes a lot. I have a lot of them around. They come in handy for many tasks. I love that they are offered as a free gift because I get them all the time.

Looking for an easy way to clean your toys. Wipes are a great option. While you may need to rinse your toy off afterwards to insure safe use and should be careful when using if you are highly sensitive to cleaning products. There is no quicker way to clean many of your toys than to grab a wipe that you store with them anyways.

I do not like to use these on my body, they make me feel gross and dirty; they leave a slick, sticky feeling on my body. Because of how they make me feel, I don't use these alone on my toys. If it were not for the fact that I can get these wipes for free, I would not have them, nor would I want to spend any money on them what so ever. I would rather buy baby wipes.

Overall this product did a great job. It disinfected perfectly, while still being gentle enough for use on skin. It harmed neither me nor my toys, and I would recommend it for anyone that needs something quick to grab from their nightstand when things get messy.

Eden Wipes are my favorite choice out of the 3 regular free gifts. They leave my body feeling fresh and are also useful for cleaning toys and household purposes. I find them extremely handy and they're great to get for free.

An pretty expensive item for only 10 to a package, but I make sure to pick this as my free item every time I order, because they really are good, quality wipes. Better for toys than body, these are great for travel or those times when you just don't feel like washing toys in the sink.

These wipes aren't a complete waste of money, but I won't be buying a pack. They work well, but the price is steep for only 10 wipes.

This item is a really good buy, but it would be better if there were more of them for the price.

The wipes have a lovely smell and work as described. However, they are rather pricey for being basically a baby wipe. These are five dollars for only ten when I can buy a massive pack of baby wipes for around two dollars.

This package tears easily meaning that you'll probably have to put these in a Ziploc bag for 50 cents a wipe. Save yourself the money and just buy a regular old package of diaper wipes. That's essentially what these are.

At the price of these wipes, I can't honestly say if I would ever actually buy them. They are easy to use and store but with only ten wipes, I'm not sure how worth it they actually are for some. I personally thought that they were nice, and will gladly choose them for free gifts with an order any time. I felt more than refreshed using them on myself and loved how clean my toys came with a few swipes of the cloth.

If you are trying to choose your free item, this is a great addition to any and all carts. They clean amazingly, are soft, and don't leave that annoying lint trail behind after cleaning. When dried, a little water brings them back.

These wipes are a real treat. They make cleaning up a breeze, and can help you avoid any discomfort after the act no matter where you are.

These wipes can be used for more than just cleaning up after sex - they can be used like a body wipe to freshen up during the day! Though some of the ingredients may be harsh on sensitive skin, they are worth a try, since they're offered for free! Hey, think about it - no big loss if you don't like them, right?

The EdenFantasys Body and Toy Wipes are just your average baby wipe, only you're supposed to use them to clean your more intimate messes. Plus, THEY'RE FREE! Remember, kids: hygiene is just as important as pleasure!

If you're getting them for free they're great. But, if you're thinking about purchasing them, just go down to your local store and pick up some baby wipes. It's the same thing.

There's nothing especially different about these wipes in comparison to the regular baby wipe. Surprisingly these are more expensive than baby wipes and only come with a total of 10 wipes. Save your money. Go to the store.

These are a bit expensive, considering you can get a big box at the drugstore for less than what these cost. But if you get these as the free gift then these are the best.

The Toy and Body Wipes by EdenFantasys are a must have item, and prove to be excellent at doing quick wipe downs and preparations for any activity you have planned.

They're worth a try since they're pretty good quality. You can always add them as a free gift so if you want to try them, the free gift option makes it easy.

I love it. I will definitely buy it again. It’s a great product, perfect for the picky chemically sensitive user.

With there only being 10 wipes in a package, I would recommend buying it only if you plan to use them frequently. I can get more out of a pack of baby wipes from the store instead at this same price.

All in all, these wipes are great. They get everything and everyone nice and clean without a mess. I would recommend everyone try these because you won't turn back after the first use. I will always use these; they are my new must-haves.

These are great wipes to keep in your toy box or on your nightstand. They get glass super, squeaky clean, and have a nice fresh scent to them as well. They can also be used as a wipe for genitals after sex.

This product gets 5 stars from me because it does what it says it will and gets the job done. However, the price point on this is just not attractive. Similar personal wipes like this can be had for 2-10 cents per wipe. It is an awesome gift that Eden gives out to customers and is one of the great reasons to shop here. But personally I am not really sure how realistic it is to think that people will go out of there way to add these to an order.

I'm a fan of these wipes. They're nicely scented and non-drying, and they work well on my toys, my face, and between my legs. The small packet is handy for on-the-go use, too. This is my favorite of the three current "free gifts with any order"!

I am mixed with this product. I like them, but they're nothing I would rave about. I have a few packages of these, so maybe my feelings will change. If they do, I will update my review and let you all know.

The Eden toy and body wipes are perfect for anyone who has ever felt disappointed at having to get up to wipe themselves off or clean a toy after use.

Eden toy and body wipes are great for cleaning various types of messes. They are rather thick and hold moisture well, which makes clean up a breeze! Although I don't think they are the best value for the money, you can add them as a free gift with purchase.

As a free gift I recommend them. The wipes are strong and do a good job at cleaning toys. As a purchased item, I would not recommend them at their full price. 10 wipes for $5 is too much. The wipes work well, although they do dry out quickly. The package is not discreet so I can't just throw them in my car or leave them out on the counter. I deducted 1 point for indiscreet packaging and 1 point for value for the money. They contain glycerin for those with allergies or other concerns.

No matter who you are, you will find a use for these wipes. You haven't got much to lose by picking them up and taking them for a spin or two or ten! Those with glycerin sensitivities should maybe steer clear but other than that, they're totally lovely.

I don't think the item is worth the $4.99 for 10 wipes. It's much easier to just go to the store and pick up baby wipes or something else. However, as a freebie, I was very pleased with the smell and usefulness.

Overall I would definitely recommend these to anyone as a free gift or just a regular purchase. Highly effective, and highly useful. What could be better than that?

Of all the many uses you can find for Eden's toy and body wipes, you won't be disappointed, whether you order these on their own or as free gift with your next purchase.

These wipes are a great add-on item when they're free, but I find that other options (such as feminine wipes, flushable wet wipes, or even baby wipes) are superior in quality and much cheaper.

They are OK wipes, but would be better if they were a little bigger, more moist and with better packaging. I find these to be disappointing and would recommend that you don't waste your money.

But something's gotta do it. These are lovely and I think it's really generous of Eden to offer them as a free gift with every order. I've included the ingredients, in case you have any sensitivities, but overall I think most people will find these useful.

These wipes make a decent free gift with purchase. However I often opt for just buying my favorite wipes at the store instead since I'm not crazy about the smell of these.

Eden wipes are like any other other wipe I've ever used. If you need a handy little package of wipes to keep around, I'd recommend adding these to your order. But if you need more than ten wipes look somewhere else for a better price.

I love adding these wipes to all my orders. These all purpose wet wipes come in handy when I need them. I wish there were more in a pack; ten doesn't last that long for me. The price for only ten is too much, in my opinion. When it comes to scent, I prefer regular baby wipes over these.

Eden's 10-pack of wipes are great. They clean, and leave behind a fresh clean smell while taking all the dirt away. They are a little pricey, though.

Great wipes! Adorable packaging and awesome promotional features for EF. I love that these are as good as they are, but I am also dissatisfied that the ones I received were expired wipes and I have some major concerns about that.

Eden wipes make clean-up a breeze! The antiseptic ingredients work to completely clean and disinfect your body and toys, while the natural hydration offered by aloe and vitamin E leaves your skin supple and moisturized after use.

Though I got these as a free promotional I really do like them. They work well for their intended task and I will be buying more in the foreseeable future.

The perfect wipes to leave you feeling fresh after whatever you get up to without much hassle and without gross smells or textures.

I like these wipes, but they are too expensive for me to use on a regular basis. I mostly reserve them for wiping toys like my Hitachi or other non-waterproof toys.

I love grabbing for these after a session. They come in a resealable convenient pouch and can be used for a quick wipe down when you are too exhausted to head to the bathroom. I don't feel any yucky residue with these, either. The only downside is the price, but Eden has been offering these as a free gift for a long time.

Overall, I would absolutely 100% recommend this product to any person with toys! Wonderful quality and plentiful quantity at one fantastic price!

These Eden Wipes are perfect for anything. From toys, to your hands, other body regions, and even things such as a personal object, like a t.v. stand. They're really gentle on the skin, smooth, and great smelling. The scent lasts a while too! These wipes are very durable, as well and handy for on-the-go 'situations'.

Eden Wipes are my go-to product for cleaning up after a good time. This is mostly because Eden Fantasys has been awesome enough to offer them as a free gift with your order, but also because they work! Grab a pack of these while you can get them for free though, because honestly $5 for 10 wipes is a little ridiculous.

The wipes are pretty sturdy and are not too thin. Also, the package is small enough for travel. If you are lucky enough to be able to use your toy while you are out, good for you! While these wipes are convenient, I do not know if I would actually purchase them myself, when I can get some cheaper and equally effective wipes at the store. Having said that, I do get them as a free gift with purchase.

I definitely recommend the wipes when placing an order on Eden Fantasys since they come free. However, to me the price is a little costly for only 10 wipes. Like most other reviews on this item I think either the price needs to come down or the number of wipes needs to come up. Other than that I definitely like the convenience of just pulling out a wipe and not having to go to the bathroom and wash with soap and water. I definitely love that these are multi purpose wipes and travel ready.

Perfect free gifts with your purchase of a new toy! I would definitely recommend having a pack of these to have for yourself at home or at a play party!

This is a cute little go-anywhere pack of wipes, but I wish you got a few more for your money.

Although I really enjoyed this item when I got it as a free gift, I could see myself struggling with paying for so few wipes. The quality is really great, but if saving money is your goal, these just aren't going to do it for you.

These wipes are really useful and they work, but they are also pretty expensive at 50 cents per wipe. As opposed to regular baby wipes which are also meant to be gentle, I don't really see how these are worth the cost.

A wonderful smelling wipe, to clean toys and bodies with, is a definite must have. However, only if you're content with only 10 wipes for $5.

These wipes are the only toy wipe I've tried, and I don't feel the need to expand my search. They work incredibly well and are very high quality. They're a bit pricey for only 10 wipes, but I always get them as my free gift so I don't worry about the price.

There is no reason why you shouldn't have these in your collection (if you are not sensitive to any of the ingredients). They make late night clean-up quick and easy and are wonderful for cleaning up those of us who tend to carry the night with us into the morning.

Overall, I was very impressed with my wipes, considering I got them for free. The quality is great; they did not bother my skin, and they have a great scent to them.

I love them. These wipes are a very good buy at only $4.99 per pack. If you are lucky, you can get them as a free gift. You won't regret getting them, whether you get them free or pay for them. I know I will get a pack with every order I place.

I love that Eden offers these for free with any order. I always toss them into my cart with each purchase I make. It's incredibly convenient to not have to get up and sneak to the bathroom to clean up my toys when I'm done using them. I just keep them next to the bed! Sometimes the practical, simple things are the best things.

Searched high and low for sex wipes? Look no further. These wipes clean like magic, have a pleasant little smell, are easy to put in your pocket or purse, and clean just about anything! These little guys were strong enough to remove stuck dry erase marker from my board plus permanent marker, yet they are still as gentle as an angel on my body. I love them, I love them, I love them!!

I did like these wipes and would only get them as part of the free gift. I don't think I would spend money for only 10 wipes.

This product is fine for a beginner who doesn't know yet if they are serious or not about a sex toy collection. This is the quick and dirty (pun intended) way to get your toys clean.

I love these wipes! They're so handy and do a great job of cleaning up whatever it is I use them on. These are my favorite free gift with purchase that EdenFantasys offers, and I would not be shy about buying them if I ran out!

I definitely plan to get more of them. They cleaned my toys, and me good enough for a lot of circumstances. They are easily carried around. The only downsides are having to make sure the package seals correctly to keep them from drying out, and there are not a lot of them in the only size available.

This is the free gift I'll almost always choose for any order because it's actually useful. Unfortunately, on its own, the cost is prohibitive--five dollars for ten wipes. At that price, you're probably better off buying a bottle of toy cleaner or just using plain soap and water. If you really need wipes, I would suggest getting baby wipes instead of paying for this.

These are excellent wipes that anyone with toys should probably invest in. They smell very nice, are decent sized, and effective!

Definitely go ahead and get these, they are totally worth it and the freshness is a great piece of mind.

These wipes are great for a quick clean up after sex/toy play. They are soft, moist and a good size. The pack is handy to throw in your bedside drawer within arms reach. At $5 for 10 they are pricey when you could buy baby wipes for less at a discount store, but as a free promotional item, they are a welcomed item in all my Eden Fantasys' packages.

These wipes are great for quick, simple clean-up; after sex or anytime, actually. They have a beautiful fragrance and are gentle on even the most sensitive skin! These can be received as a free gift so you can test them out before purchasing!

If you're looking for a simple, effective wipe, than these are a great thing to have handy. For a freebie, these are worth it, but at 4.99 a pack, I wouldn't buy them personally. They work well for a quick cleanup, and don't leave any residues behind. Pick your own pack up today if you're willing to pay for it, or add a pack to your order for free.

I love these wipes! They are so handy and versatile I always select them as my free gift from Eden. They smell great, are alcohol-free, and are very travel friendly. However, purchasing these wipes is a bit of a rip off, at 50 cents a wipe they are way too expensive! Eden toy and body wipes are great to have around if they are free. If I had to pay for wipes, I would go for a cheaper option.

I would get these wipes for traveling or when visiting someone, but wouldn't use them on a regular basis with my toys.

I wasn't wowed by these wipes, but they got the job done. For ladies who get very moist, I do not suggest using these on your vagina after sex because it won't help much. Great as makeup removing wipes, also. Not a fantastic buy. I suggest buying a good after sex towel to use on any moist bits.

Its small size holds a big surprise when you pull out one wipe and its large. It gets in places that you need to be clean like grooves or dents that are on a toy. I really don't have any cons for this product except for the fact that you only get ten a pack.

Do you need to at least somewhat clean your toys before falling asleep? These are great. Need something that will get them REALLY clean? These aren't it.

The only complaint I have is the price of the product. It is very useful and convenient after time being with my partner or in the bedroom. If price doesn't matter, then by all means I recommend it!

Eden Toy and Body Wipes are a great option to keep in the toy box and are especially useful during travel. We absolutely love them, but feel that due to the price they aren't for use all the time. When using them "down there", I feel clean and refreshed, but not overly moist and have never had any issues with skin sensitivities with this product.

I would recommend to anyone to try these EdenFantasys' Toy Wipes, at least once. You might just change your brand.

These wipes are so useful for any toy type or even on your body. Keeping them with you for a quick clean up is as simple as shoving them in a pocket or purse. Originally getting them as a free gift from EF got me hooked and I get a new pack now with every order.

I definitely like using these wipes. They're clean, they're convenient, and they get the job done. The only downside is that they're pretty expensive for the amount of wipes each package contains which makes me definitely not want to reach for them every time I need to clean up.

I recommend the Eden toy and body wipes to everyone. They have a great smell and work very well. I have stocked up, and am planing on buying some more. I would have given 5 stars instead of 4 if there were more in the pack. So, if you are looking for a great quality cleaning wipe, I suggest this one; it's a two for one.

These wipes are a great addition to your EF collection, so easy to use and take anywhere and useful for a quick and easy clean.

This item is worth it for the variety of uses you can use it for. I think it would be a better buy if you got more wipes for the price you pay. Other than the pricing, I think it’s a great product and found it very easy to use. You will not be disappointed in purchasing these.

These wipes are not essential but definitely a wonderful addition to your toy chest. You can easily keep your toys and body parts clean and fresh when using the Eden Toy and Body wipes

These wipes are a great multi-purpose item. I use them to clean up my toys, and myself, after playtime. I've also used them to quickly clean off my make-up. I just wish that more came in a package, as $4.99 is a bit expensive for what you get.

Eden Toy and Body Wipes are something that I think every women should have in her purse or for travel. Very easy to access and use.

Playtime is always fun, but cleanup never is. With these wipes from EdenFantasys, I've found cleanup to be a lot easier. One wipe can help clean up any toy or number of toys we used in a session. I usually will wipe the toy down before play and afterwards as well, and the wipe will still be moist and clean well. For me, the package lasts ten sessions and has replaced most of my other toy cleaners.

As a free gift, Eden wipes are great. They can be used for toys, body parts, and toys. Take them to keep fresh during the day or in your toy box for clean up after sexy time. A great things to have on hand.

These are the greatest multipurpose free wipes with medical quality ingredients. I cannot complain and I know that they can be trusted.

While we love these wipes, we don't love them enough to shell out nearly $5 for a pack of 10 wipes. That high cost to the low quantity is the reason this product gets 4 stars instead of 5. But for the free pack you can add to your order is something that you should NEVER pass up. They're wonderful for cleaning-up yourself, your partner, or your toys after a fun little session. Heck, they can even be used if you'd like to "freshen up" before a session!

Enjoy your sexy self and don't waste another minute over cleaning your toys. These Toy and Body Wipes provided by Edenfantasys can clean your toys so fast you'll be ready to have more sensual time with yourself. I'm not at all too familiar with the different types of ingredients but after handling these wipes I had no allergic reactions or rash of any kind. Best of all they smell lovely!

These wipes smell great for a wipe that you will be cleaning your toys and/or body with! There are only 10 all purpose hypo-allergic wipes included but they work great and are free when you order! These are travel friendly, but not discreet! The writing on the front of the package makes this not discreet.

If you see this as a free gift option with your order, don't let it pass by! These are overall great at cleaning up quickly without worrying about skin or toy sensitivities!

If you have the opportunity to receive these wipes as a free gift, take it! They are easy-to-use on the toy or body. They have a great smell too them and the scent isn't too strong. They will clean your toys very well without leaving the soap residue look, but I would definitely recommend this for everyone.

These all-purpose wet wipes can be used to clean sex toys or your sexy body! They work well for sensitive skin and do not leave much residual wetness. Unfortunately, you only get 10 wipes for $5 plus another $5-$8 for shipping and handling. That's a dollar a wipe! While I was happy to get these as a free gift, I probably would not buy them.

These toy and body wipes from EF are awesome and are well worth $5! They are nice and soft on skin, they’re hypoallergenic, alcohol free, and they have a great price tag. They do a fabulous job of cleaning up lube, massage oil, and body fluids and can be used on both your body and your toys.

Ordering these wipes has made messy cleanup a breeze for me. They're convenient and easy to use with a light aloe scent that doesn't knock you off your feet every time you open the package. All in all, I'd say these wipes are a win and I'll be ordering more! I only wish they came in larger quantities!

For something that is free, I was very impressed with this product. Both times that I made a purchase, I chose this as my free gift because they truly are something nice to have when you want to clean yourself up and don't have anything else handy.

These all-purpose wet wipes are awesome if you get them free with an order from Eden Fantasys. They are great for cleaning your toys and gentle on your skin too. They are hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial, and contain no alcohol.

I like the fact that they can be used on both sex toys and yourself for clean up. I also like the fact that they are made with only a few ingredients and the quality is there.

These are fantastic to add to your order because they are free. If they ever get taken out of that section, I think I will try to find some less expensive wipes. Five dollars for only 10 wipes seems a bit much.

These aren't the Cadillac of wipes, but they're both convenient and affordable. These soft wipes are sure to be of great use to just about everyone. Whether you just need something simple to wipe down toys, or something that is gentle enough on your skin for a quick clean up after play, these will last you ten uses and come in a handy soft pack that is easy to store anywhere you'd like.

Eden wipes are an excellent choice as a free gift! Convenient, sweet-smelling and alcohol free, they are safe to use on toys and on yourself. Be warned that they contain glycerin and know you only get 10 per package! At this price, I will not be buying these wipes, even though I find them quite useful.

If you're looking for a toy cleaner that smells great and is affordable then these wipes are for you. They can be used as a multipurpose wipe and not only can be used to clean toys but also your body. They are hypoallergenic and can be added to any order as a free gift!

I love my little wipes! they are great for everything and I have used them multiple times! I have went through more then one pack of them, thats for sure!

I like this product overall, as a product. But for the price there are not enough wipes per package for the way I can go through them.

These wipes are great for whatever uses you may need. There perfect to carry around in your purse or where ever you may want to put them. There nice and clean and don't drip all over the place.

A convenient way to clean up your toys or yourself, these wipes are a free with any purchase option. Be aware though that they contain glycerin and may be irritating to those with sensitivities. Otherwise I like the wipes and see myself getting another pack in the future because.

These are an amazing freebie with purchase, but a package only comes with 10 wipes and I can't justify spending $5 on that few. These didn't irritate my sensitive skin at all, and they are safe for all toys.

Eden toy and body wipes are perfect if you can't get to a sink. They can be used on both you and your toys. They make cleaning quick and easy. They have a light floral scent and a small compact container that is good for travel, but it would be nice if you could get a bigger container to keep at home.

Great wipes for quick cleanup before or after play time. They also come with a great price, especially if you can manage to them as a free gift with your order!

The Eden Toy and body wipes are a complete delight. They come ten to a pack, smell fresh and pleasant, and clean up all sorts of messes! Although the seal isn't always airtight, and there's only a few to a pack, the Eden Toy and Body Wipes are still, easily, the best value for cleanup, on this site.

Though the Eden Fantasys All Pupose Wet Wipes may not work as well as some of the other more expensive brands, they get the job done. Add to that the fact that they come free with every purchase and you have one great little addition to your every order.

These are a great product for something "on-the-go", but are certainly pricey for the number that you get. They are good, sturdy towlettes with great ingredients. They store well, travel well and have multiple uses. They would be perfect if the price were lowered or the number of wipes to a package were doubled.

If you are looking for a basic toy wipe to give your toys a quick clean this is perfect, while the price is a little high they are a great addition when you are able to pick them up as your free gift. They can also be used as a body wipe, but if you have issues with glycerine I would just use this as a toy wipe.

Despite the fact that one of the two packs of Eden wipes that I've received in the last month was marked as being over a year old (manufactured date, NOT expiration date) and smelled somewhat sour, I'd still recommend these wipes. No alcohol, so it won't dry out your skin, and the tea tree oil is a perfect way to prevent a variety of skin ailments after a trip to a public gym. These conquer long cleaning times and long drying times for your toys as well.

Despite all the rave reviews, I was slow to try out EF’s toy and body wipes, mainly because I don’t use wipes very often to begin with. That said, if you are the kind of person who does like having wipes on hand, these are a good choice. I doubt that I would ever actually purchase them, but they make a great freebie, so I’ll probably try to keep a small stockpile of them.

All around great little product but the price does not reflect what you're actually getting. If the price was a bit lower, or each package contained more wipes it would be perfect.

Making My Life Easier

These handy dandy(and vegan friendly) wipes make toy clean up a snap. They are resealable so there are no worries about them drying out after using just one. If you're like me and you dread cleaning your toys these are just the ticket.

The price means that it is personally too expensive to use all the time, but these wipes are perfect for travel or for shared living situations where being able to clean a toy immediately and in the privacy of your room is ideal. As well, they are kind on sensitive skin so I have no worries using them on a toy or on myself to clean up after solo play.

The wipes are clearly very high quality and safe for almost everyone, with an exception of those allergic to the ingredients. The only thing I would fix with these wipes is the price or the number of wipes inside. Aside from that, everything about the wipes are great and I would recommend them to anyone who wants something to easily clean their toys.

Absolutely worth it; these wipes do the job of soap and water, but without the annoying ineffectuality of baby wipes.

If you have the opportunity to receive these wipes as a free gift, take it! They are convenient, easy-to-use toy or body cleaners that have a great smell. They are large, so don't worry that there are only ten in the package! They will clean your toys thoroughly without leaving them sopping wet.

The EdenFantasys all purpose wet wipes can be used to clean up any mess you may have! They are travel friendly and can be stored in your purse or luggage easily. I love their scent and the fact that they leave your skin feeling nice and soft after use!

For $4.99, you better believe this is worth it! If you want to clean yourself up quick, or want a way to clean your toys without the risk of someone seeing you with them, these wipes are perfect. I have skin issues, and these wipes haven't irritated it; it's pretty gentle on both you and your toys. I love the way it smells; it reminds me of freshly laundered linen or cotton. It makes you feel clean and refreshed.

Don't have time for a shower after that quickie? The Eden Fantasys All Purpose Wet Wipes are perfect for quick clean up! The small package size make these easy to take anywhere.

For those moments that we all have when you are fumbling for a wipe you simply can't beat EdenFantasys All Purpose Wet Wipes. Toss a package in your purse and you will always be prepared for those little messes life throws at you. While they are a bit higher priced for the amount of wipes you receive they are very high quality and worth the extra cost, at least in this reviewer's opinion!

If you haven't picked these up as your free gift with purchase, then you need to with your next order. These are a great, versatile wipe that can be used for virtually anything. I love these for cleaning up messes that my two small children always seem to be making. They've completely replaced my other brand of wet wipes.

These wipes are some of the best I have used with my toys. They are easy to use and get the job done quickly and efficiently. For the EF price of free (with any purchase), these wipes should be a staple for all toy users! They are effective, durable, and help promote hygiene in the bedroom.

I loved using these wipes both for toys and for myself, but they seem a little pricey for casual use.

These wipes are totally worth getting free with a purchase. They really are worth the money to buy, as well. They are easy to use, smell good, and keep you feeling fresh!

These are some handy dandy wipes to keep around, they can easily rid your toys as well as body of any bodily fluids. Due to their size they can be stored anywhere, or placed in your purse and discreetly taken to a sleepover. Can be used after sex, after masturbation, or my personal favorite, during menstruation.

Eden Fantasys All Purpose Wet Wipes are a quick and easy clean up solution. The wipes are made with antimicrobial ingredients to help disinfect your toys after play. They can also help freshen your body up and will leave a clean floral scent behind. Best of all Eden Fantasys is offering them as a free gift with purchase, so add them to your cart now!

I can't find a thing about these wipes that I don't like. I would recommend them to anyone! They are travel friendly, can be used for just about anything and they are very durable.

They work well enough cleaning you and/or your toy(s). Baby wipes work just as well and are cheaper in the long run, especially for the amount you get. Plus baby wipes are known to be body safe. Eden Wipes smell nice but they made me feel uncomfortable after most uses.

These wipes are well-made, with a pleasant scent and a soft, damp feel, but should be used primarily by men or for simple hand or toy cleanup after sex. All-in-all a pretty good product that deserves a chance.

Whether using as a pre- or post-cleaner, these wipes are perfect for those days when you want to get things done, but can't make a trip to the sink.

These are a great free gift. They're useful for cleaning your body and/or toys after sex. While a couple ingredients are a bit questionable, they're mostly natural. Why not give them a try with your next order?

As a gift with purchase, I think the Eden toy and body wipes are awesome and I've found several good uses for them other than just giving toys or myself a quick clean. I probably wouldn't buy them full-price since they're more of a convenience item than one I absolutely must have but I do appreciate having them on hand.

The EdenFantasys toy and body wipes are an amazing product everyone should have! These are available for FREE as a gift when you place any order, so be sure to snag them when making an order. My suggestion is to stock up on these because you'll always find uses for them.

This is just your average wet wipe. It does offer a fresh scent and is good for a convenient, quick cleanup. It's a product that can be used in many different situations. If only you could get more in a package. . .

Overall, these wipes get the job done and are very convenient with the package being smaller than others. Everyone should consider getting these wipes to keep their toys sanitary.

If you're looking for a bacteria-fighting, lightly scented and durable wipe, these would be it! These are great for pretty much anything. Fitting into a small purse, diaper bag or in the dash of your car, they can be handy whenever the moment may call for them!

Considering that I got these wipes for free with my most recent purchase, I was very satisfied with the quality and usefulness of the product I received. Although I wouldn't have much interest in purchasing these, that says more about my disinterest in all-purpose wipes than it does about my disinterest in this specific product. Good job, EdenFantasys!

The Eden Fantasys All Purpose Wet Wipes are more than just a toy wipe. You can use it for general cleaning as well. Clean spills, toys, dusty baseboards or your body! (The usable surfaces are endless!) These wipes are large, thick and smell wonderful! They are handy and work in a pinch. They can be easily stored in a purse or a night stand. They are my go-to free gift with purchase!

Every wipe I have ever tried, and trust me I’ve tried quite a bit, have left me feeling sticky and just plain gross. For this reason I was hesitant to try these, but figured since they were free why the heck not! I’m so glad I did. EdenFantasys you have restored my faith in wipes!

I would recommend buying this product if you do not intend to use this product frequently only because there are only 10 wipes in one package.

Great to have on hand

These handy little wipes are a must have. Great for quick easy clean up or on the go messes! Not just for sex these are great for so many more uses. Keep a pack in your purse, diaper bag, glove box you name it. Nobody should be without a few of these handy little wipes!!

These wipes are the perfect add on to any order as either a free gift or as a little something extra. I always add them to my orders as my free gift because I can always find a use for them. If Eden made them in larger packs since this one only contains 10 wipes, I would purchase them with an order when I need them.

I don't know about you, but I'm a horribly messy person. That's why I just adore these wipes! You can use them to clean toys, or to clean up other random messes. Spill juice? Use a wipe. Need to clean off a sex toy? Use a wipe! They're perfect for anything.

This is a great product, whether you shell out the $4.99 for it or choose it as your free gift. The wipes are convenient and smell great, regardless of what you choose to wipe with it- great for toys, after-sex cleanup, or anything else you might need them for.

These soft, simple wipes are such a great addition to any toy user's arsenal. They are a quick alternative to getting up in the middle of the night (or early morning) after a messy sex session to do a scrub down of your toys. With these handy, you can just wipe them off and give them a more thorough cleaning when you are better rested. You can also use them to clean yourself up before you get going on the next activity on your sexual agenda.

As a free gift, these toy cleaning (I am sensitive to one of the ingredients, so I do not use them on my body) wipes are awesome. Would I buy them again? I'm not sure. The convenience, ease of use and relative cleansing power is a plus, but the price is a little steep, and I wouldn't use them as a sole cleanser on toys I'm planning to use with a partner.

This item is totally worth it. It is offered on the site as a free gift with a purchase, and they go a long way.

These wipes are perfect for a quick, easy, and thorough cleaning of your toys or body. They are better than your average baby wipe, and best of all, they are offered FREE from Eden Fanastys!

I enjoy choosing EdenFantasys' wet wipes for my free gift with purchase. They are conveniently sized and easy to keep in my nightstand so they're there when we need them! However, the cost per wipe may be an issue.

Eden Toy and Body Wipes are versitile, refreshing, and easy to use. As a currently offered free gift they are a steal that I would highly recommend. However the for the number of wipes offered in this package I would not purchase these at their oddly high price.

Eden wipes are very convenient for easy clean up of toys and bodies. They smell great and are nonirritating. Although pricey to buy, they are a great free gift with your order. Cleanup of toys especially nonwaterproof ones is a breeze with these.

These are great wipes and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to clean up a good size mess. They definitely do their job and do their job well. Thick fabric, with cleaning power and a great fresh scent that's not overwhelming.

I fell in love the first time I tried these, and I'll continue to love these until the day they go out of stock. Let us hope that isn't anytime soon! Great for sensitive skin, smells wonderful, no residue on skin, and has anti-microbial properties... The PERFECT after-sex wipe! Not to mention convenient!

I got these as a free gift with a purchase, this is my first toy wipe that I tried from the site. I used it on my bullets to clean and it did the job. This is great as a gift for lovers of toys. Just not discreet with all the Eden lettering all over. They are a little on the pricey side so I suggest if you can to snatch them up while they are a free gift.

The Eden fantasy’s brand All Purpose Wet Wipes are a nice product for their price. Although I have been using these wipe on my toys, I have found that there are a few thing that bother me. There are both pros and cons on this product. Over all I would still use this product, even with my dissatisfaction. The price is just too good to pass up.

I feel that Eden Wipes are a nice addition as a free gift with another order, I do not find them practical to buy on a regular basis however. They really don't smell that bad and perform nicely in general cleanup, whether from sexual acts or around the house. I feel comfortable in recommending these.

I love these wipes! I really have no complaints. They smell nice, clean very well and leave no residue behind. Pick some up with your next order!

Both my fiance and I love these little wipes, and carry them with us everywhere we go. We always seem to find a use for them, and have brought them out in many emergency cleaning situations. These wipes are tough enough to remove fecal matter, urine, vomit, and even food particles. With the cheap price and the resealable packaging, you can't go wrong with these!

If you like your toys feeling fresh and clean before and after every use, these bad boys are perfect! Sexy, practical and easier to use than sprays or oils that clean. These wipes are fantastic and perfect for those who love difficult to clean toys or don't have a lot of time to fight with the dishwasher.

These wipes are totally worth trying out as a free gift. The smell alone is fabulous, along with the fresh feeling you get after wiping lubes and fluids away. I think I would only pay full price if there were more wipes to a package. And they are safe for all toys! I rate 4 stars because mine expired March 2011, even though they are still useable.

The Eden toy and body wipes are a great addition to anyone's clean up routine when using sex toys. They're so easy to use and do a great job wiping down some big messes. These wipes could even be used to wipe things down around the house and since they don't contain alcohol they won't dry out your hands when using them. The best part is that they're offered here on Eden Fantasys as one of the free gifts!

Overall not that bad wipes by Eden, not being a picky person I can get past the after-smell. I think these wipes work best as a free gift or to be used as a selling point with all the advertising on the packaging. These were great to use for quick clean up but not something I will be rushing to purchase again anytime soon.

Overall I really like these, They smell good, and clean up well, I think everyone should buy and use a pack of these, and hey, if you don't like them, its not like you spent a whole lot of money.

This is a very good "free gift" that I will be stocking up on in the future. However, at full price, I may not buy them as readily.

Be healthy and these wipes. And if you don't want to buy them, just buy more toys and get them for free.

These wet wipes are great! They have a clean smell that is rather nice, and they are safe for your toys as well as gentle on your skin!

Eden Toy and Body Wipes are a convenient product; easy to slip into an overnight case or the Naughty Drawer, and great for quick and easy cleanup. The main downside is the cost of $0.50/wipe. Moist toilet wipes may not be designed specifically for toys, but they cost far less. As a free item with purchase, they're a wonderful deal. Otherwise, they'd need to come down to half of their current price before I'd consider purchasing them.

These are a great addition to anyone nightstand! They're great for those times when you don't feel like getting out of bed to clean you, your partner, or toys up! they feel super soft, and are safe for skin and all toy materials.

Edenfantasys All Purpose Body and Toy Wipes are a great quick way to clean yourself, your partner, and your toys. They are easy to use and leave you feeling fresh. The softness and light scent of these wipes is what makes them a must have for me.

I would have given them 5 stars if not for the price per wipe. If I am paying out of pocket, there are better alternatives to paying $0.50 per wipe or more that you would pay if you get some of the others that are available. With Eden having this as part of their "free with purchase," I will continue to add them to my orders.

These wipes are amazing. They stay wet a long time, can be used on several toys with one wipe, and can be used all over your own body! What more could ask for in a cleansing wet wipe? The only thing that is a negative is the glycerin, but only if being used on a woman's genitalia. Otherwise, these are the perfect thing for a quick and easy clean-up. They smell clean, like a baby wipe. They feel clean, they leave your skin and toys feeling clean and with no residue.

These wipes solve most of the baby-wipe annoyances: their scent is discreet, they're not irritating, and they don't drop lint. They just go in and do the "dirty work" for those lazy moments.

This item is a great free item, and a must for those who need to clean up quickly and efficiently.

Overall I feel these are a pretty good product, with a very expensive price tag; making them not worth it if paid for. You can buy high quality baby wipes for a fraction of the cost, in a much larger quantity. Get them now with every order for free, but don't pay full price for them.

I love these handy little wipes, whether they smell like roses, candy or glue. They are a great addition to any purchase from this site.

For 50 cents a piece these are the best wipes you can find around. As a free gift at every checkout they're even nicer. If you're looking for wipes that will clean your body and your toys quickly and without pain and hassle, look to these. This cute little portable package will make your life easier.

While these are great wipes as a free gift, I'm not sure it's worth paying $5 for 10. If the price would drop slightly they would be perfect. Not only do they work well but they're easy to take around if you travel, etc.

These wipes are fantastic because now we have dedicate wipes to adult play time. Wish they came in larger quantities.

Choose these if you have a lot of toys that need to be cleaned or there aren't better free gifts available. As these wipes are more expensive than other options, they aren't the best deal to buy with actual money.

These are great wipes with a lovely scent, great convenience to use, and are perfect for taking care of your expensive toys that you invested in.

I don't think I would buy these just because baby wipe do just as well but, getting them free was perfect! I can't wait for my next order to get more.

If you are in need of clean up without the fruity smell and want something easy to grab and go these are for you.

The EdenFantasys all-purpose wipes aren't all that much different than typical baby wipes. They make clean up quick and easy, both for yourself and your toys. The cucumber melon scent is pleasant and not too strong. These wipes leave skin nice and clean with no residue. These wipes are pretty expensive, though, at almost 50 cents each.

If you're looking for a thick, durable wipe for all your "dirty" play, these will do well to clean up your act. They are great for taking on-the-go, but they may be gone too quickly for some.

These sure do come in handy. They are a great way to spread the Eden word to all your friends. The price is expensive so grab them up now while they are a free gift.

Eden Toy and Body Wipes are the perfect way to clean up after having some fun. They are strong and thick. But there is a date that is stamped on them that is a bit confusing.

Though these wipes can leave a very slight "sticky" feeling at first, when the Chlorhexidine evaporates the skin is left soft and clean. I definitely recommend them to anyone interested in trying something a little more on the adult side of the wipes market.

No access to soap and water? No motivation to get up after a sweaty romp in bed? No problem! These wipes allow for quick and easy cleaning of you and your toys at a moment's notice. They aren't going to handle large jobs or make things sterile, but they'll do fine in a pinch. They're the kind of things that you don't really notice until you need them, but then you're super glad they're there.

I'm totally in love with these. Eden Toy & Body Wipes are bringing back the after-sex cuddles in a big way! These are a great buy, especially at only $4.99 per pack. Grab them for your free gift to see for yourself. You won't regret this, and I guarantee you'll order more.

These are awesome wipes and are the perfect go to product for all your cleaning needs at home and on the go.

This is a great wipe to have on hand for traveling or for times that you can't or don't want to get up and wash your toy immediately.

I would definitely recommend these for your toys or just for every day use. They are a great buy and I wish that you could buy them in larger quantities.

For a free gift, this is pretty perfect. I've got about three packs lying around the house and they're so handy to keep by the bed for post-sex cleanup. We use coitus interuptus as birth control, so these faint, sweet smelling wipes do the trick for easy, quick, disposable hygiene. No more running to the bathroom, you can cuddle up after sex! Just wipe up after sploogin' and get to the spoonin'.

No, this isn't the first pick for the budget conscious, but if you're looking for a high-quality, handy and hypoallergenic after-sex wipe, you can't go wrong with Eden Toy and Body Wipes!

The wipes are easy to use, are very convenient for travel, and smell lovely. The only downfall is the cheesy package, but if you can look past that, they're a good buy.

You are too satisfied to get out of bed and clean your toys, what do you do? Reach for an Edens Toy and Body Wipe, of course! These are one of the most convenient and discrete toy cleaners you could have in your toy kit. Toy wipes are indispensable if you travel, live in a dorm or have a roommate and need to be discrete about toy and personal clean up. One of the best ideas out there for us sexually busy people!

The Eden Fantasys All Purpose Wet Wipes make clean-up a breeze. They are very convenient and easy to use. These wipes are safe for toys and gentle to the skin. A must have for every night stand.

The Eden toy and body wipes are an excellent toy-cleaning product to keep handy. They are hypoallergenic, sturdy, and leave no unpleasant taste or residue. Makes a perfect free gift! If these came in packs of 20 or 30, they'd be absolutely perfect. Overall, a fantastic product!

These wipes are a great way to quickly freshen up yourself or your toys. They're soft, durable, and they smell fantastic. And the small package they come in allows you to carry them with you throughout your day, because you never know when you may just need them!

These nicely sized wipes are great for both toy and body clean up when you are just too tired to get to the sink with it's hot water and soap right away. They wipes are strong and large enough for body use, they clean well and they leave no odor or stickiness behind. These are a great wipe, I only wish there were more in the package.

These wipes are wonderful for discreet cleaning, but I wouldn't recommend them for every day use. One wipe can clean multiple toys and it does so well! I haven't had any leaking or evaporation from the package, but I would say that it won't keep them fresh for more than a month after being opened. A great free-bee, but I wouldn't pay for them!

Eden Wipes are a great little extra to throw into your cart when checking out. I really like them but I wish there were 20 wipes instead of 10. I used them up way too fast! I also don't like that they contain glycerin. The wipes smell really fresh and clean and I mostly use them to wipe my toys rather than cleaning myself. Overall, good product but not my favorite.

These Wipes are great for those quick clean-ups after sex or masturbation, wiping off your toys, and making you feel fresh. They smell great, and leave your skin feeling wonderfully soft.

The all purpose wet wipes made by EF are easy to use and easy to store. They're compatible with all toy materials and are safe to use on your skin. I'd most definitely recommend these to anyone but at the same time give the warning that they do contain glycerin and are lightly scented. I just wish there were more per package. Still, they're a great buy that promote EdenFantasys - definitely a product worth trying out!

If you're after a toy wipe that isn't soaking wet, but definitely not dry either then Eden Fantasy wipes are a must try! With them being one of the free gift options what have you got to lose? My only con with these is that they don't come in a larger pack.

A really awesome free gift!

I recommend these to everyone shopping on a bargain. Cleans up well, leaves everything smelling clean and fresh, and for only $4.99 they are a total bargain! I would take back a star for the fact that these contain glycerin and since the package is not discreet at all, but the product inside the package is too good to give a bad rating.

I love these wipes. They have a very, light pleasant scent and leave me, my toys, and my boy feeling clean and fresh. They are very handy and easy to pull one-handed from the package. They do not dry out and they are made from mostly natural materials. These wipes are hypoallergenic and are extremely gentle on my skin. They are antimicrobial which is a huge plus. I will always keep these at my bedside for sure!

These wipes are great for cleaning up yourself and wiping down your toys after use. They're pretty big, great fro sensitive skin, and will leave you feeling fresh and clean. They're not the most economical wipes on the market, but the packaging is cute, and they do a pretty good job.

The EdenFantasys Toy and Body Wipes are moistened wipes for cleaning up after fun, but messy times. They are a good size and come in a package that dispenses them easily.

These really neat wipes are Eden's first take on branding a cleaning product, and they have a home run with them. The only "bad" things about these at all are the fact that they're not the most cost effective wipe ever and they have glycerin. Otherwise they tackle just about everything you throw at them with ease and valor.

You would think it would be difficult to mess up this type of product but I think the crew at EdenFantasys needs to stop producing their toy wipes today to fix a few crucial details. Otherwise, I cannot recommend them unless you're looking for the absolute best bargain on toy/personal wipes.

I love these cute wipes in a small Eden Fantasys packaging, as they are small yet clean up the job needed whether that is after sex or your toy you just finished playing with or even just to refreshen yourself.

These are great for anyone who is on the go or too tired to clean up the mess they just made. The Wipes are great for external bodies and toys alike, so they are definitely a worthwhile investment. They have almost no smell and can clean pretty much all messes. Be sure not to use internally!

I love Eden Fantasys wipes. They are perfect for anything, you can use them on your hands and face. Even on your favorite toys. I do wish you did get more than 10 in one pack.

Add these wipes to your shopping list... they're affordable, guy-approved, and perfectly packaged for carrying while your on-the-go! Eden toy and body wipes provide quick clean-up for any kinky encounter.

At .50 cents apiece you really can't go wrong with these toy and all-over body wipes. Great to clean up those little messes and get you and your toys ready to go again.

I am a big fan of my Before & After spray (and how long a bottle lasts, and the price, and...) so I would likely not have purchased this for myself. BUT, I received it as a free gift with my last purchase. I'm actually pretty happy with these wipes, but I wish they weren't so costly.

I loved the Eden fantasys wipes. They are perfect for anyone. You can share them and just about travel anywhere you want with them. Although I think the price is a little high for 10 wipes, I still enjoyed them.

If this package had 20 wipes instead of ten (for the same or just slightly more cost) I would be able to recommend it with a huge happy smile. Because it's a great product, and very high quality. It's just too expensive for this busy sexual beaver to use on a regular basis.

Overall, I would suggest the Edenfantasys wipes to everyone. Catch them on a deal if you can, but they are well worth it! They clean very well, they smell fresh, they are safe for your skin and toys, and they will leave everything spic and span!

These wipes are perfect for travel! They work great to remove lubrication and other stuff from your toys and your skin. The package is fun and a bit discreet. The scent is light and clean and does not linger like baby wipe scent.

Now Eden can clean up after your sexy fun too! With this pack of wipes, you can clean up yourself, partner, toys, or sheets after your dirty pleasure sessions. The wipes are well saturated, smell great, and work well to clean up many messes and leave the area feeling clean.

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