Eden toy and body wipes by EdenFantasys - review by DeliciousSurprise

Good Wipes, Awful Packaging

The wipes are easy to use, are very convenient for travel, and smell lovely. The only downfall is the cheesy package, but if you can look past that, they're a good buy.
Work well, smell lovely, and are super convenient.
No expiration date, a bit pricey, at 50 cents per wipe, and packaging is a huge advertisement.
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Conjunction Junction, What's Your Function?
The Eden Toy and Body Wipes are a quick and easy way to clean up after sex, masturbation or any kind of sweat-inducing activity. The wipes are made of a soft, semi-stretchy cloth that more-or-less looks like a kleenex tissue. They're lightly scented, though I couldn't tell you what they smell exactly like--but I can tell you that they remind me of women's shampoo; it's pleasant, and doesn't linger for a long time--but you may find it a little TOO excessively scented if you prefer your wipes be fairly unobtrusive. The wipes themselves aren't super thick, or super thin, they're in the middle, similar to a baby wipe. I was also grateful to see that they were moist--but not drippy, like some wipes can be.

They're great to use to clean off a toy before or after use (get all of that lint or bodily fluid off of those toys before playtime or storage), or for a quick wipedown. They're really convenient to toss into a purse or bookbag, and work very well as easy cleanup after a quick romp since they require no water to use.

Yeah, Okay, So What's In Them?
The active ingredients are:
-Aloe Extract
-Vitamin E
-Tea Tree Oil

These wipes do not contain alcohol, and are safe for use on toys. These are not intended for internal use (no deep cleaning, folks) and are only appropriate for external cleaning.

How did they work?
They worked well! One wipe was good to use for a thorough clean of three toys, and my partner and I shared a second wipe with ease. They also were awesome to use for wiping my skin on a hot sweaty train ride through Manhattan--so they aren't wipes that can only be used in the bedroom. The wipes didn't fall apart when I tugged at them, but they did lose their shape a bit easily.

I'm a bit ambivalent on using them for home use, just because the whole packaging system says, "Take Me With You!" They're small enough to fit in a drawer, but are a bit difficult to open single-handedly.
But What's Your Beef With The Packaging?
Well, okay, there's nothing wrong with the packaging, it's just super tacky. Before we get there, though, let's talk about the package's main function: keeping the wipes moist. It comes in a loud, crinkly package (it reminds me of a thicker pop tart package) through which you can feel and smush the wipes. The front of the package has a clear plastic square that has a tab that says "open" with an arrow, indicating which way you should pull. Once you do, it pulls the plastic back and unseals the wrapping, giving you a small hole through which you can pull the wipes. The large plastic area surrounding the open hole means that they seal well, and that you don't have to spend fifteen minutes lining up the hole to seal them again properly. In a pinch, you could rip them open at the top or bottom, but that removes the ability to reseal them.

Beyond the opening, the whole package is kind of cheesy; it reads
The Sex Shop You Can Trust
All Purpose Wet Wipes" and then below that, it contains a bit more information about the wipes (how many, safe for toys, etc.) The back of the package contains the ingredients, and the rest is advertisement for Eden. "Join EdenFantasys" it reads, and, "EdenPoints: earn points with every saction, redeem points with your orders." It also has plugs for posting and reading reviews, videos, Sexis, and the forums, as well as the contact information (phone number, address, twitter and facebook info).

This all felt a little tacky to me; if I'm going to throw these in my bag, I'd rather they weren't a big advertisement for a sex community when they fall on the floor.

However, the are very comprehensive, so they would be great to give out to people who might be interested in EF but wouldn't be comfortable approaching you about it: no discussion required.

With all the information on the package, though, you'd think they could include an expiration date! They include a date on there that (as I found out through the forums) was the date they were manufactured, but others who'd gotten these as a gift might not be happy to think their wipes were six months expired.
Follow-up commentary
These wipes are still awesome--though I do have to be careful when I open new packages because if I pull too enthusiastically, I rip the whole package open. If they get dried out, I just turn them over for a day and the top one remoistens enough for regular use.
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  • ToyGurl
    Wonderful review. you actually did a great job on this one. I love seeing reviews that are really good for such simple products!
  • ToyGurl
    P.S. I feel the same way about the packaging... except for me, it's more of a privacy and discretion issue. I have family over constantly and I can't imagine what would go down if they saw this in me and my husband's room. Although we are married our family is still very conservative and when they see things like that they just freak out.
  • DeliciousSurprise
    Thanks! I'm glad you found this useful; I think reviews on minor products or those that aren't as pricey are just as important as the ones on hundred dollar products. And yeah, I hate the packaging but refuse to put them in ziplocks or something. ARG. So annoying!
  • BBW Talks Toys
    Really good, thorough review.
  • DeliciousSurprise
    I do try, BBWTT.
  • Illusional
    Yeah, the packaging seems a bit much.. but awesome review!
  • ToyTimeTim
    About the only thing about these is that they leave a residue on the toys, you can really see it on glass and stainless. I always feel I still need to wash them. They are nice for a quick wipe down after sex though.
  • married with children
    good review, thanks for sharing.
  • The Curious Couple
    Nice review, thanks!
  • DeliciousSurprise
    DWTim Dammit now I'm going to have to get one of my glass toys out of storage and test it out. I'm horrified, mostly because I didn't think of that myself.

    Thanks to everyone else for reading and rating and generally being awesome!

  • ZenaidaMacroura
    Awesome review! I'd wondered how these stood up to other wipes. They sound pretty decent (thought I'm now a little scared of the residue Dwtim mentioned). How many wipes does it come with?
  • indiglo
    I think this is a great example of how to do a brief, but thorough review. And I totally agree on the packaging for personal use - but I also thought it would be a great freebie to hand out to friends as advertisement. They're nice all around little wipes.
  • DeliciousSurprise
    Oh, hell, Zenaida, I can't believe I didn't put that in there. My apologies. This package comes with ten wipes.
  • Missmarc
    Thank you for listing the ingredients and sharing your experience with the wipes and packaging!
  • Stinkytofu10
    Great review, very thorough and informative, thanks!
  • DeliciousSurprise
    Missmarc, I'm glad you found it helpful! Thanks for reading, Tofu!
  • BuckeyeGal04
    I like your writing style. It really retains your attention. I appreciate your honest review!
  • kawigrl
    i'm ok with the advertising
  • DeliciousSurprise
    Thanks for the compliment, Buckeye!

    Kawigrl, I understand that lots of people don't mind the adverts, I'm just one of the ones that does.
  • rihanne
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