Frustrating Packaging and Why So Few?!

There are some great things about these wipes (I mean come on, they're safe for your toys AND your skin!), but what you get for the price - ten wipes that dry out seemingly no matter what you do - is really disappointing. I'd recommend saving the money for a liquid cleaner.
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Low amount, dry out easily
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These wipes have so many things going for them: they're alcohol-free, have a very subtle and clean smell to them, they contain tea tree oil as a natural antiseptic, and are safe to use on pretty much every kind of toy. Having a wipe makes cleaning toys much easier than trying to use a spray/cloth that often contains harsh chemicals and/or drips everywhere. I want to love these - there are so many positives!!!

Sadly, there are a couple of things that made me stop buying these wipes. The first is that there are only 10 wipes per package. I don't know about you, but I wipe my toys down very frequently, and I often use more than one per play session. It doesn't take a mathematician to work out that a package of these wipes doesn't last long.

On top of this is that the seal to keep the wipes moist is really poorly constructed. I've had multiple packages of these wipes dry out because the closure didn't stick properly. I wound up rewetting them with water, but that had mixed results. In the end, I wound up getting rid of them, which was very frustrating given that a) I needed to clean my toys and b) these wipes aren't cheap.

After multiple attempts with these wipes, I became frustrated and gave up. I now use a liquid cleaner and a paper towel or cloth to clean my toys, and sometimes keep one package of these wipes on hand just in case. I really hope that, in the future, Eden either redesigns the packaging, increases the quantity per pack, or both. Then I'd happily start using these again.

I'd recommend these wipes for travel because they're compact and 10 wipes would probably be an appropriate amount, but don't count on these as being a key part of your toy collection.
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