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Hitachi my Crotchi

Have you ever had an orgasm that made you feel like you might be having a grand mal seizure? No? Then you've obviously never used the Hitachi Magic Wand.
no batteries, intense-sdeep undulating and high frequency vibration settings, mind blowing orgasms.
not waterproof, can cause numbing, habit forming, loud, bulky
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I first saw this product in a BDSM movie. “What is that ugly thing giving this young lady such pleasure?” I asked myself. Come to find out it was the cult classic Hitachi Magic Wand. If God herself were to use a vibrator, this is what she would use. Sure it’s ugly, bulky, loud, and sometimes awkward to hold, but it more than makes up for it’s shortcomings in power & pleasure. And the orgasms… It gives you the kind of orgasms that leaves your vagina twinkling. Like it’s got little butterflies fluttering all around it afterward. Seriously, if my clit could talk it would only say one word “Hitachi.” Did I mention you don’t even have to replace the batteries because its got a 6 ft long cord that plugs into an outlet? Its also got two different vibration settings- hi and lo. The lo setting is a deep undulating vibration, and the hi setting is a super powered high frequency vibration.

The Hitachi does have a slight learning curve. You can’t just turn it on and get off. At least I can’t. I wasn’t thrilled the first time I tried it. I put it directly on my vagina and just couldn’t handle the vibrations. This product was unlike anything I had ever felt before. I tried easing up on the pressure, but after about five minutes I got a pinching sensation on my outer pussy lips, and my clit went totally numb. I wised up the second time. I began by teasing my inner thighs and pussy lips to get warmed up. I also put a washcloth between my magic wand and me. This helped me to avoid getting desensitized, and led to one of the deepest orgasms I’ve ever had. I thought I was having a grand mal seizure. I came three times in three minutes (after about ten minutes of build up).

I’ve really enjoyed playing around with fabrics and my wand. A towel is convenient and works ok I guess, but when I really want to indulge in luxury I use rabbit fur or silk. Too bad the best fabrics are the most difficult to clean. The good news is you don’t have to use it solely on your private parts. My favorite way to get pampered is to have my boyfriend place soft throw or rabbit skin on my back, and then massage it with the magic wand. Talk about getting blissed out.

This is a great toy for couples. Sometimes I get too eager with my vibrators and start out by pressing them hard against my clit. This is not a good thing to do with the Hitachi because the sensations are just too intense. My boyfriend likes to get his rocks off by teasing the hell out of me. He usually just pisses me off when he does this to me with a dinky toy, but I love it with the Hitachi because regardless of where he puts the wand, I can still feel the vibrations throughout my entire genital region.

Anal play with the Hitachi is not for the feint of heart, er ass. If your spoiled little anus is demanding a deep tissue massage, then it won’t be disappointed with this wand (externally at least). I find the head entirely too large, and the shape too awkward for any kind of insertion, but you could use it anally if you got an attachment such as the Gee Whiz or Whizzard.

This product is not waterproof.
Do not use the wand for over 25 minutes at a time. This will help to avoid damaging and/or overheating the wand.
Always cover with a condom before sharing this product.
Follow-up commentary
This won't apply to everyone, but just a word of caution about the extreme power of this toy:

I've had to learn not to use the Hitachi as my go-to toy. Sure, it can give you mind blowing orgasms very quickly every time, but it can also cause de-sensitivity- making your other vibrators basically obsolete . Just think about how lonely they'll be all alone in a dark closet or under your bed ;(

As most of you know female orgasms are basically uterine contractions. The contractions during orgasms with my Hitachi are so intense, they've actually caused slight breakthrough bleeding after masturbation (the only toy I was using was the wand for clitoral stimulation- there was no vaginal penetration involved).

This doesn't happen very often (I checked with my doc, & she said it is normal unless it is happening all the time), and usually occurs after marathon sessions with the wand (3-5 orgasms).

So ladies- Use your wand, love your wand, but try not to traumatize your clit by using it 2 or 3 times a day. This toy is highly addictive, and could possibly render your other toys completely useless!! Not to mention make sex without the aid of toys somewhat less pleasurable.
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