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I feel like saying "I didn’t love the Hitachi" is blasphemy. It isn’t that it isn’t well made, or weak, because it definitely isn’t weak. The problem is that it's just way too much. You know the saying "too much of a good thing…" well yeah. It is 100% true. Just ask my numb lady parts. I can honestly say I like it as a body massager though, and even only if used for that purpose it is totally worth it.
Somewhat discreet
Can be used for all over body massage
May be too intense for some
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The Hitachi Magic Wand was initially created to be a body massager. Although you can use it for this purpose, at some time in history some brave soul brought it to everyone’s attention that you could also use this as a personal massager. Now clits around the world rejoice when hearing the name. For some like myself the intense vibrations, and I do mean intense, are going to be way too much for the lady parts. Have no fear; you can always use it as a body massager, in which case it is amazing. It really has a way of relieving those sore muscles. If you so happen to have an iron clit, this wand is right up your alley. The vibrations are unmatched with any other toy I have ever felt, even on the lowest setting. This wand is great for both solo and partner sessions.

Material / Texture

The head of the Hitachi is made from a rubber like material that gives a little when pushed on. It's not particularly soft and has a subtle grainy texture to it. The rest of the Hitachi is made from hard plastic. When removed from the packaging there was no odor to it. There was no taste, either.

Design / Shape / Size

The Hitachi is quite large, coming in at a total length of 12 inches not including the cord. The body is 9 inches long and is topped by a thin silver band. Between the body and the head is a small 1 inch blue ridged neck that is able to bend slightly. The head is 2 inches long and has a diameter of 2 3/8 inches. Along the sides of the head you can find an indent that circles midway down and goes around the entire head. To be honest, I haven’t thought of a purpose for this indent unless you turn the massager in a horizontal position and use it for added texture.

Personally I found the head to be a little bulky for clitoral stimulation. As a massager for my back and neck, the size was perfect. Overall, the Hitachi looks like a large white microphone with a 70 inch cord.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Hitachi is no underachiever. It knows its purpose and it performs well. Whether you are trying to work out a kink in your neck, or working on another kind of kink, the Hitachi isn’t going to let you down. The Hitachi has two settings: low (a.k.a. concrete breaking vibrations) and high (a.k.a Oh my word, is that an earthquake?) vibrations. The control panel is easily accessible while in use. It's located on the body of the massager. To use the Hitachi it must be plugged into a power outlet. If your bed, or wherever you will be using the massager, is not near a power outlet you’ll need to bust out the extension cord. Nothing says sexy like a bright orange cord trailing through the bedroom! Unfortunately, the Hitachi is a little loud. It isn’t going to work well for most dorm settings, and even behind some closed doors you may be able to hear the roar of the Hitachi.

Another problem some may encounter with the Hitachi is if you use it for longer than about 20 minutes, the head begins to get hot. When this happens it takes about 30 minutes to completely cool down before it is ready for use again. If you continue to use it after it begins warming up you run the risk of burning out the motor and sending your beloved orgasm machine to an early grave.

Care and Maintenance

The head of the Hitachi poses a threat to the ‘easy to clean factor’ because of the texture. Using a toy wipe will get the job done, but I personally prefer to give the head a good cleaning with some anti-bacterial soap and warm water. Obviously, this isn’t a waterproof massager (hello power cord) so use caution when cleaning it and be sure it is unplugged to avoid getting a nasty shock.

The Hitachi’s bright white color is just another reason to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned. If not well cleaned, you run the risk of it turning an ugly yellowish color on the head over time. You’ll want to store it in a cool dry place. Avoid any moisture that could ruin the motor. Although it is quite large, it has the advantage of being a little discreet since you can always pass it off as a regular massager.


The Hitachi arrives in a long, narrow, fairly discreet box. It proudly displays the name Hitachi, but in no way says “Hey! There is a potential sex toy in here!” The box actually shows several pictures of the Hitachi being used for the intended purpose of a body massager. On the inside you can find directions as well as a warranty for your Hitachi. The box is fairly study, so it is ideal for storing your Hitachi.

Personal comments

I personally never had any intention of buying a Hitachi, mostly because they are not what I consider to be aesthetically pleasing. That changed one day when I made the fatal mistake of asking my husband what he would like me to buy from EdenFanstasys. I was answered with “What are those big white things you always see the guys using in porn with a tied up chick? I want one of those.” At first I protested, but then I decided what the heck... and took the plunge. Unfortunately for my husband, any dreams of tying me up in a poorly lit dungeon and using this to make me orgasm a million times in one session were shattered by the first attempt to use it.

I can’t say I’m disappointed. This thing does deliver, but it is just way too much for me. Even on the lowest setting I couldn’t use it on my lady bits for more than a couple of seconds without feeling numb. No matter how many times I try, I just can’t get used to the intensity. I certainly can’t get off when I’m going numb. As a body massager, it is fabulous! It feels great on my neck, and even better on my back. Where it fails for me sexually it makes up 10 fold as a relaxer at the end of a long day. For that reason alone, I’m sure the Hitachi and I are going to have a great relationship.
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