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Magic Wand Original

Wand massager by Vibratex

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I'd purchase this over a television set.

The Hitachi Magic Wand has rightfully earned one of the best reputations in the history of sex toys. Often dubbed as "the sure thing," the Magic Wand offers an unparalleled level of stimulation. I would caution beginners against purchasing this toy since they may become disappointed with other high-quality vibrators that don't offer the same powerhouse stimulation. However, for those experiencing serious difficulties reaching orgasmic heights, this is definitely the toy for you!
Works great as both a massager and a clitoral vibrator, can add attachments for G-spot stimulation.
LOUD. Too powerful for many, large so may be difficult to store.
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Since this toy was originally designed as a "massager," I'm going to review this as both a "massager" and a "vibrator."

Massager: The Hitachi is a great massager because it gives off strong deep vibrations. The neck of this device is also flexible (aka it seems like it has a spring), so this toy can maneuver around the contours of the body. Its relatively small head (again, compared with other massagers, not vibrators) makes it a great choice to relieve hard to get pressure points. I can massage every area of my body with this device. And this toy is reasonably priced compared to all of the other stuff that they sell at Bed Bath & Beyond. I love using this toy on my inner thigh because the head just seems to know where to go.

Vibrator: Wow. This toy is definitely for those who love STRONG INTENSE vibrartions. Those who don't like this sort of thing should run the other way (unless they need a great back massager). This toy will make you orgasm, whether you want to or not. While I do need to rub the Hitachi around down there in order to come, it certainly doesn't take much. This toy has two settings: High and Super duper High. I like working myself up using high and then switching to the monster power, although I could definitely orgasm on the lower setting. I don't like to use this toy too much because the next day I find that I'm not as sensitive to my other toys because my body begins to expect the jackhammer. But this desensitization only lasts for less than 24 hours. For this reason I would not recommend this toy to beginners. I wouldn't want those new to masturbation to train their bodies to ::only:: get off on the hardest of hard sensations.

I have never used the Hitachi with a guy, so I cannot comment on this toy from a male's perspective. But I would imagine that this toy could provide some great sensations!
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Material / Texture

The body of the Hitachi is made out of plastic. In the middle of the body is a switch to turn the power of this toy to high or low (or off). The head of the Hitachi is made out of plastic (it feels like a softer tennis ball. It is quite rigid, but there is some flexibility). I do like the smoothness of this toy, but I don't usually use it against my clit for sanitation purposes. I usually slip some sort of covering/toy over the head of the Hitachi. But the texture of the head is conducive for this type of system.

The texture of the head of the Hitachi is ideal for a full body massage. It's firm enough to give the body firm pressure, yet soft enough so that you don't feel like you're getting pounded with a brick about 1000 times per second.

Design / Shape / Size

Like most massagers, this toy is large. Its long body makes hitting those hard-to-reach areas like the mid back very easy. Its size also lets me hit my clit with little to no effort. I have to say that I have mixed feelings about the neck of the wand. When I am using this toy as a back massager, the spring is very good because it ensures that I don't apply too much pressure to my body. But against my clit, it makes it harder for me to hit the exact spot that I want (since the spring might resist some of my more subtle motion).

The shape of the head makes it easy to cover with other attachments. These attachments can be used to vary the clitoral sensations, or they can stimulate the g-spot, depending on their appearance. I own both the G-Whiz and the G-Whizzard (reviews to be posted).

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Hitachi has two settings - ridiculous speed and ludicrous speed. The switch for these settings is located on the body of the wand. It is extremely easy to use, and you are not likely to hit the switch at any inopportune times (assuming you're a little bit careful).

Since the Hitachi plugs into the wall do not EVER use it in a bathtub or near water.

This massager performs as expected for a full body massager, and it's easy to use! I should warn you it is noisy and it isn't discreet. But since it is a massager, if you are interrupted, you can always tell people that you were massaging your muscles after a strenuous day. I think this is the only toy where its true function can serve as an alibi!

Care and Maintenance

I would not recommend cleaning this toy with soap and water because I wouldn't want to get the wrong parts wet. I like to use toy cleaner. Other reviewers have had success with pleasure wipes etc. But I wouldn't recommend sharing this toy because bacteria could get caught in the material, since the plastic is porous.

If you put attachments on the toy, it would increase the sanitation since most of the fluid would hit the attachment, rather than the toy itself. Also, you can sterilize most attachments before and after each use to reduce the possibility of infection. But even with this precaution I cannot recommend sharing the Hitachi since a chance for contamination does exist, and you can't really cover this toy with a condom (although that would be impressive!).

I store my Hitachi in its original cardboard box. This is definitely not necessary, but I do like the fact that the wand is enclosed in something. I keep that box in my special drawer. There's no fancy upkeep here!

Again, make sure to clean this toy before and after use because it is made out of plastic which can harbor bacteria. Though you can be less careful if you're using a sterilized attachment, you should always be cautions as to what you're putting on your vagina, and in your body.


The Hitachi comes in a simple cardboard box. I think it came with a manual but if it did I don't have it anymore. I was struck by the traditional nature of the box. It looks like it was unchanged since the '50s! But I say that as a positive - I thought it was really cool. It also means that this toy really looks like "just" a back massager. But then again most people know that the Hitachi Magic Wand is usually used as a vibrator (although I again want to emphasize that it makes a great massager!)

Personal comments

I said this before but I want to reiterate it because I think that it is very important:

Regarding the Hitachi as a vibrator, it is amazing, assuming you can tolerate/like the stimulation. But I highly advise against purchasing this product as a first vibrator because it provides much much more stimulation than most people need to climax. I think it would be helpful to learn how to have an orgasm with a weaker vibe (you can still get very strong vibrators that are weaker than this!). For a beginner's vibrator I would recommend the Layaspot. I haven't used it, but I have seen it in sex shops and it is pretty strong! It also comes in really cool colors and it is relatively inexpensive considering its high quality. I learned to orgasm using a bullet vibrator, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it because its design is definitely not ergonomic. I messed up my hand for a little while because of how I was holding it.

However I would recommend the Hitachi to those who have ::really:: tried weaker vibrators with little or no success. If you think that you might have some physiological issue that is preventing you from having orgasms, then I would recommend the Hitachi because having orgasms with a super power tool is better than not having orgasms at all! And the orgasms from this toy are EXPLOSIVE. If you believe that you are truly incapable of having orgasms, you should speak to your gynecologist/male equivalent for more information on the subject.


My orgasms from the Hitachi are unlike any orgasms from my other toys, in both good and bad ways. It feels like the Hitachi is pulling orgasms out of my body! My clit beats like crazy and my vagina kind of convulses. However for whatever reason these orgasms are just not as satisfying as the orgasms from my other toys. Maybe it's because my body is putting forth so little effort to gain such great pleasure. They say that good things come to those who wait, and I guess that might apply to the feeling of satisfaction stemming from orgasms! When I'm done I just want another, but my clit is usually too tired and I have to rest for about 30 or so minutes. Also, the day after I use my Hitachi, I find it harder to achieve orgasm with my less powerful toys. So I don't use this toy as often anymore because I don't want to expect this type of stimulation on a regular basis.

My first orgasm from this toy felt like an electric shock. While I've never been shocked before, I thought to myself "wow I hope I'm not getting electrocuted. I'll wait until the good subsides before I check it out." First of all, clearly I'm fine. Second of all, this is how strong the sensation was. I felt it EVERYWHERE. But when I was done, I didn't have the "wow I'm satisfied" feeling like I usually have from my other less powerful toys. I just wanted more. How greedy right?
Follow-up commentary
I do use my Hitachi - but only when I'm having a hard time climaxing. Especially if I've already done so but I still want more. I make a conscious effort to use this toy less, just because I don't want to decrease my sensitivity. And I still find that the day after I use it, I'm still spent. That being said, it works great and it has never let me down.
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