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Make Your Balls Smell Their Best

The Cock cologne is designed to help males feel their freshest for their partners. It has a nice scent of Aloe Vera and a list of minimal ingredients. This is an effective product, but it won't work without proper hygiene as well. Just a few sprays and you will be fresh and ready to go, but be sure to rinse before any oral sex.
Male product, effective, smells clean, pump top, and few ingredients.
Tacky packaging and needs to be rinsed to avoid the taste.
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Cock Cologne is used to help freshen up a males private area, but it's not limited to this use. The ingredients make it a safe wash for women to use as well. This is virtually scented water with some conditioner's and preservatives. You're meant to spray the area and to wipe it clean. However, you might note that it stays on the skin if you don't rinse it off, so you might want to rinse it off before any oral sex is performed. Now you are most likely wondering why shouldn't I just wash up with soap? Well, sometimes soap can leave an undesirable taste behind that your can be unpleasant if not properly rinsed. Or sometimes soap isn't enough, so with cock cologne you can feel your best before the action starts.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Cock cologne comes in your basic pump bottle. The pump sprays out a fine mist that lightly covers the area. You might find you need more than a few sprays before you have enough to completely clean the area. Inside the bottle the cologne is really runny like water. Once you spray it out a fine mist is applied, but the cologne will run all over the place, so be sure you have a towel or napkin near by. If you don't rinse the cologne off it will leave behind a sticky residue like hair spray does. Be sure to completely rinse this off because it does have a taste. If you rinse it off there is no sticky residue left and your junk will smell very clean.

Taste / Aroma

Naturally this cologne smells like Aloe Vera, since this is one of the ingredients. This is a nice clean and fresh scent that helps give you a clean smell even if your hygiene was lacking for that day, but you should practice good hygiene for your partners sake. The smell will not leave the area smelling unpleasant as long as combined with regular good hygiene. If you skipped a shower it will be effective, but be sure to wash it well with this spray for your partner.

If you don't rinse this spray off it tastes like Hair detangler spray. This isn't really unpleasant, but it isn't ideal either. I recommend fully rinsing before oral sex is performed.


I am blessed with a partner who has great hygiene. My husband likes to shower at least twice a day; once in the morning and once after work. So he makes sure he is nice and clean before oral sex. I greatly appreciate this. Sometimes he is sweatier than other days, so a quick spray with this and a quick rinse helps remove that salty sweat taste.

The product will be effective until you begin to sweat, engage in sexual activities, or do anything else with your genitals. If you want to wash it off rinsing is effective enough. You do need to rinse it off no matter what because it leaves behind an after taste.

If you are still questioning the purpose behind using cock cologne over soap and water, don't. Sometimes soap is not enough for some. Soap does tend to leave behind a soapy residue if not completely rinsed. And sometimes there is no soap around. The Cock cologne won't leave behind a soapy residue if rinsed. However, if not rinsed all the way you might taste the cock cologne, but it is a better taste than soap. Soap maybe effective enough for you, but if you washed this morning and might have a sweaty taste, so cock cologne is a quick fresher for those times.

Overall I am giving cock cologne 5 stars because it's a great product. The packaging could be improved, but the product is great.


Effective packaging? Not really this packaging is really tacky. They really should redesign this bottle making it look more like an actual cologne bottle. That way the bottle would be discreet. Because if someone happens to see this bottle they might get a chuckle out of it. You could peel the sticker off the bottle if you are worried about it being discreet.

You get a 2 oz bottle with a spray pump. The bottle comes sealed in plastic wrap.

Special Features

Reference to Skin Deep

Purified Water (Aqua)- (H2O) is the most universal compound since it is tasteless, odorless, and color less it's added to many products; can be allergy causing, however this is extremely rare.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf- juice that is extracted from Aloe Vera plant; used to add fragrance, moisturize, and condition.

Fragrance- is the scent that is added to give aroma to the product; can be allergy causing.

PPG-26- is a polymer of propylene oxide that is used as a skin conditioner.

Buteth-26- is a polyoxypropylene, polyoxyethylene ether of butyl alcohol that is used as skin conditioner and fragrance additive.

Hydrogenated Castor Oil- is hydrogenated Castor Oil that is used to control viscosity and condition.

Sodium Benzoate- a preservative used in foods and cosmetics, but is also used to add fragrance.

Potassium Sorbate- a natural occurring antimicrobial compound that is used as a preservative and to add fragrance.

Personal comments

This product was provided Free of charge to me in my Game On Sex Tools Kit, but I felt I could provide a better review about this item in a solo review.
Follow-up commentary
I still have more than half the bottle of this stuff. I don't use it for it's purpose, but it's nice to use as a basic cleaner. It works for wiping of disc, cleaning your hands, or anything you need a quick spray for. It's a decent product for it's price.
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