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Milk made nourishing body butter

Body moisturizer by Cake Beauty

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Milk Made For Silky Skin

The Milk Made nourishing body butter is definitely a product I recommend for anyone who likes to relax with luxuriant skin care products with scents that bring to mind fresh berries and baked goods. This makes a perfect gift as well! While this product is expensive, you get a lot and it's definitely a superior product to most body butters I've tried.
- Smells awesome.
- No harmful ingredients.
- The price.
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Milk Made nourishing body butter by Cake is exactly what it sounds like. It's a body butter for softening and scenting skin. It's perfect for applying everywhere after a bath or shower to keep the skin moisturized and adding a sweet smell that will last a long time. Now, there are plenty of products like that but this one sets itself apart by being advertised as free of parabens, sodium chloride, phthalates, GMO's, mineral oil, petrolatum, gluten, and triclosan. So you see, this product gives you satisfying skin care without all the icky and/or unwanted stuff in it like many others out there contain. This one will be safe to use for a lot of people. Even though it's pricey, it's definitely a better product than a lot of cheap body butters with suspicious ingredients.

On that note, let me say right now, if you are sensitive to smell you won't want to buy this as it is highly scented.

This product would make an excellent gift for many occasions, especially for femme individuals, and would be awesome in a gift set with multiple Cake Milk Made products. There's nothing remotely sexual about it even though it's being carried by Eden so it's safe to give to anyone, from relatives to friends. Of course, it's also just plain awesome as an indulgence for yourself!
    • Bridal gift
    • Massage
    • Mood enhancer

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The texture of this body butter is thick and smooth. It reminds me of a thick cake frosting. It has a good, solid feel. If you scoop some out of the container with your fingers, it leaves an impression that stays and the product doesn't just sink down into it like more liquid ones do. It's nice and rich just like the label says.
It is not sticky in the slightest, and feels very nice on the skin. It's white and doesn't appear to have anything in it that makes my skin shimmer like some body products. This is nice because tinted and shimmery products tend to get on my sleeves and elsewhere as well as my skin, where it might stain. This stuff doesn't seem to stain or anything.

This product leaves a light, smooth coating on your skin for a little while (Like, fifteen minutes or so even after rubbing it in well), but it doesn't feel annoyingly greasy or anything and it doesn't take that incredibly long to absorb, leaving only the delectable scent behind. I didn't want to wipe my hands off with a towel immediately after using it. I usually can't stand the feel of body products leaving a coating at all for any amount of time after rubbing it in, so this is new to me and I like it.

It looks just as rich and creamy as it feels.

Because it takes a little bit longer to be absorbed than thinner lotions, it's great for massages.
    • Creamy
    • Smooth
    • Thick

Taste / Aroma

Oh, lord. The smell is pretty amazing. Imagine a delicious vanilla cupcake with piles of fresh raspberries on top. That's about how it smells to me, with the raspberry leading over the vanilla and that vague note of something like cake batter. It's pretty strong (If you put your nose right up to the container it's way too strong and it got me sneezing, but the strength is good in use.) and doesn't dissipate on my skin for hours. Some food-like scents smell like chemicals to my sensitive nose but this is so nice and natural-smelling it actually gets my mouth watering as if I had real sweets before me. I can't say enough nice things about the Milk Made scent.

This isn't an edible product and I'm not about to taste it though, no matter how much the smell makes it seem like I should! While this toy is nice for massages, it's not for licking off your own skin or anyone else's so if you want, say, a flavored massage product there are other edible body butters on this site you should look into instead.
    • Smells good
    • Strong smell


It took about fifteen minutes for this body butter to fully absorb into my skin. I thought for sure it was going to leave more of a coating but it didn't end up that way. Just don't apply a ton at once.
After applying, my skin immediately felt a little smoother and softer, and the effect lasted for quite a while. With just a couple of days' usage, my hands became softer and had a little more more of that healthy skin glow everyone wants. On my legs where my skin is dryer it didn't do as well but it did help.
I think if you need an extremely strong moisturizing effect, like if your skin is so dry its flaking off or cracking, you might be better off going with a strong, unscented lotion since I wonder how the stuff that makes this smell so good would affect irritation, but this stuff can do the job pretty well and it's just so nice to massage it into one's skin. Because of that lovely texture, lack of greasiness, and delicious scent that I would much rather use this than most lotions I've used, even the ones claiming to be highly moisturizing.

As for its scenting powers, the scent lasted more than several hours on my skin so it particularly excelled at that. If you want to get the smell off, soap and water seems to do just fine. It disappeared off me in the shower.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Long lasting


I got this product wrapped in plastic to prevent leaks. The container was larger than I thought it was going to be (Three and a half inches across and almost two inches tall.), which was nice and makes it a better value for the price. You get 8 oz. in the container according to the label. It also had a foil liner under the cap to prevent it from getting out.

Not only was I impressed by the size, but I was also surprised by just how much product is packed in. Seriously, in the photos on here it looks like you get an average amount for the container but mine is seriously full up to the brim with body butter. There is no space wasted here.

The packaging is very pink and girly but also minimalist. It has a sticker with the cake logo on top and information on the product all along the sides.

In front: "Milk Made nourishing body butter. We pour in coconut oil, mango butter, macadamia nut oil, aloe vera oil, sunflower seed oil, whole milk. We leave out parabens, sodium chloride, phthalates, GMO's, mineral oil, petrolatum, gluten, triclosan."

Left side: "Nourish, smooth, and care for your skin with this delectably rich body butter. This highly nourishing formula is packed with the best ingredients and whipped to perfection to soothe. Smooth and hydrate your skin. Infused with scents of whole vanilla milk and baked raspberry, this butter glides on beautifully, absorbs quickly, and gives skin a spectacular and supple finish. (Just don't be surprised if the milk man comes calling.) Au lait!"

I was definitely impressed by the ingredients and lack thereof, as someone who tries to avoid using body products that contain harmful things.
Ingredients list: Water, glycerin, caprylic triglyceride, cetyl alcohol, stearic acid, sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, macadamia integrifolia seed oil, mango seed butter, PEG-100 stearate, glycerl stearate, ceteareth-20,

I believe the container is also recyclable. I generally reuse containers like these after I'm done with them by washing them out and then using them to store random little things.

One thing about the packaging that threw me for a loop was the fact that, unlike a lot of beauty products that are from companies that don't test on animals, it didn't say anything about animal testing on the labels. I went to Google and confirmed that, no, Cake, does not test on animals in case you were concerned like me. Yay!
From their website: "We absolutely DO NOT conduct animal testing with Cake Beauty products. We use only ingredients that have been deemed safe by Health Canada & FDA regulations and are fully committed to testing on “beauty junkies” only to ensure the safety of our products."
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My hands get very dry, especially on my knuckles, and I've found this product to feel very nice and it does a decent job of getting rid of it while making my hands smell so delicious. I'm impressed by the smell's staying power. I could still smell it on my hands this morning at school which means it lasted overnight!
Follow-up commentary
I definitely still love it! I use it all the time and have much softer skin as a result. Despite using it almost every day all this time, I still have a lot left. When I run out, I will probably buy more, especially if they add more scents so I'll have the incentive to try them all.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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