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Moisturize me (Unscented)

You don't have to be the Lady Cassandra from five billion years in the future to want to be pampered in ultra-moisturizing fashion. This Unscented Supreme Body Mousse will leave your skin moisturized and soft. The unscented version does very faintly smell of chemicals, something that can be off-putting if you are sensitive to scents. If you can overlook the initial high cost and chemical odor, than this lotion might be the treat you've been looking for.
+ Paraben-free
+ Formulated for sensitive skin
+ 'Supreme' moisturizer
+ Not tested on animals
- Not 100% natural ingredients (~90-95%) nor completely unscented
- Expensive for a daily lotion
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After moving to a climate with less humidity, I started looking for a body lotion with the following attributes: ultra-moisturizing, sensitive-skin friendly, unscented, cruelty-free, and mostly natural. Quite a few parameters for a lotion, I know. I noticed that EF carried this product made by Cake Beauty, so I decided "What the heck, why not?".

Beginning in February I was using this lotion almost daily, but then in mid-March I switched to using it once a week or after a long bubble bath. It's no longer my daily lotion not because there was anything wrong with it; rather, I needed a daily lotion that had SPF, especially since I am at a higher altitude than I was on the East Coast.

I believe that because the Supreme Body Mousse is formulated for sensitive-skin that almost everyone can use this product, particularly those who want a lot of moisturizing power from a lotion (without any fragrance). As well, as someone who has acne I'm always looking for a product that won't make my acne worse, and this product fits the bill.

Some allergy concerns do exist such as: the nut oil (Macadamia), aloe vera, and glycerin.
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    • Arms
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Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Cake Beauty markets this body lotion as ‘Supreme Body Mousse’. I agree that this might be a supreme body product, but the only resemblance to mousse is that the lotion does not feel heavy. Mousse is a "savoury or sweet dish with the consistency of a dense foam..." (Encyclopædia Britannica). Yes, this lotion is dense (like the description of mousse), but it doesn’t feel foamy at all.

Another review has compared the Coconut/Vanilla version of this body lotion to tanning oil. I can’t compare it to tanning oil because I have never gone to a tanning salon. I can say that in comparison to massage oil, the Supreme body mousse is much thicker and doesn't have a lingering oily layer.

Inspired by charmedtomeetyou's lube reviews, I took similar pictures comparing the Supreme Body Mousse's viscosity to three different products: another lotion, aloe vera, and a silicone-based lube.

Viscosity comparison
The Supreme Body Mousse does mostly stay in one glob on the vertical plastic Pyrex cover; although it does move a little, possibly because of the dimethicone, an ingredient found in silicone-based lubes. When applying the product, it will take some effort to rub it in. At the same time, the lotion won't run down your arm or leg quickly like less viscous (thinner) lotions (like the one featured in the 2nd slot).
    • Smooth
    • Thick

Taste / Aroma

I did taste a tiny amount of lotion; it does not taste good at all. This should not be an issue after the lotion has been completely absorbed by the skin.

As promised, the 'Un-sweet' Supreme Body Mousse is unscented, a.k.a. no fragrance added. However, this does not mean that the lotion lacks a scent. Because fragrance is not added, what you will smell is a very faint combination of chemicals. It can be a bit strong at first, but it quickly dissipates within 10-15 minutes. If you are like me and are sensitive to strong scents, I would suggest turning on a overhead fan or opening a window in your bathroom when using the lotion.

Some of the chemicals you are smelling include (numbered in order listed on the bottle):
NOTE: See Personal comments for definitions of the asterisks (*, etc.). The source of the quotes is

2. Glycerin -- "...a well known humectant*"
3. Caprylic/Capric triglyceride -- "...slows the loss of water from the skin by forming a barrier on the skin’s surface"
4 & 13. Cetyl alcohol & ceteayl alcohol -- "...fatty alcohols [that] keep an emulsion** from separating...".
5. Stearic acid -- "[s] to form emulsions..."
10. PEG-100 stearate -- "...clean[s] the skin and hair by helping water to mix with oil and dirt..."
11. Glyceryl stearate -- "...acts as a lubricant on the skin’s surface..."
12. Ceteareth-20 -- "[s] to form emulsions..."
14. Isopropyl palmiate -- "an emollient***"
15. Dimethicone -- "... [a] silicone-based polymer [that acts as a skin protectant]"
16. Vitamin E (Tocopheryl acetate) -- "...a fat-soluble vitamin [that] is a naturally occurring antioxidant..."
18. Phenoxylethanol -- "...a preservative" (Environmental Working Group)
19. Caprylyl Glycol -- "... give[s] the skin a soft and smooth appearance"
20. Sorbic acid -- "...protect[s] cosmetics and personal care products from spoilage"
21. Carbomer -- "...a series of polymers primarily made from acrylic acid"
22. Triethanolamine -- "[A strong base] with [an] ammonia-like odor"
23. Tetrasodium EDTA -- "...helps prevent the deterioration of cosmetics and personal care products"

That's 18 of the 23 ingredients. Even though some of those chemicals are derived from nature making them vegan-friendly, the chemical structures are the same whether the molecule is derived from a natural source or in a laboratory.

The Supreme body mousse is also available in two scented versions, Coconut/vanilla and Orange/Vanilla.
    • Bad taste
    • Light smell


If you are wondering how long this lotion lasts, from my experience I went through half of the bottle in one month using the lotion at least every other day. If I had been using it daily, I probably would've used closer to 2/3 of the bottle. I tend to use lotion sparingly, so this bottle might not last as long if you are more thorough or if you re-apply this during the day. I found that I didn't need to re-apply the lotion unless I bathed or went swimming.

Cake Beauty makes a bold claim: "...[The Supreme Body Mousse leaves] behind nothing but smooth and supple skin...". Although I can feel that I am wearing this lotion, I would agree that my skin does feel smooth and supple. This lotion absorbs quicker and with less of a 'lotion-y' feeling than my SPF lotion. I really like that this lotion has the following ingredients: pure coconut oil, mango butter, macademia nut oil, and Vitamin E. Because of the oils, the lotion doesn't feel as heavy as a body butter while still being very moisturizing.

After receiving a response from Cake Beauty via email, I can confirm that it is safe to store the lotion in the refrigerator. Why you may ask, would you want cold lotion? Well, since this lotion contains aloe vera, applying it cold on a summer day might be soothing if you have mild sunburn.

I would love if this lotion was available with SPF, but that would probably make it more expensive and it would probably absorb slowly. As is, this lotion won't provide protection against sunburn.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Long lasting


Made in Canada, the bottle arrived without any spills from EF securely wrapped in a plastic bag. The bottle is both transparent and recyclable, with the front and back labels printed on the bottle. You could possibly try to remove the text with rubbing alcohol, but it's probably not worth the hassle. The only thing I found lacking was that there was no expiration date printed on the bottle; I sent an inquiry to Cake Beauty and received a response from one of the 'Cake Girls' (see Experience).

Even if you tape the plastic cap shut during travel, you might still encounter a sudden spurt of lotion when opening if the bottle gets shaken up. I found this out when I was shaking it up after taking it out of the fridge. To be extra cautious, a Ziploc bag would be a good storage option during travel.

Thinking about presenting this as a gift to a friend, family or partner? I would suggest following these directions for wrapping a cylindrical object, or simply tying a ribbon bow around the bottle.
    • Can be opened with one hand
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

Source -- //
*humectant -- "[An ingredient] that increase[s] the water content of the top layers of the skin by drawing moisture from the surrounding air" (

**emulsion -- "A mixture of two liquids that normally cannot be mixed, in which one liquid is dispersed in the other liquid as very fine droplets"

***emollient -- "...act[s] as a lubricant on the skin surface, which gives the skin a soft and smooth appearance"
    • Definitions


I was notified by Cake Beauty that the lotion's shelf life is about a year, plenty of time in my humble opinion to use it up. This shouldn't be a concern for most, unless you like to keep a separate bottle in your travel bag (and you happen to not travel in a year and forget about it).

My experience was pretty good with this lotion, although it's more of a treat than a daily staple for me because it lacks SPF. I would suggest this unscented lotion with the caveat that the scented versions may be better if you know you won't like the very faint ammonia-smell.
    • Price
    • Shelf life
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  • js250
    Wow!! Amazing, thorough and interesting review--thank you!
  • Beautiful-Disaster
    Thanks for your review. This is too expensive for the such a small bottle.
  • surreptitious
    What a fantastic review! Thank you for the ingredient breakdown especially. I've been meaning to try Cake lotions, so it's really helpful to have everything spelled out for myself (and my sensitive skin).
  • Augustxsins
    Thanks for the great, informative review!
  • Lady of the Lab
    @js250: I am happy you like it.

    Beautiful-Disaster:I agree it's kinda expensive, but on the other hand it is cheaper per ounce (~$2.60) than some lubes sold on EF.
  • Lady of the Lab
    @surreptitious: I'm glad you found the ingredient breakdown helpful, I wasn't sure if I was going overboard in that section

    @junipersgame: Thank you for the positive feedback ^_^
  • Lady of the Lab
    @surreptitious: I'm glad you found the ingredient breakdown helpful, I wasn't sure if I was going overboard in that section

    @junipersgame: Thank you for the positive feedback ^_^
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