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Supreme body mousse

Body moisturizer by Cake Beauty

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Creamsicle Supreme

Cake Beauty's Body Mousse delivers high end indulgence at a price point that won't make your tummy somersault. This confection-scented body cream affords a lot of richness and moisture with a small dollop, making the middle shelf price even more affordable. Saturated with dessert-inspired fragrances, each application leaves you floating somewhere between summertime Creamsicles and holiday baked goods.
Little goes a long way, scent lasts throughout the day, no leak bottle, moisturizing oils
Scent may be too sweet and strong for some, may last longer than some would like, glycerin
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The Cake Beauty Supreme Body Mousse is not for the faint of heart...or nose! Though the aromas of the "It's A Slice" fragrance are a far cry from the suffocating stench of concentrated colognes, it is still decidedly stronger than many drug store lotions. If you have allergies or sensitivities to fragrance, you may wish to avoid this scent. Those suffering from migraines that might be triggered by a strong perfume should look elsewhere, without question. If you enjoy a stronger, but not overpowering, scent that lingers all day? This is an ideal product. The aroma hangs heavily for the first few moments after application, but hangs sweetly and rather subtly around you for hours to come.

This 8.5 ounce bottle may not seem like an ample supply, but this is one heavy cream! It does a wonderful job of moisturizing - especially on very rough patches such as elbows, feet, or overworked hands. The Body Mousse is a great option for those with dry skin that like a product rich in nourishing oils, but who may not necessarily like to feel slick with grease after application. This Cake product absorbs relatively quickly after about 30 seconds to a minute of massaging. The dimethicone (silicone) in this product gives you the immediate sensation for silkier skin, while the oils work to heal your skin in the longer term of wear.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

True to the name "mousse," this product has a thick, almost whipped quality to it. Though it is rich and creamy, it lacks the weight of a typical cream. It's far airier and much lighter than many body creams. The picture blow demonstrates that after 60 seconds of sitting on a vertical surface, a dollop of the Body Mousse does not run or drip. This makes it easier to control in application and less likely to escape onto your clothes or sheets.

The Supreme Body Mousse spreads easily onto the skin due to the combination of oils and butters in it. These allow for a low friction rub, although this is not suited well to massage. In spite of its slick spread, it absorbs too quickly to be appropriate for extended periods of rubbing. As mentioned above, this product will absorb fully in anywhere from thirty seconds to a full minute of massaging. It does leave behind a bit of a waxy feel, which can be attributed to the butters in it. However, this waxy residue does not look or feel unctuous, and it will not stain clothing.

Taste / Aroma

Cake Beauty describes the "It's A Slice" scent as a "blend of sweet orange and creamy vanilla." This is fairly accurate; the combination smells like a somewhat more refined Creamsicle. If, perhaps, a gourmet restaurant served that chilly dessert treat, it would likely smell like this. There are distinct notes of vanilla, sweet but somewhat natural like a vanilla bean scent. The orange scent is less distinct and seems to mingle with a pineapple fragrance, that is more pronounced to me.

The ingredients ambiguously list "fragrance" among the other components, and it's possible that pineapple scent is used in this. It may also be the mango butter that is adding this aroma to the mix. All together, the fragrances play off one another very nicely. They work together to form a cohesive scent, rather than a clamoring, competitive muddle of uncomplimentary scents.

Supreme Body Mousse is not intended to be edible.


This product really performs nicely. It works best to repair especially rough patches of skin. Unless you have very dry skin, you may not need a moisturizer this loaded with oils for every day, all-over use. However, I find it works great all over the body. I haven't found the need to reapply this during the day for any reason. A small amount goes a long way, covering large areas of skin. Those areas remain moisturized for the entire day. The Supreme Body Mousse contains everything under the sun that's lauded for moisturizing properties: sunflower, coconut, macadamia & mango seed oils, Vitamin E, aloe vera, and dimethicone for creating a silky glide.

I like to use it on my forearms and hands - or any other part of the body that will be bare throughout the day or night. The reason for this, is that the smell has some seriously admirable staying power. This is by far my favorite aspect of this mousse. The scent packs a punch straight out of the bottle and onto your body, but it mellows out significantly after five or so minutes. After that, it just hovers around you, creating a mild and enticing aura of aroma. It's not overpowering, but pleasant to catch a whiff of throughout the day as your move about. I'll bring my arm or hand up under my nose after wearing this for twelve hours and still be able to smell subtle hints of it. For me, this is wonderful. If you're sensitive to smells, you won't like this.
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