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More Mechanical Than Magical

For many people, the Hitachi is the ruling scepter of their toy box. Eager to experience its acclaimed mystical powers for myself, I ordered without hesitation. I now wish I had been a little more prudent, as the Hitachi is just not for me. It's too loud to use in a setting that requires privacy, and the vibrations that emanate from this appliance just don't feel like they were designed for pleasure.
Great for non-erogenous massage
Not waterproof/hard to clean
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The Hitachi Magic Wand is supposedly the reigning sovereign of all vibrators. Its strength to triumph over the most stubborn clitoris has earned it loyal subjects worldwide. However, I can't say that I'm a member of its court. More on that later, though. It's basically a body massager that's more commonly used to stimulate the clitoris. It could be used on men as well, if they like vibrations. Of course, it's great to use on tired feet or an aching back.

Material / Texture

The main body of the Hitachi is smooth plastic, while the head is rubber that has a slight wrinkly texture to it. It's not really rough, but it's not smooth either. The head can't be sterilized, which is particularly worrisome because that's the part of the wand that comes in contact with genitals. There are some remedies for this issue, however. If you're going to be sharing your Hitachi or just want to keep the head clean, you can cover the head with a condom before use. Alternatively, a more long-term, cost-effective, and eco-friendly option would be to invest in a silicone cover. Vixen Creations, for example, makes three to choose from: the Off With Their Head attachment, the Gee Whizzard, and the Gee Whiz. The Off With Their Head is a replacement head that has two sides with different textures for variety, while the Gee Whizzard and Gee Whiz are covers that have a dildo portion that turns your Hitachi into an insertable vibrator.

Design / Shape / Size

The Hitachi is quite a bulky toy. Here are some measurements for it that I took myself:

Head circumference: 7.25 inches
From the top surface of the head to the neck (length of the head): 2.25 inches
Length of the wand excluding the power cord: 12.5 inches
Length of power cord: 6 feet
Also, I weighed it and it's 1.34 pounds/21.45 ounces.

While the large, broad head is great for body massage, it might frustrate those who like pinpoint stimulation. What I find to be a more annoying problem, though, is that since it's on the heavy side, handling it for long periods tends to be tiring. I don't have any hand or wrist issues, but they're not particularly strong, so I found that I had to occasionally shift hands or rest my elbows on a pillow. Also, the bulkiness of the Hitachi can make using it simultaneously with an insertable toy more challenging when compared to using a small clitoral vibe.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Hitachi has two speeds, low (L) and high (H). The low setting has a vibration rate of 5,000 rpm, the high setting's rate being 6,000 rpm.


I would describe the low setting as crazy strong, and the high setting as extra crazy strong. The vibrations are buzzy to the extreme, which I don't personally find pleasurable. I wouldn't consider my clitoris to be a soldier in the Clit o' Steel brigade, so the Hitachi is simply too strong for me. More about that in the Personal comments section.

Another thing that I really dislike about the Hitachi is how loud it is. If you're like me in that your living situation makes being discreet a priority, this toy is a poor choice. It can be heard through a closed door and through walls. I haven't tested it, but you might even be able to hear it between stories. I was only able to use mine when no one else was at home, which meant I didn't get to use it very often.

Care and Maintenance

Since the Hitachi is not waterproof, using it and cleaning it is a bit tricky. I would personally only use a small amount of water-based lube on the head if necessary, just to be on the safe side (as I'm not sure how silicone or oil would react with the rubber.) If you're going to be using it with a silicone cover, definitely stick to water-based lubes. A silicone cover will also make it much easier to clean, as you can just take off the cover and clean that. If you're using the original head, it can be removed and cleaned with warm, soapy water. A toy wipe will also work if you don't want to remove the head every time you clean it. I periodically clean mine with a baby wipe (since I no longer use it for masturbation,) and it works fine, although the head has picked up the smell of the baby wipes I use.

As for storage, keeping it in its original cardboard box is the simplest way to go. While it's not a delicate toy, I wouldn't suggest storing something heavy on top of it.


I've already recycled the box my Hitachi came in after I accidentally squashed it. It was a simple box with pictures of people using it non-erotically. The manual is adequate, giving important safeguards such as telling you how to not electrocute yourself with the Hitachi. No reference is made anywhere about the Hitachi being used for masturbatory purposes.

Personal comments

Honestly, I am not at all fond of the Hitachi. Like I said earlier, I don't have a Clit o' Steel, but that's not to say I don't need my vibrators to have oomph. Specifically, I prefer rumbly vibrations. The combination of buzziness and insane power do not feel sensual to me in the least. I can orgasm when using this toy, but it's very fleeting and unsatisfactory. On top of that, it's very numbing and I can't have a second orgasm in the same sitting, with this toy or a different one.

Now I would like to take a moment to recommend an alternative to the Hitachi. On a whim, quite awhile after experiencing my disappointment with the Hitachi, I decided to try out the Smart Wand large by Lelo. In my opinion, it is immensely superior to the Hitachi; it's everything the Hitachi is not. It has strong, rumbly vibrations, it's waterproof, rechargeable, and silicone. Since it's the same size as the Hitachi, it's no less bulky, but it weighs less and I never really have a problem using an insertable toy at the same time. Unfortunately, it costs about three times as much as the Hitachi, but I think it's worth it if you can catch it on sale.

A comparison of the two:

Compared to Lelo Smart Wand large


I was very excited to try out the Hitachi when I had decided to order it about a year ago. After a dozen or so sessions with it, I finally admitted to myself that I didn't like it. Since the Hitachi is so iconic, it was hard for me to believe that this toy just didn't to it for me like it does for a lot of people. Still, I like it for what it was made for, massaging non-erogenous body parts. The numbing quality actually feels nice on my feet after a long day or a workout.
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