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Romance On-The-Go

The Pure Romance Collection Kit gives you a good way to bring a lot of new items into your sex life very effortlessly. The items make it easy to have a sexy and romantic night, and it includes everything you need for that fun "surprise"!
GREAT assortment/quality, Many items reusable, Full-sized vibe, Beautiful packaging
Vajazzling one-time use and may not interest most, Heart-shaped stinger is odd
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
The Pure Romance Collection Kit is an Evolved collection that comes with QUITE a few different things to play with. Some of the items are reusable as well, but even so, the items all come together to make a fun way to enjoy one night with some "leftover" fun for later. The kit comes with: two silky scarves, a bag of rose petals, 52 Love Vouchers, 2 electric candles, a Paradise condom, System JO H2O Water-based regular lube, System JO H20 flavored lube (mine was watermelon), a Seduction vibrator, two Love dice, a Heart-Shaped Stinger, a vibrating cock ring, and Vajazzled gems. The condoms, vajazzle gems, lube (once they run out), and the cock ring (once the batteries die) are the ONLY limited-use items in this kit. I'll go through and individually describe items, but items we sell will be further linked for in-depth reviews:

Packaging: The tin is a real tin, and it's gorgeous. The little pink bow on the front is a definite plus, and this looks like a romantic kit. It works good for storage as well as long as you take the plastic tray out. I'm definitely fond of the packaging.

Electric Candles: There are two of these. They are plastic, and the little glow is slightly yellow. They use a CR2032 battery which is a long, flat battery that is probably hard to find, but neither of ours have died. The lights are plastic too, so they won't break like lightbulbs. The light is surprisingly uncheesy. It's not a *real* candle, but it has the same glow, and once you get started playing with one another, you honestly won't notice. It's a GREAT choice for those, like some of my friends, who can't have candles in their bedrooms, or if you and your partner are worried about (or have knocked over) candles in your room, it's a good alternative.

Lubes: There's a H20 regular lube and the H20 flavored lube. Both are 30 ml formulas which is enough for about 3-4 regular uses depending on how much you use. My flavor was watermelon, but I'm not sure if they all are. However, I've tried a couple System JO flavored lubes, and they're yummy, so I definitely recommend their flavors for being realistic and not-too-chemically. Both lubricants do keep things slick and are easy to wash off. Both have 5-star ratings on EF.

Rose Petals: The Rose Petals are little fabric petals with no scent. They aren't too soft, but they aren't scratchy either. There are about twenty in the bag, and they can be reused as long as you gather them afterwards.

Love Dice: Two six-sided die that give actions and nouns on each dice. These are larger than average size and everything you need to do the actions is in the kit including the vibe. They can definitely be fun for a short time, but they get a bit old after awhile. However, they work out well as there's tons of other items to explore.

Heart-Shaped Love Stinger: This is probably the oddest item out of this. Like, this set doesn't come with instructions, and maybe somebody at Evolved could tell me what they had in mind, but I honestly have no idea what I was supposed to do with it. I ended up attaching it to my thumb and pinky and pulling back with the heart to slap it onto my partner - like a rubber band. It does hurt like one too. It basically is a firm piece of leather attached to two pieces of elastic (think slingshot) with a little handle on the back of the heart. It definitely stings, but I don't think we'll use this ever again.

Seduction Vibe: The Seduction vibe has three-speeds, and it's a full-sized vibrator. It is on the higher side of moderate in strength of vibrations, but it's still very quiet and can't be heard through a closed door. It's silky-soft plastic, and it ends up working very well as a good, traditional vibrator.

Vajazzled Gems: These are basically little gems that are attached to a sparkly piece of glue. They are single-use, and they do peel off after awhile. You can place these wherever you want on your body (lower back might be fun if you dislike the idea of near your pubic area), but the idea is to put them near your pubic area. The glue seems pretty decent though, but it will peel off with lots of sweat.
Silky Scarves: There are two silky scarves in the kit. There doesn't appear to be a blindfold, but the scarves definitely could work as a blindfold. The silk is a bit scratchy, but it still does its job, and you probably wouldn't notice the scratchiness. These are long enough to tie up your partner's wrists or ankles as well. The edges are finished as well, but with long-term use, they may unravel.

Condom: It's a Paradise Lubricated condom. It feels like a condom to us. We don't have enough experience with different condoms to make much of a differentiation. It has a width of 52mm. Expires in 2015. Single-use.

Vibrating Cock Ring: The vibrating cock ring comes in a sealed package. Inside is the ring. The material is very, VERY stretchy, and it has absolutely no scent to it. You can get this around any sized guy, and it doesn't squeeze *too* much, but you'll know it's there. There's also little nubs around the ring to add more sensation. The vibrations are definitely on the low and buzzy side, and the switch is a bit hard to flip, but it means that you won't accidentally turn it off. As far as I can tell, these batteries can not be replaced, so you won't be able to continue using it, but Evolved does have other cock rings they sell on here if you like this one.

52 Love Vouchers: These are sex-related "to-do" ideas that also include romance. They are fun to use to have a bit of a "lasting" effect with the kit, but it may not work out too well to use "right" with the kit as some of the vouchers need pre-planning. My full review here.

As a set: As a set, the neat thing is that you have a LOT of items for a very fun night once, but you still have a ton of items for "leftover" fun later which is great. All of the products are high-quality which is impressive, and while the kit is definitely aimed towards sex, the silkiness of the scarves and the rose petals definitely add a touch of romance. It basically is just a kit that aims to give you and your partner ways to play with one another. This would not be a good choice for a birthday/holiday present for someone who is aversed to sex (as it pretty much is "asking" for sex), but if you think something like this would be well-received, most of the items are items that any couple could use, and I'd definitely recommend it.
Follow-up commentary
I like this kit, and I think it's an okay addition to your sex life if you are planning a really nice night. However, I do think that not all of the items will continue to pleasure/sustain you. If you tend to not use sex toys regularly, this kit will be a fantastic introduction, but if you already have a couple toys, while this will be amazing on your trip, it may not be something you'll use too much once you get back from your trip. However, I do still recommend it, and I think it's a good kit of items.
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