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Magic Wand Original

Wand massager by Vibratex

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Test the best and you will need rest!

The Hitachi Magic Wand will improve your sex life. Its powerful enough to make the most difficult customer climax and will outlast your man, several packs or batteries, and most other sex toys you will ever buy. It is loud and not so discrete so if you live in close quarters or never get a chance to be alone or only with your lover, you might struggle to use this one without everyone knowing. Buy some attachments for it, you will enjoy it that much more.
It's powerful and never fails!
It is loud and a slightly bent handle might work better for those hard to reach spots.
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If you don't own one you should! The Hitachi Magic Wand is the workhorse of all sex toys. It's powerful, reasonably ergonomic, and many attachments are available on the market to make it fit your exact need(s). Built with high quality materials and intended to last. Its 120 volts AC powered with a cord so weak batteries are never a disappointment. I still keep an extension cord next to the bed so we have more freedom to play!

I have had my Hitachi vibe for 3 years and it has never let me down. I always use it with a couple of different attachments depending on my mood. Some cons are it is loud and kind of bulky for hiding or travel. I have never enjoyed it for genital stimulation without the attachments unless I am using it “legitimately” as a massager. It has a straight handle which is sometimes awkward for certain positions or areas. It has a white "sterile" design which could use a bit of updating so it looks to be part of this century.

This toy is primarily used by me or on me. My husband does enjoy the massage aspect however, he complains that the vibrations, even on low, are too powerful for his genitalia. We are looking for more "male suited" attachments. My personal favorite method of use is to begin using it at low speed on my clit and flicking it to high speed as my “O” approaches. This causes me to cum hard and long! There are tons of uses for this superb product and everyone should have one with a few interesting attachments.

OH! Nearly forgot! I only recommend pure silicone attachments. I had a jelly material cover stick to the head of the vibe and that wasn't nice. Pure silicone cleans easily and will last for many years. When most sex toys either wear out or lose their appeal you can add a whole new dimension and interest to your Magic Wand by simply buying a new attachment so it never gets boring.
One day I was being a bad housewife. My kids were away and my poor husband was working away in the yard while listening to the baseball game. I should have been doing housework or something boring like that however, I was a bit hot and bothered for no reason. I got out my Hitachi Magic Wand with a head cover that had a short hard nib which works wonders on my clit as I hold the vibe with both hands so the nib just "hovers" over my most sensitive clit. I started out as I normally do, on my back, knees in the air, with the Magic Wand on low speed. It felt so deliciously good! After a quick few minutes I felt the deep ache of an orgasm starting so I flicked the vibe to high speed and everything intensified. It was so blissful I became dizzy! Next thing I knew when I opened my eyes, I saw my most distraught husband watching me get myself off. He said "I came in for some water and I thought I heard something." I was embarrassed for a second that I had been caught however, I assured him "I was just warming up for him so he should be quick with a shower because the second inning is going to start soon and he needs to be up!Smile
Follow-up commentary
Another successful use for the magic Wand! Earlier in my review I wrote about my husbands opinion that the Magic Wand was "too powerful" and "uncomfortable for his cock and balls. I accidentally found a place where he can handle it and actually loves the strong vibrations! After a fun and sexy afternoon romp in the bedroom I had decided to try to massage my wore out hubby with my Hitachi. While he was very relaxed lying on his back with his eyes closed, I was massaging the front of his legs and thighs. His cock was limp and laying against his stomach. He made some smart comment about my next "job" was to get him something to eat. I realized I was spoiling him so I decided to end his lazy enjoyment and "buzz him" with the Magic Wand. With the speed set to low, I gently placed the ball of the Wand against the bottom side of his cock just under the head. I expected him to jump or jerk and then get angry however, he instantly let out a loud moan and didn't push me away as I had expected. This was the spot! He instantly got hard as I continued to move the Magic Wand in a small circular motion. Within a minute I noticed pre-cum and in a few minutes later he came. This was without any other stimulation whatsoever! We have since used the Magic Wand in the same fashion. He likes to use a thick towel folded up and placed under his cock so the vibrations are not so intense on his stomach. In some way this action reminds me of stimulating my own clit... He still doesn't like the Magic Wand used on his balls or on the head or top of his cock however, that one spot on the bottom of his rod just under the head is described as pure bliss!
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  • tantric
    based on the reviews I can't believe other toy's are even out there. 'spose I ought get one for my girlfriend. This may however be the only toy to ever make me feel at though I may have something to be jealous. I do agree about the outdated looks, this thing looks like something left over from the 50's.
  • tantric
    based on the reviews I can't believe other toy's are even out there. 'spose I ought get one for my girlfriend. This may however be the only toy to ever make me feel at though I may have something to be jealous. I do agree about the outdated looks, this thing looks like something left over from the 50's.
  • Gary
    My wife has had one of these forever, and they are great for back and neck massages! It does make your teeth rattle when you use it on the back of your neck.
  • Sexalicious K
    If they put some more chrome or made it out of a purely white plastic, it would look more at home in a 50's themed dinner! It does do the trick just keep it away from the dental work! Winking
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    So you use mostly clit attachments, insertion ones? What makes them better than using it alone.

  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Also, you mentioned a jelly attachment sticking to the head - was the head damaged at all?
  • Sexalicious K
    Adriana - Yes, I use clit attachments. I only ever purchased one insertable cover and that was the jelly one. Bits of jelly material were stuck to the head however, it all came off and caused no damage. I have the "Gee Wiz" head cover on my wish list. When I get that perhaps that will be a great oppotunity for another review!
  • Kylar
    Thanks for the review!
  • WhoopieDoo
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  • Beneath The Bed
    Love the story
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    nice review
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