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This is my favorite lube currently, it is good in general but especially good for use for anal play/sex. The fact the lube is made of mostly natural ingredients has me less worried about using this internally.

This lube has a very natural feeling when on sensitive skin. I love that it does not have to be for anal but for any where lube is needed! Just wish the packaging helped the application more and the lube does have a slippery texture to it.

If you are looking for a good, long-ish lasting lube, with all natural ingredients BUY THIS NOW. Obviously get it if you are using it for anal, but it also works well as an all purpose lube. Because it is water-based it can be used with silicone toys.

If you're looking for a water-based lube that is as versatile as it is universally friendly, you've got a great match. If you're wanting something that will last all through the night without having to be bothered with many, many applications, you're going to want something else. While it was good for a lot of things, I would not recommend this to someone that already has a fairly well-stocked lubricant shelf.

The bottom (ha!) line is Sassy is an outstanding lube not only for anal play but for other activities too. The fact that it is water-based and glycerin-free means it is perfect for use with silicone toys and for those of us with sensitivities. Plus, it comes in a cute and functional bottle. I would highly recommend this lube to anyone, especially those who are looking for a high quality anal lube.

This is great multipurpose lube and it especially shines for anal use-- hence the name Sassy Booty. It is a great choice for when you want to use maybe a silicone anal toy and clearly cant use silicone lubricant. It works wonderfully for vaginal intercourse or masturbation and is vegan friendly.

This is an awesome water-based lube, especially for those with sensitive skin or those looking for vegan-friendly products. It can be used not only for anal play but a variety of experiences. It's long lasting, just the right consistency, and doesn't get icky and sticky!

This is a fabulously natural feeling, water-based lube. It has a thicker consistency for anal play, although I only used it vaginally & on my clitoris. The minimal, vegan ingredients are hypoallergenic and safe for all toy materials. I recommend anyone interested in trying a water-based Sliquid lube try this one. Unfortunately, I had a reaction to it, but I have an incredibly sensitive system & I don't think most people would have any problems with it!

Made of natural, body-friendly ingredients, this clear, odorless lube stays put where applied. As an anal lube it is inferior to silicone. But as an all-rounder it is wonderful. Sliquid Sassy can be used with all toys including silicone, and is great for external, vaginal, and short-term anal use, pretty much everything except playing in water and long-term anal use.

If you've found yourself perusing Sliquid's selection of lubes featuring thicker formulas, Sassy is a stalwart contender. It's slick and thick, creating a fantastic glide for any kind of play. Just keep in mind that Eden only carries the smaller sized bottle, which isn't as cost-effective if you're someone who likes to stock up.

If you're looking for a safe, water-based lube designed for anal play then Sliquid's Sassy Booty really should be at the top of your shopping list. Boasting all-natural ingredients and safe for use with any toys, this is one lube that has earned its permanent place on our bedside table.

If you're looking for a water-based, anal lube, you've come to the right booty. This lube is paraben-free, glycerine-free, and 100% vegan-friendly. It's safe to use with all material types, and you won't have to worry any more about ruining your favorite anal toys. You won't be disappointed with this long-lasting, anal lube.

If you are looking for a thicker, water based lube for anal then this Sassy formula should do the trick. If this was advertised as anything but lube for anal intercourse then I would be thoroughly disappointed with it. That being said, it is worth it if you value the vegan and more natural types of products, but there is a trade off in performance with that. If you are already on board with Sliquid's product philosophy you should thoroughly enjoy using this for anal.

Sliquid's Sassy Booty could well be one of the best water-based lubes around. It's safe for all bodies and all toys, it's thicker than many other similar lubes, and doesn't just have to be used for anal play. Plus, a little goes a long way. It's already pretty much perfect. I just wish it was offered here on EF in larger bottles.

I have nothing bad to say about any of Sliquid's lubricants, and Sassy is no different. It's thick, natural, vegan, and versatile. There's no reason not to try it out!

I shouldn't have doubted Sliquid, but when I first tested this out on my hand I did. It seemed to dry out quickly and leave a weird residue. In use, only one of these was true. Sassy is a work horse that will out last you every time. Unfortunately, you will be left with an icky residue that needs to be cleaned up with soap and water.

This lube is totally worth it if you like something a little thicker than normal, that you can use everywhere, not just for anal play. Sliquid did an amazing job, yet again, of formulating a perfect, slippery-smooth lube.

This was a very satisfying lube that gave me confidence when playing anally. I am a natural product junkie, and this is a must for anyone who loves products that will not harm them. Please give this a try!

So far, I love Sassy booty. It is a fantastic water-based anal lube that is great for sensitive skin. It can be used for a variety of sexual activities as well. This may be my new favorite lube and definitely is making my top 3. It is vegan, paraben-free, glycerine-free and reasonably priced. What's not to like? I have to say, Sassy Booty has definitely lived up to the ratings, hype and expectations I had for it.

Overall, a great option for someone looking for a vegan lube, or someone with a sensitivity to other lubes. It won't last quite as long as some thicker lubes, but for a vegan lube it is an excellent option.

This is a great lube for all kinds of anal play. It is water-based and can be used with most toys. It has no scent, and is easy to clean up afterwards. The thicker, but not too thick, consistency keeps the lube long-lasting. Overall, it's a great product and I am definitely going to buy another bottle when I'm done with this one!

You never have a second chance to make a first impression. This lube will make sure that your partner sings, "Whoa, baby, I'm a back door (wo)man."

This product is worth every penny. If you're looking for something that will last, feels natural, and is a great companion during anal play, look no further!

Overall, the product is worth it. Though it's good for anal play, we were most surprised with how well it performs vaginally with minimal application. There's also no need for cleanup with this lube and it won't stain sheets.

My favorite lube for absolutely anything - a must-have for anal play! The bottle lasts for a while, the price is great, it doesn't taste or smell funky... what's not to love?

If you are looking for a long lasting, thick, gel like lube this is the lube for you! Great for all types of play (anal, oral, vaginal, toys). A little can go a long way. It’s water based, without any parabens or glycerin, and hypoallergenic. This is a great brand!

This lube is now my favorite. I typically used the common drug store variety and decided one day to try this and we love it. This has become a must have in our bedroom.

If you are looking for a healthy, water-based lubricant for anal sex, I would recommend Sliquid Sassy Booty Formula. While it isn't the thickest or longest-lasting lubricant out there, it keeps my vagina happy.

Sliquid's Sassy Booty is a great all around lubricant to use with toys, without toys, during masturbation, and during sex. It's definitely worth trying.

Overall, this lube does exactly what is says it is going to do. It is thick, long lasting, odorless, and slick!

A great, vegan-friendly, no-nonsense, water-based lube that is unscented and glycerin, sulfates, and paraben-free! It's thick and doesn't run. It's also not sticky or tacky. Intended for use with toys, alone, or with a partner--both vaginally and anally.

Sassy is a great, natural water-based anal lubricant. The gel consistency stays put, and although reapplication is needed, Sassy is super slick.

The sassy booty is a neat water based lube that is perfect for vaginal use as well as anal use. You can use it alone or with your partner. I'd recommend this lube with just a few cautions. I personally didn't have a fully pleasant experience, but don't let this deter you from trying this lube out. It's water based so it can be used with your favorite toys, and even though it's in a pink bottle it's perfect for men and women.

When you need a thicker water based lube, This is my new go to. It is odorless and Tasteless. Made from 100% Vegan ingredients and non of the nasty stuff. Most important to me, NOT STICKY. No residue after use.

This product dries out so fast that, even if it is only used as an anal lubricant, you would be going back to the store for more in a week. In order to work for any length of time, this lubricant would require applying large amounts, and very frequently, per session.

This lube worked great for small toys - not so well for my bigger toys. I'll keep it around for vaginal use and for my small plug and anal beads, but I will be seeking another lubricant to make my bigger plug more enjoyable.

If you're looking for a thick but smooth multi-purpose lubricant, especially if you're prone to yeast infections, Sliquid Sassy is a great choice. For both anal and vaginal play, I don't believe you can find a better all-natural option!

Sassy Booty Formula is a Fabulous addition to my toy bag, offering a variety of uses. Sure she's designed for behind, but I know I'll be using her for much more, because she can last all night with any one of my play things. A water based lube that acts like it's silicone based is a great asset for anal and everything else.

Sliquid has done it again. The Sassy Booty formula is a lubricant for your favorite silicone anal toys or anal sex. It cleans up and dries wonderfully and is low maintenance to boot!

Sliquid's Sassy Booty formula is touted as a lube specially formulated for cheeky backdoor shenanigans. I would gladly give it that distinctive honor. I don't like using just any lube for anal. Sassy Booty goes on thick (but not too thick), stays slick and slippery, is easy to reactivate and isn't a hassle to clean up at the end. I would gladly use it again, and again.

Sliquid promises a 100% vegan friendly product with their sassy booty formula that still manages to attract even the most hardcore lubricant critics. You can reactivate it, use it for a variety of different sex styles, it's water-based and toy safe, and a little goes a long way. Everything that I've looked for can be found in this 4.2 oz jar, and the rest of my lubricants have been gathering dust. By the way, is your lube funny because the sassy booty formula is!

This is by far the most amazing lubricant I've ever purchased. Made anal penetration painless, even for the first timer. I will never buy another brand of lubricant again. MUST HAVE.

Sliquid Sassy Booty Formula is thick enough for anal, comfortable enough for vaginal sex, scentless and is produced ethically. Don't let the gendered bottle fool you, this is great for anyone who loves anal, but especially those with hoo-haa's. I've been converted to Sliquid, and I highly recommend it.

Don't shrug it off! This is a product that you will not regret trying! Add it to your cart and take it home today. It's good for your body and is so natural feeling, all while giving you the glide you need to get the job done without harming your body. So glad I found this stuff.

I love Sliquid products, so I had to try this lube and I must say I was impressed like always. This is a nice thick, water based lubricant that will go the distance for whatever you want to use it for.

Sliquid Sassy Booty Gel is an amazing lube that I cannot promote enough. It is my favorite lubes for anal. I was first off put by the price, but I now feel it is totally worth it!

Sassy Booty is safe for most people, has minimal ingredients, is 100% vegan friendly and is tested on humans, not animals. As a lube it leaves a bit to be desired and tended to fry me out as well as absorb immediately. This is a great product for chemical conscious people who do not mind frequent reapplication.

The bottom line (or top line, in this instance): If you're searching for a thicker lubricant that's free of harmful ingredients and added frills, you'd be remiss not to give Sliquid Sassy a try.

I like sticking things in my butt, but I certainly don't get along with the chemicals that you'll find in the ingredient lists of other lubes. This wonderful lube is an amazing all-natural vegan lube that's friendly with just about anything or anyone. It's certainly worth the price and has made the impossible very possible and pleasurable. If you're a body conscious anal enthusiast, this needs to be on your list of required materials.

This is the best lube I've ever used. Can you say "It didn't hurt?" and it still doesn't the next day? At least not past the barely sore "Hurt so good" feeling after stuffing eight inches of a two and a half inch thick dildo up your ass? For over an hour. Maybe two hours. Without resorting to silicone or glycerin based lubes? I didn't think so. Give this one a try.

If you need something for anal, masturbation, or just something a little thicker for use during sex, Sliquid has got you covered. It's thick, lasts long, doesn't dry up quickly, and has no scent or taste. It's also free of harmful chemicals! What more could you want?! GO BUY THIS STUFF NOW!

If you want a great anal lube that feels smooth, lasts as long as you do, and does its job, buy Sliquid Sassy Booty. It has yet to leave me regretting the decision to use it for my anal needs.

This lubricant is worth it for a few reasons, one being that it can be used as a regular lube for toys and just play, while also being able to be used for anal play. This product has blown my mind and for 4 oz. of it for only 13 bucks who can go wrong. I will always have this stuff around the bedroom.

Sassy Booty is another great product in the Sliquid family of lubes. Great for any type to play, solo to anal, and safe to boot! This is a nightstand must.

I used to use a very popular ID lubricant and always wished for something better. When I found Sliquid's line of products, I never looked back. This is really a great formula for all manner of play. I especially love this formula while using my TPR toys.

Sliquid sassy booty formula is a great choice if you need something thicker, chemical free, and want to feel a bit sassy. If none of the above apply to you then grab the quickest lube and get that quicky girl..OR GUY.. I think I purchased this because I was feeling sassy..NONE THE LESS.. I give it 3 thumbs up and hey I know where I want those thumbs to go..Go get my Sliquid..

A good, thick, vegan, gluten-free lube. Also free from all the chemical nasties. Great for use with silicone toys. A bit pricey compared to basic lubes, but worth it.

Here it is, my favorite lube. There is no end-all be-all of lubricants but this has certainly improved my opinion of water based lubes, especially water based lubes which can also be used for anal play. Sliquid Booty is fairly eco-friendly and good for people with sensitive bodies. Honestly, I find no tragic flaws in this product. Five starts because the only think I could possibly improve would be adding a pump bottle but I am not reviewing a container.

If you have any concerns about using lubricants with a bunch of potentially harmful chemicals in them, it's hard to go wrong with Sliquid Sassy Booty Gel. It functions great as an anal lube and just fine as a vaginal lubricant. Even if this was a lube with a bunch of difficult-to-pronounce ingredients, it would be a fine lube, but being natural and vegan truly makes it a winner.

Sliquid Sassy Booty Formula is an excellent anal lube in my opinion. It is natural, vegan and water based so it will work for all people and all toys & condoms. It is body safe, doesn't have any odor or taste, and can also be used for vaginal penetration. The only downside to being water based is you cannot use it during tub or shower play. However, this is really a minor setback and doesn't even matter if you don't participate in water play often.

Whether you're an anal veteran or a complete newb, you need a reliable lube. Not only is Sassy compatible with all toy materials, but it's versatile! Plus, you don't have to worry about your lube reacting with what's naturally there because Sassy is glycerin and paraben free!

Sliquid Sassy Booty is a thicker water-based lubricant that works great for exactly what it is designed for, anal sex. But don't underestimate this slippery stuff, it's great for vaginal use too! Whether you're using it alone or with a partner, this could be your new go-to lube. Just remember, a little goes a long way!

The Sliquid Sassy is a beautiful, thick, water-based lube that is great for vaginal or anal play. It's also extremely body friendly, as it's made of only four ingredients, which are not only hypoallergenic, but also 100% vegan, so it's a great choice for anyone concerned about ingredients in their lubes.

A water based, thick anal lubricant allows for more in anal play than a silicone lube. Your toys will be compatible, and it dries into the skin rather than sticking around for a long period of time. Sassy has staying power for a great anal lubricant and because it is glycerin and paraben free it makes a great vaginal lubricant as well.

I definitely recommend Sliquid Sassy Booty Formula to anyone. It's great for so many different things, is tasteless and odorless, and is completely free of glycerin and parabens which is a must as far as we are concerned. It might not last as long as other lubes but it is definitely our favorite to date.

If you need a good long-lasting lube for anal, or for vaginal play, I highly suggest you give Sassy a try. Being void of nasty ingredients, and made by a great company, this lube has it all!

Sliquid Sassy Booty Formula is a wonderful lube for those that are looking for an anal, or vaginal lubricant with staying power.

In my opinion, if you want something charming to show off your feminine side, or to make you feel more comfortable with the general idea of anal sex, go for Sliquid Sassy Booty formula. However, be prepared that your comfort may not be long-lasting.

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