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Sliquid sassy booty formula review

In my opinion, if you want something charming to show off your feminine side, or to make you feel more comfortable with the general idea of anal sex, go for Sliquid Sassy Booty formula. However, be prepared that your comfort may not be long-lasting.
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I recently received my first product from Eden Fantasys to review; Sliquid Sassy Booty formula. The first thing I noticed about this anal lubricant was, of course, the bottle design. It was very feminine and flirty, which I think may help dull squeamishness related to anal pleasures. I had to chuckle a bit at the humorous writing in the description on the side of the bottle.

It had an easy, flip-top lid, and a small seal beneath, for security. The lubricant was hypoallergenic, a definite plus for those with skin sensitivities. I started by sniffing the translucent gel. There was no noticeable odor, which was expected of an "unscented" product. I squirted a small amount onto my fingers, testing the consistency. The lubricant was a bit slippery, with a sticky after effect. I licked it from my finger, and tasted nothing. I lay back upon the bed, and applied approximately a tablespoon of Sliquid onto my clitoris, spreading it downward to the vaginal entrance.

While the gel is meant for anal lubrication, I wanted to explore whether or not it would be good for multiple uses. The lubricant slipped on generously, and felt wonderful. However, after only a minute or so of massage, I found the need to re-apply. The gel had all but evaporated into my skin, leaving a somewhat annoyingly viscous residue.

Later, my partner sleeked the gel upon himself, then lubed my anus. The same reaction occurred: At first, the gel was cool and refreshing, with an almost moisturizing feel. Then, within moments, it reduced to a dry stickiness. It took some slow effort to enter me, and by the time he was able to penetrate, the lubrication was virtually gone.

While this product did provide a momentary "zing" of cool wetness, it did not last long enough to truly aid in penetration. In addition, I am unable to identify the difference between this "anal lubricant" and other, run-of-the-mill vaginal lubricants. It would appear to me as though a simple vaginal lubricant were given a cute name and a pretty bottle, in the hopes of convincing the purchaser that there is something special about this product. I was hoping for a thicker fluid, perhaps something with a somewhat more viscous base, to ensure longer lasting moisture. On the plus side, this lubricant does live up to the promise of no scent, no taste, and no staining of clothing or furniture.

In my opinion, if you want something charming to show off your feminine side, or to make you feel more comfortable with the general idea of anal sex, go for Sliquid Sassy Booty formula. However, be prepared that your comfort may not be long-lasting.
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  • I found that sassy lasted a bit longer than you described, although not as long as a silicone would. I'm not bummed about re-applying more when needed, the trade off for a simple & clean lubricant is worth it! I give it 4 stars.
  • I've also used Sliquid's Booty formula and regular formula. They both dry up so quickly. It's super irritating to reapply every few minutes when you're fucking. I stopped using this product despite it being simple and clean..
  • Agreed!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Very good review
  • Lady Neshamah
    great review
  • chantalgiardina
    great review
  • salaciousrex
    Thanks for the review
  • EJ
    Thanks for the heads up on this product. I've used a couple of Sliquid's vaginal lubricants and have been pleased with them, but I wouldn't want to use them for anal play. If this is just the equivalent of their vag lubes, I think I'd pass.
  • Itinerant
    Thanks for the review.
  • kj
    glad I read this, thanks!
  • Love Perpetua
    Thanks for the review. Drying up within moments sounds incredibly fast, making this almost useless as a lubricant? I guess I will pass, although I do love other Sliquid lubes.
  • SMichelle
    Wow, sorry to hear that it dries up so fast... think I'll pass.

    Thanks for the review.
  • arewehavingfun?
    We are not fans of the Sliquid products either, for the same reason (drys too quickly).
  • bumblebeemouth
    Thank you for the review, good to know it dries quickly!
  • kap214
    Yep, totally agree. Hate the residue more than anything.
  • whatwhatinthebutt
    just sprinkle a few drops of water on your junk once in a while, and it will slick right back up!
  • IndependentlyHappy
    Thanks for the review!
  • Cat E.
    Thanks for the review.
  • Jenny Smith
    thanks for the review
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