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While Vitality won't be a size-queen's beloved, it's an outstanding dual-action vibrator for girls who like a slow, passionate build-up to orgasm or those who want a quick, powerful orgasm in much less time than it would take with any other dual-action vibrator available. I like that the vibrations can be set to give you the slow build up or the straight to it orgasm. My partner and I are fascinated with Vitality, and it has left me thinking there's nothing out there that could ever measure up.
Strong vibrations.
Double motors.
Flexible enough to fit most anatomies.
Numbing/itchy vibrations.
Buttons are sensitive and can accidentally be bumped.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


Vitality is a dual-action vibrator, meaning that while the insertable shaft is inserted, there's an extending, smaller shaft to stimulate the clitoris. Vitality is the most unique dual-action vibrator I've used. For one, it can even be used hands-free for some like myself.

Vitality is a great vibrator for solo use, but is also a fun addition to a couple's foreplay as well. This is definitely the vibrator for those who like a toy that promises orgasm as I believe it'll do the trick for most if this is the type of vibrator you're looking for. It's probably the most useful dual-action vibrator available.

I'm going to also say this is grinder-friendly due to the comfortable, soft clitoral shaft and because the vibrations do not recede when pressure is applied.

Vitality comes with a 1 year warranty and 10 year limited guarantee, which can be registered at www.leafvibes.com.

Material / Texture

Vitality has a silicone exterior, and much different from your typical silicone coated toys. It's flexible & super smooth. This is the type of silicone you hear people refer to as "velvety." The internal parts include metal and ABS plastic.

Vitality is hypo-allergenic, latex and phthalates free. Made with non-porous food grade material, and rates 10/10 on EF's safety scale.

While this type of silicone is the best quality since it's not just a thin layer over a plastic toy, there is some drag when rubbing it across skin and it picks up hairs and dust like mad! But that's just what comes with a good silicone toy. Lying it on the bed is enough to pick up hidden hairs, but having wipes like Eden's toy wipes on hand makes things less frustrating.

No odor upon opening. The included drawstring bag is made of natural canvas. It's tan, has brown drawstrings and the only text on it is the "Leaf" logo and the words "by Swan" in the bottom right corner. It's pretty durable and when closed, the toy will not dump out if you turn the bag upside down. It's a useful one!


Vitality sounds very different from my other vibrators. When I first used it, I thought it was slightly loud. Not necessarily loud, but noticeably noisy. To my ears, it sounded pretty noticeable, but while I was lying on the bed and my partner was standing directly above me, he said he could not even hear the vibrator (this was with both motors running on the highest speed. The lower settings are even quieter.

When I say the noise was different, I mean that instead of a buzzy appliance, the thing that came to mind was a generator running from a distance. Should you wonder how I would even begin to relate the two, let me just say, out here in the middle of bum fu... nevermind. In the middle of nowhere, when our power goes out, it's out! So I know the sound of a generator running in the distance far too well. That is exactly what Vitality sounds like to me. A subtle-ish hum of an appliance such as a generator off in the distance. Nothing like your typical vibrator or electrical razor/toothbrush. This means, if someone happens to hear it, they're likely to not immediately notice that the noise is coming from your bedroom or is a vibrator at all. It's sort of like when there's a car running and it's parked nearby, you kind of hear the hum of it, but it's not immediately in your face.

So, in fewer words, this is quiet enough. Doesn't wake the dead & is likely to be suitable for some who share their space. If someone else is in the same room and there's no air running or background noise, it could be heard, but covers and a door makes it silent to other ears.
    • Flexible
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

The design of Vitality is very sleek, simple and entirely green, which is something I appreciate -- the color, that is. Kidding! Kidding. I appreciate all three of those things, but the color is fun. It's bright green like a grassy field in the summer.

It's basically a round base with two leaf-like shaped shafts protruding from it. Both "leaves" or shafts are slightly curved, and come to a tip at the very end and get wider, similar to some leaves. The tip being pointy means you have a little bit of pin-point stimulation. Note: there is a hardly-noticeable seam running through the center of the toy, but I highly doubt anybody will ever feel it. Besides the seam though, you may notice the raised markings on the silicone, located on the very back/base of the toy. Markings on the toy include: DC, 5V, CE, 202 (all of these are symbols pertaining to RoHs standards, CE certified and electrical safety symbols), the trash can with X through it symbol (meaning discard of batteries properly, not by throwing in trash) and lastly, the word "PowerBullet." On the front of the toy, the only raised marking is the "Leaf" logo, which is located directly above the buttons and does not come in contact with the body. None of these markings will affect you since they don't touch the body. In fact, they're hard to even see.


Diameter: 1"
Circumference: 3 1/4"
Insertable length: 3 1/4"
Length: 5 1/2"

Measurements with my measuring tape
Clitoral stimulator measures: 2 3/4" around.
Insertable shaft's widest part: 3 1/4"
Smallest part of clitoral shaft & insertable shaft tapers down to 1/2" around.
Length of clitoral stimulator: 3 1/4"
Length of insertable shaft: 3 3/4" long.
Entire length of toy from base to tip: 5 1/4"

Weighing only 1 pound, Vitality is probably the most compact dual-action vibrator out there. Most dual-action vibrators are long, but this about fits in my hand, so the size plus the locking button feature makes this a perfect travel companion. It fits in my small-ish purse and can be tucked under clothing items in a suitcase for travel.

Note: Space from clitoral stimulator to insertable shaft 2 3/4". That means the space from your vagina to your clitoris should be around those measurements in order for this toy to best line up with your anatomy. However, there's so much flexibility between the two stimulators that I'm pretty positive this will fit most anatomies. The only issue that may arise is the clitoral stimulator may come up too short to actually reach the clitoris while the toy's inserted. If you measure from your vaginal entrance to your clitoris, you can know for sure whether or not this one will line up right. For instance my own measurement from my entrance to clitoris (sorry for the TMI) 2 3/4" and it lines up perfectly for me.

Given that I'm pretty narrow down there and find many toys to be too uncomfortable for insertion, I was hesitant about getting this. A lot of the vibrators from the Leaf line are much too wide for me, and while the reviews showed that this is a lot smaller than it appears in the product photo, I was still shocked to see in person just how small it was. This was a good thing for me because it means it comfortably goes in. However, a girl who needs girth will not find that in Vitality. I doubt it will even provide a "full feeling" to most as it doesn't even do that for me, but it does put pressure on my G-spot. So if you're like me and prefer smaller toys, this will do the trick, but a size queen may want to look elsewhere if you're concern is girthy penetration.

Due to my still being surprised at the small size, I figured I'd add some photos of the vibrator compared to several items to give others a better idea of how compact it is for a dual-action toy.

Above, you see Vitality in a line-up with Eden Toy Wipes -- since most of you own a pack, I figured this would really give you a good idea of the size -- and my phone, which is of a typical size, probably smaller than an I-phone and lastly a measuring tape and Sharpie, if that so happens to be helpful.

Made in China.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Vitality has two motors -- one in the insertable shaft and one located in the clitoral shaft. The built-in control pad allows you to change the speed/settings of each motor, meaning you could turn the insertable shaft on a very low vibration while having full-speed vibrations on your clitoris.

Vitality is rechargeable & runs on a Lithium-Polymer 180 MAH 3.7V battery. Run time is up to 4 hours, although I've ran mine out in slightly less than that, the time will vary depending on which speeds you use. 4 hours is still really great though! Charging time is 3 hours.

*Unlike most high-priced vibrators (Matryoshka, Freestyle), Vitality didn't come with multiple adapters. Mine only came with the one charger for my country -- the USA. For other countries who use a different type of outlet thingy, I'm really unsure how that would work. So it's worth checking into if you live elsewhere before purchasing. Also note: Swan advises against using other adapters besides the one provided specifically for this product to charge your toy.*

Let me say something possibly important, while we're still discussing batteries before going on. I've gone and shared my exact experience with the charging ordeal I had in my personal section. However, I want to note that Swan says you should charge your Leaf vibrator for 3 hours prior to ever using it, which I expected and did. That is why I was so thrown off and thinking mine was defective again because it was not wanting to charge! Turned out, my Vitality (and likely my first one that I rendered "defective") was just charged prior to arriving to me and that is why I thought something was wrong -- because it says charge 3 hours prior to using, and that is what I was trying to do! Moving on. To learn more about that whole ordeal, see my personal comments section.

Locking and Unlocking Vitality
Since Vitality comes locked, you will need to unlock in order to use it. Unlock the controls by holding down both buttons for 4 seconds. Both buttons will flicker green and then stop, indicating that it's on. To put it back in lock mode, which is a good idea if you're putting it in your purse or travelling, do the same thing -- hold the buttons down again for 4 seconds.

Charging Vitality

Vitality has a tiny hole in the back, right above all those markings we talked about. The charger will be inserted into this hole, but remember to give it a firm push and ensure that a red LED light shows up, or else you will be charging your Vitality and not actually be charging it! You'll just think you are. So give it a push, you'll feel it go in and let me just say, it feels weird! Maybe I'm just still new at having "luxury" vibrators, but both my partner and I noticed how strange it felt to stick er' in! He said "Oh my gosh. I feel like I'm pushing through someone's skin!" A nerd, yes, but I had to tell ya. Once it is fully charged, the red LED light disappears.

Vitality can be charged at any time -- the battery does not have to be exhausted before you can put it back on the charger.

Nevermind us simple minded folks.

This lovely little hole is also where the waterproof feature comes into play. I've heard this in the past when reading about other higher end toys, that the charging hole will create its own little bubble over the hole when submerged in water, making it waterproof! I thought that was interesting, and it's exactly how it works. It is totally waterproof, not just splash proof. You can actually take it in the bath with you. The strong vibrations sure make the bath water ripple! Although I'm not much for bath play -- I get distracted reading my shampoo label -- one of my thoughts while using Vitality in the bath was that it would be heaven for someone who loves bath play, but finds the water to sort of mute the vibrations. Or at least it does for me.

How To Use Vitality's Controls

If you're as vibrator button illiterate as me, this part may come in handy. I'll be lengthy, so if you'd like to skip this part, feel free.

I love that Vitality has two buttons only, yet you still have different functions. It makes things simple and less overwhelming than what you see on a lot of dual action vibrators. Vitality works with a "press & hold" function, meaning to increase your speeds or decrease them, you press the + or - button and hold them. They will light up a lovely green color and flash until they've reached the maximum or minimum speed. When you find the speed you like, simply let go of the button. Otherwise, keep it held until it reaches the maximum or minimum.

You have two raised buttons, which are covered in silicone located on the front, lower half of the toy, where the bulge is. Some users may find that these buttons are easy to push by accident when in use, since you will hold the toy by the "bulge" base. I've only accidentally pressed the buttons once while in use.

The button on top of the lower button (located closer to the base) is to increase/decrease your clitoral shaft while the button right below it controls your internal shaft. To turn off either of the buttons, just press the button one more time. So if ever you're in the middle of things and want either of the motors to stop, simply press the button once. This means you can leave the clitoral motor on and turn off the internal one or vice-versa. It also means if you suddenly need to turn the toy off, you can do so quickly.

These two buttons do everything. They unlock the toy, turn it on, off increase and decrease your speeds.
    • Easy to use
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance

Vitality is very easy to clean due to the smooth finish and waterproof feature. It can be washed in warm water with mild soap, wiped down with toy wipes/spray. There aren't any grooves that need deep cleaning. Just make sure the little area between clitoral shaft & internal shaft gets cleaned too.

Since Vitality is such an expensive toy, I would not ever risk using silicone lubricant with it. Water-based lubricants only. Also remember to store it in its pouch so that it doesn't come in contact with other silicone toys.

The compact size also makes Vitality easy to store. I keep it in its thick, protective pouch and stashed in a drawer, box or my purse.

Do not use alcohol to clean silicone toys! It can damage the finish or the entire product. Avoid extreme heat.

Before putting it on the charger, if you just washed it, allow it to fully dry first.

The instruction manual advises not to use the toy while it is charging.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Vitality comes packaged in a brown card-board box, which can also be kept for storage or thrown out if it takes up too much space.

Included in the box is:
- One Charger (also has the Leaf logo on it, in white text.
- Instructions booklet
- Vitality

- And in my case, my second Vitality came with a 15% off coupon to use at Good Vibrations.com, which was funny to me since that's a totally different sex toy site, like EF, but not EF and not the maker of Vitality.

The box comes wrapped in plastic cellophane, and each item inside also is separately wrapped in its own cellophane, except for the canvas bag.

The box, which is suitable for storing your toy and the charger, has two magnets for closing the lid. It's not terribly discreet, but not something that's going to cause a problem since mine is usually put away in the closet or something.

The box has a picture of Vitality on the side and back. It says "Vitality, Leaf and by Swan" in various parts all over the box. The front of the box says "Vitality" in large black text and "Leaf by Swan" in white text. It also says "100% Silicone finish, rechargeable and natural pleasure, and also "Leafvibes.com" so if one was to pick up the box, it would quickly become obvious what its contents are.

In six different languages, and in very tiny text, the side of the box has the following information:

- "Powered by Powerbullet, powerful and intense vibration."
- "100% premuium silicone covered body, fully usable surface."
- "Press & hold technology, instant on/off button, simple incremental speed control."
- "Hygienic. Virtually seamless, safe & easy to clean."
- "Waterproof. Bath friendly exterior."
- "Rechargeable. Long lasting Lithuim Polymer battery. Environmentally friendly.
- "1 year warranty. 10 year limited guarantee"

Like the actual toy, the box also has all those symbols on the back. These include the RoHS compliant symbol, the "do not throw in trash can" symbol, the CE certified symbol and the recyclable symbol.

There are also little symbols with words under them. These include: soft touch, waterproof, rechargeable, phthalates-free, PowerBullet and multi-speed.

As for gifting, it all depends on whether or not the potential receiver-to-be would be okay getting something like this. I personally would just gift something that I know for sure my loved ones want as not everyone is interested in a vibrator, even if it's expensive. But if you know they don't mind, would appreciate it and don't care that it's not discreet (the box or the toy, look-wise) then it would be fine.

If you do know the person would love to have something like this as a gift, I highly recommend it! It's an incredible vibrator, the packaging is discreet in terms of vulgarity and it's of great quality.
    • Good for storage
    • Recyclable
    • Very informative

Personal comments

My first Vitality arrived back at the beginning of October. I plugged it up to charge, everything was fine. As soon as I plugged the charger into the toy, the red light lit up, meaning "I'm charging." After nearly an hour, I seen that the button was off and for the entire evening I was re-plugging the charger in because every few seconds, it would randomly stop charging. So after hours and hours of that, I figured out that it must be defective and I sent it back.

So my second Vitality arrived to me on November 11. I put it on the charger and the red light instantly came on, just as it should. After 25-30 minutes, I noticed the red light was off. This was exactly what happened with my "defective" Vitality, so I got worried. I spent the next two hours having to re-plug Vitality in because it would stop charging, the red light would go off.

After an entire another hour, I determined that this Vitality must be yet another defect! I was already packing it back up to ship it back when my partner decided to try turning the toy on and it vibrated. It's supposed to be charged for 3 hours prior to using, so I of course thought it was defective since the charge only lasted for 25-30 minutes before the red light went off.

Then when my partner unlocked the toy, still trying to figure out why the charge wasn't continuing, he noticed the vibrating light lit up green, which indicates it is working. This was strange because it had only been charged for 25-30 minutes and I said it wouldn't matter because if it won't hold its charge, then it's not going to vibrate properly.

Then he had the bright idea that Vitality was already charged when it arrived to me, hence the reason it would light up and charge for 25-30 minutes and then go off and quit charging. But I still assumed it wasn't charging for the duration (3 hours) and therefore it may turn on, but the vibrations would be very weak.

Turns out, he was right. It wasn't defective, it had just already been charged! Sounds stupid, but I'm used to having to fully charge an expensive toy before ever using it, as the instructions indicate. Like with the expensive, rechargeable vibrators such as Matryoshka, you aren't supposed to turn them on until you've charged them for the duration. Sure enough though, we turned Vitality all the way up, and that sucker was in fact, fully charged prior to arriving and to be sure this was the case and that it was definitely not a defect, I wanted to leave it running for a good while, so I used it for an hour and everything is fine!

This whole incident with my second Vitality leads me to believe there may have been nothing wrong with my first one! I went through all that trouble with the first one, ended up sending it back, waiting a month to get a replacement, and the problem was probably that it was just already charged! However, when I tried turning on my first Vitality, it would only vibrated for a second, but I'm still thinking this was the case with it too.

And I just want to note that when I contacted EF support about my first "defective" Vitality, I had a quick response from Megan. The reason it took me a month to receive a new Vitality was just because my local post office will not send things via UPS for some reason. I would've had to travel a couple hours to go to the nearest UPS center to have them re-ship my toy back. So I could either travel that far and pay these fees they were requiring or wait until I seen the UPS guy out and about, flag him down and give him my package -- with no fees to pay. It took us a month to flag him down, so that is the reason for my wait. After we gave him the package, my new Vitality arrived in less than three weeks. This isn't that unusual though, as once before I had to send an EF item back and I had to go through this same process. So as long as you have a UPS nearby, this long wait wouldn't apply to you. EF is good about getting you taken care of with instances like this, just wanted to make that clear.

Anyhow, sorry to drag on, I just thought that that part may be important to someone. Now, to move on, Vitality was my milestone assignment for hitting 100 reviews. I realized there were already great reviews for this toy, but that was the same with all the toys that were available for milestone assignments, the ones that would work for me anyways since many of the really nice toys are just too large for me, and I'd been wanting a toy from the Leaf line for ages, and this is one of the smaller insertables.

Moving on again,

Vitality is not much for thrusting and I found that trying to thrust the short little guy on my own was mostly tiring. However, a partner with fast hands will make Vitality a little more thrust-friendly. It's not a toy you'd want if you're interested in a longer toy.


The manual gives a few troubleshooting tips, which I will share below:

If it doesn't vibrate when turned on:

It probably needs to be unlocked, which I gave instructions to previously, or it is not fully charged. If neither of these work, it could be a defective toy and would need to be replaced.

The button light does not come on

It's probably in need of charging.

If you've dropped Vitality, the manual says it's very possible it could damage it because it's delicate, so this should serve as a reminder to be extra careful about dropping this one!

Besides a few more really obvious "troubleshooting" tips, the manual offers nothing more in that area. It basically tells you the toy either needs charged or it is locked or you're pressing the buttons wrong if a problem occurs. If these aren't straightened out with the instructions given, it is defective.



The vibrations are felt incredibly throughout the entire toy. However, when on the lower settings, I notice the vibrations are strongest near the wider, bottom part of the clitoral shaft, but seem to be the same strength all throughout the insertable shaft. Maybe it's just me. Either way, when on the stronger settings, the vibrations are powerful enough to be felt all up and down both shafts. I do notice that the vibrations are not as deep/penetrating as other toys like Matryoshka, but this does make up for that in power. I can say that the vibrations are far more powerful and better than Zini Deux, since those are what I have luxury-wise to compare with.

Those of you who like pulsating/escalating vibrations may be better off with a different dual-action, or just Freestyle since it offers a huge variety of those. Vitality is strictly steady vibrations, but that's exactly my kind of vibrations. I think the strength will make up for it not having those pulsating for most.

Since this is multi-speed and you simply hold down the button to increase/decrease, it's really hard to go into detail on how each setting feels. On one setting, I felt like it was thumping against my crotch, which made me think it had a pulsating speed. Strange occurrance, I guess. The highest speed is so intense that if my clitoris is already swollen, it's too intense for direct contact. I find even the middle speeds to be extremely pleasurable, and those are best used for a slow build-up to orgasm. The strongest settings are for really quick orgasm!

When I finally got my non-defective Vitality, I was really beyond anxious to use it since the wait had nearly killed me! I played with it for a good hour straight, me using it, then my partner using it on me in various ways. While I was messing with it, I noticed that it could be used hands-free! As long as you have good PC muscles, this can be a lot of fun.

When Vitality is inserted and I'm lying down, I can leave it there and it will stay -- the clitoral shaft resting perfectly on my clitoris. After discovering that, I started kegelling to see if that was any fun. It is very interesting since you can do kegels with this inside and it will cause the clitoral stimulator to sort of bump up against your clitoris, then back off a little once you release your muscles. This action made for some awesome foreplay!

The only thing I don't really adore about Vitality is that it gives me seriously numb and itchy skin! It is powerful though, so I can't complain too much. It quickly numbs me though, so I have to be careful to not use it right before oral.

I will say, Vitality is the best dual action vibrator I have used, no doubt. It's strong enough to get me off quicker than any vibrator I own, including Matryoshka!

The internal stimulator is subtle, but the bulge presses against my G-spot a little, and doing kegels makes this pleasurable.

As I've said previously, this is not the vibrator for thrusting as it's sort of short and the clitoral attachment just means more work, so really, you'd be better off grabbing an actual dildo when in the mood for intense thrusting, but my partner was able to use his fast-hands to thrust it for me. It's still not the most wonderful in that department, but I didn't need it to be. Simply letting it rest alone, with the occasional pressure to the soft, flexible clitoral shaft, which is fantastic for us grinders!

The simplicity of Vitality --two easy buttons, no batteries to stress over -- and since it's rechargeable, meaning it's almost always charged and ready, is something I totally admire in this toy. I love that there's no cord and tons of buttons like you often see on Rabbit vibrators. I'm a big cheapie. Since I won't usually go for high-priced toys unless I know they're worth it, and I tend to be a tad critical, I am actually satisfied enough to say that Vitality is worth the price. Okay, perhaps a $50 knock-off would be more fitting, but still.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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