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The Vitality from BMS Enterprises is a brand new issue from the Leaf line of rechargeable vibrators. This luxury rechargeable doesn't boast all the elaborate patterns and LED interfaces of some of its peers, but it's still one hell of an effective vibrator. It packs a lot of power in two independently controlled motors! BMS includes an eco-friendly canvas pouch and a charger to keep your vibe juiced up without wasting money and landfill space on batteries!
Great color, non-porous silicone, strong vibrations, two motors, storage pouch, rechargeable.
Too flexible to provide firm G-spot stimulation, no patterns, vibrations a bit shallow.
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The Vitality Leaf from BMS Enterprises is a dual stimulator intended to operate simply and effectively. It features two basic and easy to use buttons that control each separate motor. This allows for steady vibrations at the speed of your choice to be applied to the clitoris and G-spot independently. Because the Vitality is so user-friendly, it's perfect for newcomers to luxury toys that want quality without complicated controls. The simplicity limits the variety of functions, however.

At its best, the Vitality is a vibrator suited for light G-spot massage and moderately strong clitoral stimulation. This toy will not provide strong pressure internally, and it will take manual manipulation to apply firm pressure externally as well.

Material / Texture

The Vitality is comprised of two motors and a host of internal wiring that makes it very firm. Like many luxury vibrators, it is coated with a thin membrane of 100% premium silicone. The silicone is soft, smooth and matte, and glides easily over skin. However, it's not plush or flesh-like in any way. If you prefer more realistic toys, or simply a toy with more give, Vitality will not deliver in this area. It is rather flexible, in spite of its apparent density. The area of conjunction for the two arms is an exception to the rule of rigidity, and allows the arms to be bent quite far with ease. This makes it different than less accommodating dual stimulators like the LELO Ina - which was notoriously rigid. Vitality will suit a greater number of users as a result of its flexibility.

100% silicone has no taste or smell. Because it is non-porous, it cannot absorb bacteria below its surface; for this reason, smells can only cling to the surface. After thorough cleaning, any smell that may have adhered to the surface will be wiped away. The non-porous quality of 100% silicone also makes it very safe. Diligent cleaning makes it safe to be shared between partners.

Design / Shape / Size

In an interesting twist on the "rabbit" namesake, this dual stimulator in its entirety actually resembles a pair of rabbit ears. However, unliked ear-shaped stimulators like the Form 2, the Vitality is not intended to cradle the clitoris between its "ears". This vibrator actually performs in a vertical turn, with the longer arm inserted into the vagina, and the short arm resting against the clitoris and vulva. The shape call to mind the Split Dildo, but its two arms are not meant to work together internally. These rabbit ears work together to stimulate two erogenous zones simultaneously: the clitoris and the G-spot.

On one hand, the flexibility of the Vitality's arms makes it well suited to many users. It can easily bend to comfortably stimulate clitorises high and low, labias large and small, G-spots deep and shallow. However, the most significant downside to this vibrator results from this flexibility. The internal arm particularly will not provide firm G-spot stimulation due to its inability to provide pressure. Whereas the vice-like grip of the Ina allows it to provide powerful pressure in a stationary position, the Vitality must be thrust with to get real stimulation. This is difficult, though, as thrusting can easily move the smaller arm off of the clitoris. This makes clitoral stimulation erratic and at times entirely ineffective. Fans of firm clitoral stimulation may also be let down by the Vitality.

This is a great teasing toy, however, and can be used to reach climax for the right body and with a bit of patience. The small arm is a bit over 3" in length, and the long arm is a bit over 4" in length. The arms are narrow; the internal arm falls short of an inch in diameter even at its widest point. This makes the Vitality a good option for beginners to penetration, but not good for those that like more filling insertables.

Functions / Performance / Controls

It seems that the Leaf line is a bit of an anomaly among its complex luxury peers. In a field populated by toys that require a guided tour before you're ready to operate them, the Vitality is a breath of fresh air. It operates using two simple buttons at the base of the two. Each button corresponds to a motor within one of the arms, allowing you to adjust the speed of vibration in each arm separately. This is a quality not found in many other luxury dual stimulators, and it makes the Vitality more universally appealing. For example, those that love powerful internal stimulation, but have very sensitive clitorises, the internal arm can be cranked up while the clitoral arm can be turned low or simply left off.

Each motor is turned on simply by depressing the corresponding control. Tapping the button again will turn the control off. This means that in order to increase the speed of your motor, you have to press the button and hold it down as it turns on up until you reach the desired intensity. The power increases incrementally until reaching the highest speed. There are no patterns, pulses, or escalations. This toy strictly provides continuous, steady vibration. This is great for those that tend to skip patterns; you'll have no fear of accidentally cycling into a mode and have to search all over again for your preferred speed. If you enjoy patterns, the Vitality is not for you! But, beginners and lovers of simplicity alike will appreciate the straight-forward controls.

The vibrations are sufficiently concentrated in their respective arms; your hand will not become numb from rogue vibrations traveling down to the base. Unfortunately, depending on your tastes, your clitoris and G-spot may become over-stimulated or not stimulated enough by the Vitality's powerful but shallow frequencies. This toy is not short on strength (while being rather quiet) but it does lack depth in its vibrations.

Care and Maintenance

The Vitality is waterproof, which makes it easy to clean. It has few ridges (only a slight seam and two raised buttons) and, therefore, very few places for fluids to get trapped. This vibrator can be cleaned quickly with an antibacterial toy wipe or a quick wash with antibacterial soap and warm water. For a more thorough clean, a 10% bleach solution can be used to wipe your toy down. Do not boil your Vitality or place it in the dishwasher, as this will damage the electronic components of the vibrator.

100% silicone is compatible with water and oil based lubricants, but should not be used with silicone lubricants. These will damage the toy's finish by bonding to the toy and creating a gummy mess. 100% silicone toys can also melt, warp or damage soft materials (with the exception of other 100% silicone toys). TPR/TPE, jelly, rubber, and other soft materials should be stored away from the Vitality, or the toys should be separated by toy pouches.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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