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Tiger G5

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Catch A Tiger By Its Toe

Fun Factory has a winner in the G4 Tiger. It's a large vibrator with marvelous ridges running down the shaft. It offers dual stimulation with strong rumbly vibrations. It's enough to make me roar.
Strong Vibrations
Nice Texture
Easy to use
May be too large and/or textured for some
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Tiger is a rabbit style vibrator. It doesn't rotate or have flashy beads, but, it has both a shaft and a clitoral arm for simultaneous stimulation. It can be used solo or with a partner. It's primary design is for it to be inserted vaginally with the clit arm giving additional fun. It can also be used externally. I found that the ridges on the tip felt wonderful on the clit so external was a winner. It can be used to tease during foreplay or give intense orgasms.

You might like the vibrations on other erogenous zones as well. Men who like vibrations might like it on their shaft, perineum or balls. Who says vibrators are only for woman? It's completely waterproof so go ahead and have a romp in the tub.

It could be used safely for anal as the clit arm and handle provides a barrier for accidental slippage. It may be too much for some anal enthusiasts as it is large and textured. Those that like large textured anal toys might like it.

Material / Texture

Tiger is made from both silicone and plastic. The parts that come into contact with the body are silicone. I love silicone because it is safe and easy to care for. It is nonporous and phthalate free and can be sterilized. It has the highest safety rating on Eden's safety scale. The only drawback to silicone is that it attract lint and hair. It is best to wash before each use to get rid of the unwanted fuzzies. (Of course, you also clean AFTER every use as well.)

The handle is plastic which rates and 8/10 Edens Safety Scale. It is nonporous and phthalate free. It is easy to clean. I find plastic is a safe choice for sex toys.

Tiger's silicone is soft to the touch but the shaft is fairly firm. It can be bent a tiny bit, but mostly stays in place. The firmness allows for nice pressure on the lady parts. Horizontal ridges are evenly space along one side of the toy. They reach from the tip all the way to clit arm and on the clit arm. I found the texture to be pleasing. They are spaced far apart enough to be pleasant yet not overwhelming. Sometimes when ridges are placed close together, it becomes too much for me. Tiger's texture was nice for me.

Design / Shape / Size

Tiger is available in red or blue, and I chose the blue. I was a bit surprised at the color. The product page shows a bright blue tiger. The actual blue is dark without any brightness. I have Fun Factory's Bimini Ocean and it is a very bright blue with hints of purple. This is a deep dark blue. After my initial surprise I was happy with it. The color makes it look like a serious sex toy. And it is. Here is a color comparison pic of Tiger and Bimini Ocean.

This is a large toy at 9 inches long. The insertable portion is 6.75 inches, and it is 5 inches around. The texture adds an extra feeling of fullness. As such this would be a good toy for experienced toy users who like 'em large and textured. I wouldn't recommend this to beginners.

The clit arm juts out at the bottom about 3/4 of an inch. Rabbits can be hit and miss with woman. The arm might hit your clit or it may miss it. Sometimes rabbits can be finagled to be just perfect. Most rabbits work decently for me because I don't like direct stimulation of my clit. It's pretty easy to place so I get indirect stimulation. Tiger works well for me.

As much fun as Tiger is, it is not discreet. It looks like a large blue vibrating penis. You'll probably want to keep this away from curious eyes.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Tiger is controlled by 3 vertically placed buttons on the handle. They are labeled "+" "-" and "*." Pushing the "+" turns it on and turns up the intensity. Just hold it down until you arrive at your favorite intensity. The "*" controls the pulsating settings. There are 4 of these settings.
1. The first is hard to describe but feels like the steady vibration but with a kick to it
2. Machine Gun Pulses
3. Fast Pulses
4. Pulses that gradually speed up

You can go back to steady vibrations by hitting either the "+" or "-" buttons. To turn it off hit the "-". It doesn't turn off quickly but rather takes a few seconds to shut off.

The vibrations are strong, deep, and rumbly. They are strongest on the shaft. I would rate the intensity of the shaft as 4/5. The arm is less intense with a rating of 3/5. It is fairly quiet. It can be heard in the room but not outside the door.

This toy recharges using Fun Factory's Click n charge technology. The charger and toy click together magnetically. Just plug in the charger and click them together. The magnet attaches securely. Some magnetic toys are picky about how you place the, This is easy. A red light shines while it is charging. Once completely charged, the light shuts off.

The charge lasted 4 days with 15-20 minutes of use every day. I don't use the pulsating option. I imagine those settings would drain the charge quicker.

Care and Maintenance

Tiger can be cleaned with antibacterial soap & water, toy cleaner or a 10% bleach solution. Since it has a motor, do not boil it or tun it through a dishwasher. It is waterproof so it is very easy to wash it up in the sink without worrying about getting water in the motor. As stated earlier it is a good idea to wash it before use as well as after. You'll probably want to get the lint off before using.

The toy arrived in a cardboard box that is not suitable for long term storing. I wish it came with some sort of pouch, but there isn't anything. It can be stored in a drawer. It is always a good idea to keep silicone toys separate from each other. A large ziplock bag would be acceptable.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


I love Tiger. It's strong and powerful and gives a nice amount of texture. I enjoy it both internally and externally. It has only one drawback for me. Although it is easy to insert and use, withdrawing the toy can be uncomfortable for me. After an orgasm my pelvic muscles tend to clench and be tighter for a few minutes. In this state pulling the toy out can be uncomfortable. I feel every single one of those ridges. At that moment I wish I had bought Fun Factory's G4 Big Boss. That is similar but without the ridges. To counteract the discomfort I concentrate on relaxing those muscles or just wait 3 minutes or so to pull it out. Regardless of this, I still love Tiger. For me the amount of fun the texture gives during play is worth the hassle at the end.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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