Vanity Vr8 - g-spot vibrator by Jopen - review by Ryuson

Just delicious!

This gorgeous toy by the high-end brand Jopen is very versatile and has a lot to offer. It's waterproof and quiet, and both ends have a lot of oomph. All of this piles on top of the fact that the dual motors are awesome, and the shape is lovely for thrusting with. While it is a wonderful toy and I would highly recommend it, I don't feel like it's quite worth the steep price tag for me.
Strong, quiet, rechargeable, waterproof, dual motors, great shape, versatile, storage pouch
Very expensive, smaller end is 'buzzy'
Rating by reviewer:
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This thin vibrator is actually one of the most versatile that I have. The shape and dual motor capabilities mean that even if you don't like one way of using it, there will probably be another way you like better. This toy is mainly intended to be inserted vaginally, but you can actually use either end (the thin or thick end) to thrust with. The thinner end especially can be used for effective g-spotting because of the curve and shape.

You also can use this toy for external stimulation. The pointy tip of the thin end is nice for very pinpoint clitoral stimulation, while both the broader area of the thin end and the tip of the thick end are great for more spread out vibrations. You also can use this on the nipples or the perineum, and you also could place it against your cheek while giving a guy oral sex.

Even though the large end of this is firm and broad, I don't feel like this would be an ideal toy for muscle massage. It's a bit too small and thin even on the wider tip, and I would be afraid to put that much pressure behind something with this sort of price tag.

Anally, this toy is maybe safe. If you use the thin end, it does taper out a lot as it grows closer to the thicker end and it is very easy to hold. My verdict for using this toy for anal play is that it's only an option if you already have a lot of experience and know how to handle toys like this.

If you're looking for a toy to introduce into a relationship, the Vr 8 has it's pros and cons. On one hand it's waterproof and downright gorgeous. It's thin enough that it probably won't scare off your partner unless they've expressed doubt about insertable toys, and the thin neck would make this great to use during intercourse. On the other hand it is a tad bit pointy, so you could potentially bruise your partner when thrusting with it. It's also a bit large and expensive, especially if you're looking for something to just see if they're into toys.

As a beginners first toy, this again is a 'maybe.' I wouldn't recommend that someone start with something this high quality and expensive before they know what sort of toy, shape, and vibrations they are interested in. The different ends and motors would be great to play with, but I feel like it would be terrible if you ended up only liking dildos.

This vibrator 100% passes Ryu's dorm seal of approval. The sleek size and material make it great to sneak around, and it's waterproof to boot. It's also plenty quiet enough to use in the public showers even on high, and it can't be heard through the thin, dormitory walls.
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    • Bachelor/ bachelorette party
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    • Anywhere
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    • Travel friendly
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    • Anal
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    • G-spot

Material / Texture

This toy is made of the same smooth silicone as the other Jopen products seem to be. It's a very deep, intense purple that just screams quality, and it's not too feminine to turn people off of it. The silicone where the motors are located is very firm and has no give to it at all, but the thinner 'neck' like area does have a bit of flex to it.

Silicone is rated a 10 out of 10 on the Eden Safety Scale. Silicone is nonporous and doesn't contain any ucky chemicals that can leak into your body during use. Along with basic care and upkeep, you can also wipe this toy down with a 10% bleach solution to disinfect it. You should do this every time you switch orifices or users.

Being made of silicone this toy does have a tiny bit of drag, but lube is optional depending on how much natural lubricant your body produces. Using this in the shower I found that it wasn't uncomfortable to rely on my natural lubricant, but if you like to make sure things are extra slick you should make sure not to use silicone based lube.

This toy had no scent or taste out of the box, and it has retained neither during use. This toy is a bit of a lint magnet, but it's also very easy to rinse off. It doesn't have any places other than the charging port where gunk can get stuck and the toy itself has no seams at all.

Silicone is a great material for all users. Even though this silicone toy is very firm, the slight amount of give would make it good for moderate to advanced users and beginners who know to be careful when thrusting. If you're an advanced user who likes super firm toys the slight give might make this too soft, but I think that it's comparable to the slight give in the neck of the Ella.
    • Flexible
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

This toy is very sleek and pretty in design, and it almost looks like something organic. There is a thin end of this toy and a thick end of this toy. By having the two different ends I feel like it means that there's a higher chance that one of them will work for your body.

The smaller end is shaped much like a flower bulb and has a small, pointed tip. This pointed tip is ideal for pinpoint clitoral stimulation, and the ergonomic shape makes it super easy to hold against my body during use. The widest part of the 'bulb' end is about 4 inches around, but it immediately gets much thinner. The results of this are that you have a great, rounded shape for thrusting and g-spotting, but that it doesn't make your entrance feel stretched at all.

The 'neck' of this toy after the bulb is about 2.25 inches around, and stays thin for about 1.5 inches. After that it quickly gains girth and becomes the more consistently thick wider end. This thin neck that quickly becomes wider is what makes this toy semi-anal safe. The thicker side acts as a great handle, and it gets wide enough that it acts to prevent it slipping inside you a little bit.

The thicker end is about 5.5 inches around pretty much the entire length of it. This is definitely thicker than 'average,' and is painfully thick for me personally. This end is a bit odd to use for insertion because after you insert 3 inches of it you're into the area where the buttons are. If you insert about 4 inches of this end you're past the charging port.

This toy is almost 8 inches long in total. It's one of those toys that looks 'smaller' in person. If you need a long toy for insertion this may do it for you (Using the bulbed end you might be able to insert 6 inches of this if you were working at it) but the Vr 9 might work better for you.

The curve of the smaller end is going to be good for those who need a bit of a bend, but nothing too intense. The curve does tend to catch on my pubic bone a teeny bit if I get thrusting too fast, but it's not painful. If you often have issues with toys catching on your pubic bone the bulge and curve might combine to make this an unpleasant toy. The thicker end it slightly curved, but it may not be able to hit everyones g-spot.

If someone saw this on your desk it doesn't scream 'vibrator,' but it's also going to attract their attention. It doesn't really look like any household item, so you may want to stash this away from preying eyes.

This toys design really offers something for everyone. If you're a bit of a size queen and really like girth, the thicker end really offers quite a bit of it (though not too much length) and the thinner end is good for those of us who like thinner insertable toys. The tip is great for both pinpoint and broad clitoral stimulation, and the length makes it great for deep or shallow thrusting.

Here is the Vr 8 VS a pen:
Vr 8 VS Pen
Here is the Vr 8 being flexed:
Vr 8 flex
Here is a closeup of the tip:
Vr 8 Tip
And here is a picture of the charging port:
Vr 8 charging port
    • Beginner
    • Ergonomic
    • Futuristic

Functions / Performance / Controls

This toy doesn't have any patterns, but it makes up for that by having a whole lot of different power settings. Each motor (both located in the opposite ends of the toy) can be controlled independently of eachother using the two buttons. The buttons light up when they are on to help you see which motor is currently on.

The smaller motor located in the small tip of this toy is a bit weaker than the large motor in the thicker tip of the toy. The lowest setting is for sure less than 1 vroom, but then it works its way up to be about 3.5 vrooms on high. On high it's about 1.5 bees loud, and almost can't be heard at arms-length away. The smaller motor is quite a bit buzzier than the larger one, but because of the shape of the tip it's the one that's easiest to use for clitoral stimulation.

The larger motor is located in the wider end. This motor is more powerful, but the lowest setting still clocks in at a bit under 1 vroom. On high this end is about 4 vrooms and 2 bees, which makes it a bit louder than the smaller motor. Even though this is louder, it still can't be heard over the public showers or through thin walls. This motor is much rumblier than the smaller one, but it's attached to an end that isn't too good for stimulating smaller areas.

In order to turn either side on, you simply press the corresponding button. When you press it once it turns on to the lowest setting, and then you can hold it down and it ramps up and up until you either get to the highest setting or you let the button go. In order to turn it off you simply can press the button quickly and it turns right off. This is super convenient if all of a sudden you need to stop making buzzing noises.

For some reason, this toy is also completely waterproof. The charging port, as you saw above in my picture, is a small hole that is hard to push the charger through. When you do submerge this toy a bubble forms over the port hole, which keep water out. I have no idea how it does this, but it seems that with time and pushing the charger through the hole this may become less waterproof.

To charge this toy from being dead it takes about 4 hours. This toy states that it comes charged but in travel lick mode, but mine came to me dead. I charged it up, and then after about 4 hours the light turned off (it turns red when it's charging.) This spooked me because the manual says that the light should turn white when it's done charging, but apparently everyone's light turns off so it's nothing to be worried about. I have used this for about 2 hours total (about 5 times) now and it hasn't died yet.

Overall, this toy is very easy to control. I think that the features of this toy and the dual motors will be great for both more sensitive users and for people who need a lot of power. While it isn't the strongest toy out there, the wider end especially has more power than I think most people will end up needing.

Here I am trying to show the cool light up buttons:
Vr 8 Buttons
    • Multiple settings
    • Powerful
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

This toy is fairly easy to care for. Because this toy is a bit of a lint magnet, it might be best to try and wash it before and after use, especially if you don't keep it in a lint-free environment. I wash this toy with an antibacterial toy cleaner, but soap and water as well as a toy wipe also work great. If you plan to switch partners or orifices you should wipe this down with a 10% bleach solution to disinfect it in order to avoid infection.

I store this in the adorable storage pouch it came in. I keep this in a cool, dark place with the rest of my toys. Just a word of caution, you shouldn't store this toy in contact with other silicone toys because the two could potentially react together and leave you a sad Edenite. Similarly, you shouldn't use silicone lube with this toy.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


For the steep price tag I was hoping that Jopen would supply some pretty awesome packaging: it wasn't superb, but it was classy. While it can't hold up to the sleek, black boxes of Lelo, the white cardboard box from Jopen is very pretty. It states the name of the company on the front, and on the back is an image of the toy.

The box has an insert in the shape of the toy, but it's just made of flimsy cardboard. The outside of the box is made of fairly thick cardboard. It comes with a small instruction manual that is fairly informative, and talks about the travel lock, the charging time, and caring for your Jopen.

This would be a great box to wrap and give as a gift. While it's fairly sturdy, the box is much larger than the toy itself and I wouldn't personally use it for storage.

Here is the front of the box:
Vr 8 Box

Here is how the Jopen sits inside of it:
Vr 8 Box 2
    • Very informative
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

There are just 3 quick things that I want to highlight about this toy:

One awesome thing about this vibrator is the travel lock. This is turned on and off by holding both buttons down for four seconds. This is a lovely feature because often I just toss my toys into my back pack with the batteries out. Since you CAN'T take the battery out of this one to keep it from turning on, the travel lock is a super feature.

The next awesome thing I want to mention is the Jopen warranted. It states that if anything bad happens to your Jopen while you're using it as intended (not as a dog toy or something) within a year they'll replace it for free. It also states that if you toy breaks after that 1 year they'll replace it for 50% of the cost for up to 10 years.

The last great thing I want to mention is that this toy comes with a totally kick ass storage bag. The Jopen storage bag is soft and silky and it's huge. I could fit 5 of these toys in there easily. This is great because often I toss in condoms, lingerie, and a toy into a bag when I go home for the weekend and I can fit all that with room to spare into the Jopen bag. Here's a picture of it with the Vr 8 to compare:
Jopen Bag


After oogoling this toy for forever, I decided to request it as my special assignment for doing 100 reviews. I decided on this one because it's high end and rechargeable, but Jopen is pretty much the only luxury line that offers waterproof toys. Since I do most of my playing in the dorm showers, this was a must for me.

I have to say, I wasn't wrong for thinking that the shape would work for my body. While I would like it better if it was a tad bit softer (wouldn't get caught on my pubic bone) the round head and slightly flexible neck didn't leave me feeling bruised or 'overstimulated' like a lot of toys do.

Another issue I have with this toy is that the wider end is not going to get used as anything other than a handle. I can't personally take anything more than 4.5 inches around, so at almost 5.5 inches around it's painful. It's also a bit too blunt to be used for clitoral stimulation, despite having the deeper vibrations I prefer externally.

Overall, this is a spectacular toy and I will be getting a ton of use out of it. I think that it's going to stay as one of the most used toys in my collection, actually. The reason I am taking off one star is because I don't feel like it's entirely worth the steep price tag, especially if you have a limited budget and were paying cash. Despite that, I still would highly recommend the Jopen Vr 8.
Follow-up commentary
This toy is amazing, but it just wasn't PERFECT for me. It was a bit too firm, and I still found myself reaching for my more plush Tantus and Fun Factory toys. Because of that I found it a new home where it can get regular use, because I feel like for $150 it should be appreciated.

This product is still one that I highly recommend, especially because the shape is so unique. It's very organic, and the dual motors are a lot of fun to play around with. It's certainly one of the most powerful toys I've had the pleasure of using, I just am not one who needs a lot of power.

Overall, it's a lovely toy that wasn't my dream vibrator. If you're looking at the Jopens and want something powerful without a lot of girth this is still my top recommendation, but if you like plush silicone you may find it a bit too firm.
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