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The dual motor, dual ended vibrator has something for everyone. There's a side for those who prefer something slender, a side for those who prefer some girth, and a very serious kick to the motor. The only bad thing here is the draggy silicone but a good lube will fix that up. I'll forgive it because you can fix a drag but you can't fix a poor performing vibrator.
Strong power
Dual motors
Variation in size
Draggy silicone
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The Vr8 is Jopen's dual ended internal vibrator. Either end can be gripped while the other end is inserted. Both ends have their own motor operated by two buttons in the center to put the vibrations in the end that you're using. The smaller, bulbed end comes to a point that could also be used for more pinpoint stimulation wherever one might like such as the clitoris or nipples. Note that there is no flare to this vibrator and thus it should not be inserted anally.

I found that the Vr8 was equally enjoyable as a solo toy or during couples' play. This is a versatile toy that can be used in many situations as you see fit. This has become one of my go to toys for solo and during foreplay. I can't think of many occasions that would be a bad time to use the Vr8.

Material / Texture

The Vr8 is made of silicone. This brings it in at a 10 on the saftey scale. Sadly, Jopen's silicone is on the draggy side. It's not the worst drag in the world but my finger does hop when I run it along the shaft. If I try to insert this toy without lube, my body doesn't thank me. It's not a deal breaker because draggy silicone is easily fixed with lube. Once I applied a decent amount I did not have to constantly reapply to not feel the drag. I'm just a little disappointed coming from other luxury brand silicone material to this more draggy silicone.

There is no smell or taste to the Vr8. There's no added texture (other than the drag itself) for stimulation but there is a design to it that will give some added oomph for those who seek it. The texture will work for beginners or advanced users. Those who have grown accustom to higher end velvety silicone might not be thrilled with the drag but I feel like the performance of the Vr8 outweighs the slight drag.

The silicone of the Vr8 is a major lint magnet. I usually don't have issues with silicone attracting lint for some reason. With the Vr8, I can't get from nightstand to bathroom without little lint bunnies all over it. This, too, is easily taken care of by wiping it down or cleaning it off before and after use.

Design / Shape / Size

For once, I was not surprised when I got this. I think the stock photo accurately reflects the size of this toy. I'm awful with measurements so the numbers never mean anything to me and I'm always shocked when I get something - either bigger or smaller than what I expected. I was thrilled when I actually pictured one correctly for once. The Vr8 measures 7.5 inches long. At its widest point it is 1.5 inches wide. At its smallest it is .5 inches wide. At the head it's 1 inch wide. Pretty much the entire length is insertable as I was able to insert past the buttons and didn't even notice that I had done so. I'm not one to insert a lot in me, so I wasn't able to test if you could actually get the whole 7.5 inches in. I'm guessing it would be closer to 6.5 - 7 insertable.

The Vr8 is a little bigger than my hand. This is my usual test to see if something is too big for me. This is longer than what I was able to use. Even though I didn't fully utilize the entire length I loved the design.

Here's where the Vr8 gets pretty cool. The shape of the Vr8 has two different ends. It has a regular shaft that's elongated and thicker. I found this end worked best for me simply inserted and paired with a clit vibe. Because it was thicker I found it uncomfortable to thrust or move around too much with. The smaller end goes from a pinpoint up to one inch and then tapers down to .5 inches. You can really feel the differences in the width when in use. Lots of times when there are slight differences in width I don't notice them all that much. This one was not only noticeable but incredibly pleasurable. I found lots of different ways to use this end - rotating, twisting, thrusting. I was hard pressed to find a motion that didn't feel awesome with this end.

I think beginners will appreciate the inclusion of the smaller end as will advanced users that like a slimmer size to their vibrators. Those that like a little size will be happy with the other end. The most size hungry might be left wanting, but for the vast majority out there the Vr8 will satisfy in size and design.

I don't think this vibrator is particularly discreet as it is phallic in shape, head included and all. I doubt there would be any question what this is for. I really can't come up with a single thing you could lie about and say this might be used for other than its intended purpose.

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are only two buttons on the Vr8. It only needs two because there are no patterns on this vibrator. Each button controls the motor closest to it. Press once to turn on and hold to turn up. To turn off, press once again. If you like to vary your speeds there is a slight downside. There's no way to turn it down. It's up or off with the Vr8. This doesn't bother me one bit as once I'm up, I'm up. I do seem to accidentally turn it off sometimes. I go to hold to turn up and don't "hold" long enough and off it goes. This can be a little annoying. Perhaps something I'll get better with?

The lack of patterns may be a downfall for some, but this might be one of my favorite things about the Vr8. Never do I press a button and end up with a pulse. I have a hatred of patterns. All they do is annoy me and I always seem to end up on one trying to get to a speed I like. Not here!

As much as I love the lack of patterns, there's something even better. The power. The thicker end easily comes in at five vrooms. The smaller end, my favorite, sadly comes in at a high level three. Luckily, I sorted out a little trick. If you turn on both ends at the same time, you can up the vroom level on the smaller end to a four. You'll end up with a numb hand because you're holding the motor at this point but to me? Totally worth it. The vibrations on both ends are centered more to the tip with the power radiating down to the base.

While powerful, the Vr8 is on the quiet end. I was able to muffle the sound under covers or a closed door. It's not completely silent but the noise can be muted easily.

The Vr8 is a waterproof toy. The charging port is open which made me uneasy testing this. It did hold up in splash and submersion tests. I've done this a few times and I still don't really get how this toy is waterproof. It seems to create a bubble around the charging port but I don't know how it does or how that works.

The Vr8 comes needing a full charge which worked out to be about four hours. This charge has held up for about two weeks so far of constant use and has not died yet. It charges from the center of the toy and glows red when charging.

Care and Maintenance

As a waterproof toy, the Vr8 is easy to care for. Simply wash with soap and water or toy cleaner. As mentioned, I would wash this before and after use because it does attract a ton of lint.

Water based lubes only with the Vr8. Silicone and silicone are not meant to go together and could potentially destroy the toy.

Jopen includes a lovely pouch with the Vr8 which is what I'm using for storage. If you choose not to use this I would just recommend that you keep it away from other silicone toys.


So here's another thing I'm not thrilled with. I think Jopen's packaging is eh. It's not up to the same standard as, say, a Lelo or Je Joue. It's a white cardboard box that say "Vanity Vr8" on the front with a big "V" on it. The back has a picture of the toy and some specs such as the fact that it's waterproof and rechargeable. Granted, the cardboard is on the nicer end of cardboard but I still just feel like the packaging is nothing special. When opened, the Vr8 is prominently displayed with everything hidden beneath it. On mine, the Vr8 didn't sit flush with the cutout. This really drove me nuts for some reason. I'm just funny about my packaging, I suppose.

It includes a little insert with some information (pretty much the same stuff that's on the back) as well an instruction manual. The instruction manual is actually for all Jopen toys, not just the Vr8. I'm now convinced that this is also a sales tool because it made me want all the other toys. It's nice because I now have more than one Jopen and I only have to keep one manual around.

I wouldn't use the packaging as storage simply because I don't like it. If you do like it, it probably could be used for storage. If not, the pouch is really nice and double the size of the toy. The quality of the pouch is on par with the vibrator itself (unlike the packaging).

Personal comments

My first Vr8 was defective. The smaller motor would only turn on if the bigger motor was also turned on. Eden was great about exchanging it out and getting me a fully functioning Vr8. I'm not holding my defective Vr8 against the Vr8 in general. I figure that anything that is mass produced is bound to have a glitch product every now and again. Had I gotten a second glitchy one or if every person that had one complained about this, my rating would have come down because of it. As my second Vr8 works just fine, I'm satisfied.


I've pretty much covered this, but I LOVE the small end of this. There's not a ton of toys I find pleasurable to thrust with. Many of them I find downright painful. The thick end of this is a good example. The thinner end? I couldn't get enough of this in just about any way I used it. I could thrust. I could rotate. I could twist. I could flick. I did all this and paired it with my clit vibe and it was heaven.

Side note on that. I use higher powered clit vibes and have a hard time finding internal vibrators that won't get lost to the higher power of the external vibrator. The orgasm will still be harder but I'm no longer able to really feel the vibrations because the clit vibe is so strong. Not the case here. The Vr8, especially the thick end, really holds its own in power. If I was being really power hungry, I would insert the thicker end and just leave it inserted while using the clit vibe. I couldn't really rotate it or thrust it because of the thicker size but I still orgasmed very intensely doing it this way. I was able to make both ends work for me which was a great bonus.

I really love this toy. It's one of the first ones I go to grab these days. I can't say enough how thrilled I am with the variety of ways I've been able to use the smaller end. I'm really sensitive and lots of vibrators will hurt me in certain positions or movements but I was able to do pretty much anything with that small end. Plus finding a way to make the bigger side work? Major win!
Follow-up commentary
I have a fairly large collection. Since I have so many toys and get so many new ones on a regular basis I don't get to play with older toys too often. This is one that still manages to find its way into my rotation no matter how many new toys come into my life. Nothing makes me orgasm like the bigger end of the Jopen Vanity toys. I like the smaller size of this because I can use it with my husband as well. It holds a charge forever. Even if I leave it sitting for a while it still runs when I go to pull it out. I have recommended this to many people since I received it and will continue to do so.
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