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The Vr8 is a luxury dual motor vibrator. These dual motors are separately controlled with two different kind of vibrations. This vibrator is rechargeable, so no hassle with batteries. The ergonomic design is a well fit to some G-spots, but not to all. The vibrator is made of silicone that is a purple and magenta color that is really beautiful. However, all of this comes at a high cost. But it might be worth it, to you.
Safe material, dual motors, ergonomic, rechargeable, beautiful, and storage pouch.
Expensive and the smaller end is weaker.
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The Jopen Vr8 is an insertable dual motored vibrator. It is curved with the potential to reach the G-spot, but this might not work for all. Like all vibrators it can also be used for external stimulation to the clitoris and nipples. The design is not suitable for internal anal use, but if you choose to use it that way be sure to keep a good grip onto the shaft. However, you can use it to stimulate the external area of the anus.

The size of the toy is great for use during couples play or solo action. It won't even get in the way during intercourse even for double penetration. This toy is great for all levels of users, but the price tag might not be. If you are looking for powerful vibrations that are deep and rumbly, you might want to look at Uma, but if you can get off with moderate vibrations this could be the toy for you.

Material / Texture

The Vr8 is luxury silicone that does have a seam down the entire toy. Silicone is a man made semi-organic polymer that is latex free, phthalates free, hypo-allergenic, and non porous. This gives silicone a safety rating of 10 out of 10. You can share silicone as long as you take care of it properly or use a condom to protect yourself. There is a light smell to this silicone, but nothing overwhelming or unpleasant and this doesn't transfer to taste. The feel of the silicone is velvety soft, but with some drag; however some lube will fix that. I find that as long as I am wet enough, the silicone guides nicely on my skin, but if my natural lube is not enough then I need to apply a small amount of lube. This silicone also has the amazing ability to collect lint. You will want to be sure to wipe it down before you want to use it.

There is no added texture to the Vr8 aside from the seam along the toy. This will only matter to those who are extremely seam sensitive. However, there is a curved shaft and two uniquely designed head with dual motors, that make up for the lack of texture. The lack of texture is appropriate for beginners to advanced users.

Design / Shape / Size

The Vr8 resembles a curved steam with a leaf top. The design, to me, is somewhat similar to Bloom. If you are interested in the shape of the Vr8, but find something unappealing about it, you might want to check out Bloom.

The Vr8 is a 7.5" long curved shaft. Inside this curved shaft are dual motors that are controlled separately with the two button along the shaft. The smaller end of the Vr8 is uniquely shaped like a leaf, petal, or flower bulb. This end starts off with pointed tip that is slightly pointed upright. Then, it bulbs out to 4" circumference or a 1.25" diameter curving down to 2.25" circumference or 0.75" diameter before curving to the larger end. The smaller end is only insertable up to 5" before you get to the buttons. You could insert past the buttons, but they can be touchy, so they could turn off during use. The larger end has a rounded top, but it is not tapered, therefore it is not the easiest to insert without being well lubricated. This end has no unique shape to it, so it is a more traditional vibrator shape. You can insert this end about 3" before you get to the push buttons, but you can insert past them, however they are touchy. The end manages to stay roughly the same size of 5.25" circumference or in between 1.5"-1.75" in diameter. On the underside of this vibrator is where you can find the the hole to plug in the charger. This is located about the center of the vibrator. Underneath this charging hole is some raised lettering marking the vibrator as a "Power Bullet" and telling you to dispose of this toy in the garbage. This is due to the rechargeable battery.

Both beginners to advanced users can find use for both ends of the toy. Some might find that they need to use the smaller end to warm up to the larger end, but some might not. This toy is well designed to fit the vagina and provide effective stimulation. The shape of this vibe might not work for everyone, since we are all shaped different.

This toy is not at all discreet, but fairly easy to hide. You should store it in a pouch for travel and keep it in a safe place for discretion.

Paired with Uma:

Paired with the Vr9:

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Vr8 is rechargeable using a charger that plugs into a standard US outlet, so if you live in an area that does not have this kind of outlet, you will need to purchase an adapter the properly charge your toy. (All areas could be different, look into what you need for your area. You might need more than an adapter.) The charger has a metal prong on it similar to what you find on head phones. You plug this inside of the hole on the underside of the Vr8 and allow it to charge. The charge will take four hours. Next to the hole you plugged the charger into is a red LED light that indicates it is charging. This light will shut off when charging is complete. The four hour charge seems to hold for at least a week of 20-40 minute uses. You get a 60" charging cord. (Should you lose your cord and happen to have a Leaf vibe, they are the same charger.)

The dual motors are separately controlled with the two push buttons that are located closer to the larger end of the Vr8. The button closest to that end, controls that end. When you turn on your buttons they light up with red LED lights. You press and hold in the buttons until you get to the desired setting. There are no patterns to the vibrations other than steady. It takes about 5 seconds to get to the highest settings. You can not press both buttons at the same time to change the settings, but you can turn them both on together, just one at a time.

The larger end has vibrations that are felt all throughout the toy even down to the tip of the other end. These vibrations are deep, rumbly, and powerful. I would give this end 5 vrooms alone. They are not super quiet when the toy is not inserted, but once inside the sound is muffled. The smaller end is a different story. They are felt mostly on the underside of the flower bulb. You can not feel them all the way down to the opposite end either, but if you turn on the other end, the vibrations from that end will work down the toy. This end alone are moderate vibrations that light, buzzy, and give a tickling feeling. I would give this end 3 vrooms alone. The sound of this end is also louder than the other end. You can hear the buzzy vibrations and they are not muffled once inserted. The motors together make both end slightly more powerful, but this does become louder for use, however it is not super loud. I say the motors together would be 3 bees. The power of the vibrations increases by one vroom for each end with both motors on. So, the smaller end would be 4 vrooms and the larger would be 6 vrooms.

The Vr8 is waterproof. The charging hole will create and air bubble that does not allow water to travel inside. Should this fail, contact Jopen about the 1 yea limited warranty because that would be a defect.

Care and Maintenance

Silicone is really easy to take care of with antibacterial soap and warm water, but toy cleaners, toys wipes, and a 10% bleach and water solution works too. Due to the nonporous nature of silicone you can share it with others, but you should use a condom or clean your toy with the bleach solution. Be sure to check the condom, prior to use, because it should only have water based lubes on it as silicone is only compatible with water based lubes. Some may want to spot test it with silicone based lubes, but I would never want to damage this beauty.

The Vr8 comes with a black cloth pouch for storage. You should use this pouch for storage. It is big enough for the toy and the charger, but there is also plenty of room for a bottle of lube and your favorite clit vibe. Just remember that silicone toys should not touch during storage.


The packaging is a white box with a lid that comes completely off. Your toy is placed nicely inside in a cardboard cut out. You left the cut out and reveal your charger, pouch, and instruction manual. The box is minimal.


I prefer to use the larger end because it has more power and the size give a fuller feeling. I like to turn the power all the way up and insert this end so the curve touches my G-spot. Then I pull out Uma for clitoral stimulation. I can, usually, squirt from this, but I can squirt from just clitoral stimulation. (I seem to be able to squirt easier than most women.) I can achieve a G-spot orgasm that fully contracts the G-spot and my vaginal walls, but not without the help of clitoral stimulation as a well. I can use the larger end for clitoral stimulation too, but I prefer my Uma. The smaller end is more of a warm up to the larger end on the days that I am drier. I find it hard to like this end because of its lack of oomph. I need power, for the most part, and that end doesn't have enough of it.

Overall, I do like my Vr8, but I don't love it. I expected to love it at that price. I still think it is a really nice toy and I recommend it. I do think that this vibrator is over priced for what you get.
Follow-up commentary
My Vr8 has found a new home. While I did still enjoy the toy, it wasn't the toy for me. Check out the Toy Swap Thread if you are interested in finding new homes for some of your toys.

My Vr8 didn't have any damage to it and it was in good shape.
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