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Unimpressive Vanity

Jopen's Vr8 is a luxury vibrator, but it didn't make me feel luxurious. The smaller ends weak and buzzy vibrations sort of ruined the toy for me, though they might not bother all users. If you're not bothered by buzzy vibrations, give this one a try -- it's pretty nice, minus that issue.
Pretty, Larger end is powerful, Nice shape, Waterproof, Rechargeable
The smaller end is weak and very buzzy!, Obvious seam
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The Vr8 comes from us from Jopen's vanity line. It is one of the few vibrators in the collection that is not a rabbit. It's a lovely toy to use alone, but it's also fantastic to use with a partner.

This toy can be used in a variety of ways, especially since it is a double-ended toy. That's right -- either end of the toy can be inserted.

The smaller end makes a fantastic choice for g-spotting, though the larger end hits the spot as well. I find that the larger is better to rock with, whereas it's best to thrust with the smaller end inserted. That's just what works for me, though, you might very well find that you enjoy thrusting with the larger end and rocking with the smaller one. To each their own.

You could use this toy for clitoral stimulation if you like, too, though I find that it's a bit awkward to use in that manner; it's just a bit long for that. You could also use it to stimulate your nipples, or other sensitive body parts.

As for anal use? If you're careful, this toy would make a great p-spot stimulator. You do need to be very careful if you use it anally though, as this toy does not have a base.

If you like, you can also take this toy in the water with you as it is fully waterproof!

Material / Texture

The Vr8 is made out of a lovely silicone material, which feels fantastically soft to the touch. It's also incredibly safe, earning a rating of 10 on Eden's material safety scale. The high rating is because the toy is hypoallergenic, non-porous, latex-free, and phthalates-free.

As I said, the silicone on this toy is temptingly soft. It's a matte silicone, so it does have a slight drag to it. If that matte texture bothers you, you can use water-based lubricant to combat the problem. As for me, I kind of like my toys to have a slight drag, so it doesn't bother me at all. What does bother me, however, is the seam that runs down the center of the toy. The seam is very obvious, which was surprising considering that this a luxury toy. The seam is not painful or anything; it's just kind of annoying sometimes, as I can certainly feel it during use without lube.

Other than the slight drag and seam, there's no texture to speak of.

The silicone on this toy is a very thin layer, so you won't get that "squish" that some other silicone toys provide. Despite this fact, the toy does still have some flex to it -- the smaller end of the toy bends slightly.

There's no noticeable scent or taste to this toy.

Design / Shape / Size

The Vr8 has a good length to it, measuring about 7.5" long. The smallest end of the toy measures around 1 1/4" wide, whereas the largest end is around 2". All of the Vr8 can be inserted as it is a dual ended vibrator, though I generally don't go past the buttons.

One end of the toy is quite thick, making it a good choice for size queens. The thick end is rounded and provides a lovely full sensation. It also stimulates my g-spot well by rubbing against it. The smaller end has a sort of teardrop shape to it, and it's fantastic for g-spot stimulation.

This toy isn't really a discreet toy. It doesn't look like a penis, but it's pretty obvious that it is a sex toy.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Vr8 is rechargeable, which is wonderful.

It is also controlled by two buttons which are located towards the middle of the shaft. The buttons aren't labeled, but they are raised so you can easily find them. One of the buttons operates the smaller end of the toy, whereas the other controls the larger end. Both ends can be operated at the same time.

To turn either (or both) ends on, you're going to need to press the buttons, of course. One press of the button will start the toy off at its lowest setting. To cycle through to the higher settings, you need to press and hold the button of your choice. The button will flash a red color until you get to the highest setting, when the flashing will stop. The way the buttons work did take some getting used to, as just one slip of the finger tends to turn the toy right off.

The vibrations in this toy are okay, but nothing special. There's no patterns at all; just simple, steady vibrations. The larger end is rumbly and powerful (4 vrooms, 2 bees), but it's less powerful than my other Jopen vibrators. The smaller end is a bit weaker (3 vrooms, 2 bees), and extremely buzzy. Both ends can be used individually as I said before, but you can also use them together. I find that the toy feels more powerful when both ends are on at once.

The toy features a lock setting, which makes it great for travel. To activate the lock feature, hold both buttons at once for about 3 seconds. Then, when you want to unlock it, hold both buttons again for 3 seconds.

Care and Maintenance

Being both waterproof and silicone, this toy is as easy as it gets for cleaning. You can wash it with soap and water, toy wipes, toy cleaner, or even a bleach solution. Whatever you do, don't boil this toy -- it has a motor, and boiling it may ruin the toy.

It's a good thing that this toy is easy to clean, as you're probably going to want to clean it both before and after use. This is because of the fact that the silicone attracts lint like crazy, and no one wants to be putting lint inside of themselves (or their partner).

For storage, this toy comes with a handy black pouch. The pouch is large enough to fit the toy and the charger -- with plenty of room to spare!
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    Oh man--I've had this wishlisted for awhile, and would like the smaller end, but buzzy vibes are not my thing. Great review!
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    Super disappointed to hear the smaller end is buzzy :/ I had planned to save up my points for this thing. Thanks for the heads up!
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    thank you for the review!! do you have other toys from the the Vanity line to compare it to vibrations wise?
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    ***Every other toy that I've tried from the vanity line.
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