Miracle Worker

If you had to choose only one sex toy on the site to use with a woman, I’d recommend this one. I've yet to find a vibrator that I like more, and I've looked.
Deep and intense vibration
No batteries
Large head
Two settings
Difficult to clean
A cord
Heats up after prolonged use
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useful review
Many years ago I started recommending this toy to the women and men in my life, and I've yet to hear anyone complain about it!

If you are a woman that has a difficult time achieving orgasm, this is your miracle worker|Hitachi magic wand vibrator. If you are a person with a female partner that enjoys a lot of intense or heavy clitoral stimulation, it just might save you the jaw cramps and claw hand that you may be developing from orally and manually stimulating her for hours. (I'd never want to put you off of those activities, but it is a nice supplement to your natural enthusiasm!)

The wand is large, makes a lot of noise, and can be awkward to work into partnered play. It is also completely worth the effort to use! I highly recommend combining cunnilingus or rimming with this vibrator. There are few pleasures as great as straddling a fabulous partner and feeling their tongue while operating this vibe on yourself. I also recommend combining penetration with this toy, as it does little by itself to stimulate you in that way. My own partner likes to sit at the edge of the bed while I straddle his lap and face away from him, then he bounces me using the natural spring of the bed while lightly rubbing the vibe on my clitoris. This is highly recommended, as it always seems to bring me over the top (and I'm a very difficult woman to bring to orgasm)! If you need something a bit more sedate, try having a partner slowly finger your vagina and/or anus while operating the vibe. I won’t even explain how this can enhance fisting, but I will warn you that you might have to work on accepting most of the hand before having too many orgasms with the wand. I know that I tend to tighten after orgasm, and it can make further penetration more challenging.

The texture of the toy can make cleaning a bit of a chore, since you need to get all the little crevices washed. I recommend a slightly damp textured washcloth and antibacterial soap if the head becomes soiled. If you've managed to get menstrual blood in the crevices, then you may want to use a soft nailbrush as well. If you are highly organized and fastidious, I suppose you can put a barrier over the head and neck before use. This is also a great option for folks that are not fluid bonded (sharing body fluids) with their partner. I'm fluid bonded with mine, so this is rarely an issue for me. I was quite careful about it in the past, however, and in a pinch I’ve even used a nitrile glove|The Facts on Phthalates and Sex Toys over the head and neck of the vibe (this added valuable comedy to the latex-free safer sex experience) and it still worked wonderfully.
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  • Contributor: Cock Wrangler
    Very true- it's vinyl, so porous. Thanks for mentioning safer sex concerns!
    I'm trying to imagine how to combine oral sex with Hitachi use... and I just can't. It's so big. Or rather, what I can imagine involves painful vibration on someone's teeth.
  • Contributor: Vamp Ire
    My partner is the genius that learned to combine these things, as I wouldn't have thought to do so! Most of the time he is on his back, and I am straddling his face and on my knees. My body is often turned so that it is facing toward his head. Although he sometimes operates the wand at these times, I usually prefer to do so myself. I hold it so that the long end is close to my stomach and the tip of the head is against my clit. He is able to lick my labia, vagina, anus, and such while I busy myself with the wand...and there is no teeth chattering! heh I will ask him for further tips about how to do this, as he is the one that actually makes the tricky part happen.
  • Contributor: Oggins
    I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! I also think it would be a bit difficult to incorporate this into oral sex though, not impossible. I might have to give that a try if hubby is up to the risk! =)
  • Contributor: Vamp Ire
    I just got off the phone with my partner, and he was amused that people found his technique so intriguing! I think that I have to learn to pimp this guy out more effectively, and put out some instructional DVDs or something. ;)=

    He says that you do need to be careful, and that the easiest thing to do is combine rimming with the Hitachi. Most of the time his mouth is far away from the wand, busy with my labia and such. He is a brave soul, and for limited times he will combine his tongue and the Hitachi on my clit. He recommends only doing that for a short time, and keeping the vibration on your tongue only.
  • Contributor: Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Nice review! Big smile
  • Contributor: married with children
    good review, thanks
  • Contributor: Beneath The Bed
    Thanks for the Review.
  • Contributor: Greenleaf
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    Thanks for the review.
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