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Magic Wand Original

Wand massager by Vibratex

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No better way for fast orgasms

After 30 years of use, it still works great. I would have to give my own fingers a 3/5 or 4/5 in comparison to this portable orgasmatron.
durable, well designed, extremely effective
isn't noiseless or free. I'm sorry there just aren't any cons.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
I purchased my magic wand|Massager by Hitachi 30 years ago. At a cost of roughly $45, this works out to be $1.50/year. That's a pretty good value! And its still working. It occasionally stops, but will start again if its repositioned slightly. This only started happening in the last five years, so I must say the durability of this product is excellent. The instructions say to use it for no longer than 15 minutes at a time, but I've repeatedly used it for much longer than that.

The first time I used it I came in less than 20 seconds. There is no faster way to have an intense orgasm that I know of. Of course the more you use it the longer it will take. Use it consistently for several days and you may find that you're unable to come even with the most talented man. But this is only a temporary effect.

While men are undeniably more fun, they can't bring you to completion as fast and hard as this product does.

I almost always use this solo, but it works well to hold it on yourself while your man takes you doggy style too. And he will appreciate it if you use it on him too. We've used it as part of foreplay to get him fully ready.

I've tried other vibrators that were meant for use on backs or bodies in general and none of them are as effective or easy to use as this one. There's a reason why the design hasn't changed after all these years. Unlike vibrators not designed for this use, this one never pinches or slips away from you.

It has two speed settings but I always use the low setting. The high setting is louder and not necessary.

The noise is comparable to other vibrators I own. You won't be able to use it without the possibility of others in your house hearing it. When this finally stops working I'm definitely replacing it with the same model.
Follow-up commentary
Who needs to read yet more praise for the Magic Wand? I wouldn't bother writing this if I didn't have something new to add to the abundance of existing reviews and follow-ups for this product.

1) I mentioned in my review that it stops working occasionally. I've since realized that if I straighten out the cord where it attaches to the wand, it starts vibrating again. So the weakness is in the first inch or two of the cord that extends from the wand.

Take home lesson: Don't bend the cord sharply repeatedly in any one area, esp the area near the vibrator.

2) I didn't mention that I paid only $20 for my Magic Wand 30 years ago, so using it actually costs only 67 cents/year. That's a little more than a penny/week. Those are some of the best pennies I've ever spent!

3) I've used the Wahl vibrator too. The Magic Wand is far superior. The Wahl is awkward to use and not as strong. I don't like the Wahl's bizarre attachments either. Just my opinion.

Update (7/24/2010):
It just died! :-( Its so sad. It doesn't work at all on either power level. In the past if it didn't want to start I could adjust the cord or rotate it to find the sweet spot where it would work again, but now its just completely dead.

So now you know. Magic Wands that receive regular use last 32 years.

FURTHER UPDATE (11/15/2010):
The video shown on this review is the autopsy of my old Magic Wand, presented here for your amusement.

My replacement Magic Wand isn't the same. The vibrations are slightly less deep and it sounds rattly. My old Magic Wand wasn't rattly at all. Maybe Hitachi has followed the trend of so many other products and is replacing metal parts with plastic. Its tempting to pop the new one open just to have a look.
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