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I can't help but moan while using my Mona. It's seriously the most pleasurable thing that's ever been in my vagina. Before I got it, I thought vibrations didn't do a lot for me internally. Turns out I just needed the right vibrator. I still haven't had an orgasm without clit stimulation, but I feel like I've come very close. If any toy can do it, I think Mona is the one.
Hits my g-spot while giving me a full feeling, strong, quiet, silicone, rechargeable.
Tends to rattle when I use it externally, not waterproof.
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Mona is a g-spot vibrator, and is actually the best toy I have found so far for g-spot stimulation. I thought it might be an awesome toy for external use as well, but it turned out not to be, as I'll explain later in the review.

I've only used this one solo. I can't thrust with it, so it wouldn't be a very interesting toy to have a partner use on me. I usually use Mona along with another vibrator on my clit, but occasionally I just use my fingers. I normally hate using my fingers because it takes too long, but with Mona it takes me about half the time it usually would.

I think this toy will work well for anyone who enjoys g-spot stimulation and doesn't need a lot of thrusting, or very deep vibrations.

Material / Texture

This toy has no smell or taste, and is body safe and non-porous. The insertable portion is made from silicone and has a smooth and silky surface, with some drag. It has no give or flex since it is a thin coating of silicone over a hard base. The handle is shiny ABS plastic.

Design / Shape / Size

When I got my Mona I was surprised by the shape. I was expecting it to be sort of like a spoon- wider than it was tall, and rounded. It is actually taller than it is wide, with a slightly pointed tip. A cross section would be wider at the bottom, and shaped like a mix between an oval and a triangle. There is a narrower, curved ridge along the top of the shaft. Mona's shape reminds me of a smaller version of Form 6's large end, or a larger version of Ella's straight end. I've found that this is the type of shape that works best for my g-spot.

When I insert Mona, it naturally slides into position and feels like it is perfectly fitting my body. Thrusting is uncomfortable and unnecessary for me. I let it hang out and do it's thing, or add a slight rocking motion. I like that it stays in place by itself and hits my g-spot without me even having to hold the handle.

The widest part of the toy is only 4 1/4" in circumference, but as it says in the manual, Mona delivers "fuller sensations than you would expect from a vibrator of her size." It actually feels a bit more filling than a straight toy with a 5" circumference. There are 4 inches of insertable length, which is more than enough to reach my g-spot. The ridge on the thickest, middle section of the toy presses against my g-spot, while the tip hits another, slightly deeper, very pleasurable spot.

The handle is 4 inches long and fits very nicely into my hand. I much prefer it to Gigi's handle.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Mona's vibrations are strong, and medium in depth. They are very close in strength and frequency to Gigi, and higher pitched than Siri. It is a little louder than Gigi or Siri, but is still a quiet toy and won't be heard through a door.

I thought that Mona would work extremely well for me externally, as well as for g-spot stimulation. It has the type of vibrations I prefer, and the shape and size are perfect to stimulate my entire vulva. Unfortunately, when I apply pressure with it externally it makes a slight rattling noise. It's still quiet, but it's enough to annoy me so I stick with internal use.

The controls are easy to operate, and I never have any issues with them. There are 4 buttons, which require enough force to press that I don't change the settings accidentally. Holding the + buttons turns the vibrations on, and holding or pressing it repeatedly increases the speed. The - button lowers the speed, and holding it turns the vibrations off. The arrow buttons take you through the following vibration patterns:

1. slow pulsing
2. faster pulsing
3. revving (gradually incresing from low to high)
4. wave (gradually increasing, then decreasing)
5. random

The random pattern reminds me of a song. It even makes an occasional little beeping sound that adds to this effect.

You can control the speed for each pattern, which I think is a nice option to have. The toy doesn't remember the last setting you used, and always turns on to steady vibrations.

The controls can be locked by holding down all 4 buttons for a 5 seconds, and unlock the same way, which is great for travel.

The buttons light up when you press them, flash during charging, glow steadily when Mona is fully charged, and flash red to let you know when the battery is dying.

The charging port is on the end of the handle and protected by an attached silicone cover. Just insert the charger until you feel it click into place, then connect the other end of the cord to an outlet. A charge takes about 2 hours, and will last up to 4 hours.

Care and Maintenance

Wash with soap and warm water. Be careful to keep water away from the buttons and charging port. Lelo advises sticking with water based lubes, since silicone lube could make the surface of the toy permanently tacky. If you want to try it anyways, do a patch test first. I store it in the satin, drawstring pouch that is included. Mona should be kept away from toys made of less safe materials.


My Mona came in a thin, purple cardboard box with a picture of the toy and a product description on the sides. Inside is a heavier box made from matte, black cardboard that says LELO in silver letters. Mona is sealed inside a plastic bubble surrounded by a flat piece of cardboard that could be hung up in a store for display. Beneath the toy are the charger, manual, storage pouch, and warranty. It has a 1 year warranty, and a 10 year quality guarantee which means if your Mona breaks in the next 10 years you get 50% off your next Lelo toy. There is a code on the back of the warranty that can be used to register your Mona on the Lelo website.
Follow-up commentary
I've owned Mona for about 6 months now, and it remains one of my most used toys. It's my favourite insertable vibrator, and is tied with my Amethyst as my favourite insertable toy. I grab Mona when I'm feeling a little lazy and don't want to bother with thrusting. It locks into place and does it's job while my hands are free for other things. It doesn't look that big (which is a bonus when I want to use a toy with my boyfriend) but it gives me a very nice full feeling and puts pressure on my g-spot at the same time.
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