Health » Disease; Sex » Men, Women: "In Wisconsin, a $350,000 Lawsuit Over Herpes"
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In Wisconsin, a $350,000 Lawsuit Over Herpes

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Rekindled romance from the '90s has unhappy ending.


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Contributor: Christopher Koulouris
Christopher Koulouris  

But on another note, the man must have understood the peril that he would potentially be exposing any partner to given his reluctance to take his medicine which could have lessened the chances of passing on the disease to an unwitting partner. On some level he knew he was walking around with a loaded gun, no pun intended.

I suppose the case rests on the logic of this series: don’t ask, don’t tell, suffer some consequences, then sue. Then again, it’s a novel approach to seeking justice, and it could very well pay off.


Contributor: disenchanted

From what we know about genital herpes, isn't it possible that she had it from their first encounter? It doesn't say how long he has known he had it, and even if he was only diagnosed recently, it does not mean he didn't have it when they were first together as well, and was just asymptomatic. I know this is an old article, but I had to throw it out there.