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Sabar reviews
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Less then Three
somewhat useful
Less then Three
This may LOOK great but if you’re buying for one keep looking..... turned out to be as exciting as a kitchen gadget ordered off an infomercial. The hard plastic is unforgiving and can at times be uncomfortable. You will need the addition of another’s touch to help you get what you want out of this vibrator.
Look and aesthetic design, great for two!
Touch, single function.
Touche Masturazor reviews
Price: $18.00 $59.99

Touche Masturazor

Sleeping Dreamer
Sleeping Dreamer
It was a funky idea but nothing more. While the outside of the vibrator was crafted beautifully, the inside was just disturbing.
Supple, hypoallergenic silicone.
Weak bullet, weak razor, weak cap covering the razor. Cheap, sharp metal inside.
Touche Little snooper reviews
Price: $35.99

Touche Little snooper

extremely useful
This could be a good fit for some audiences, but that largely depends on what you are looking for from a vibrator. If you prefer subtle vibrations, hygienic material, and enough design flexibility to make the toy suitable for both anal and vaginal use, the Little Snooper is for you. If you enjoy more powerful vibrations and are hoping for an anal toy you can insert and forget, you'll be better served with other, more specialized vibrators.
Velvety smooth silicone material, vaginal and anal use, water-resistant.
Requires hardware to remove battery, vibrations may be too weak for some, uses watch batteries.
Luv-touch contour reviews
Price: $18.99

Luv-touch contour

Sin Secret
Sin Secret
Overall the look and feel of the Luv-Touch Contour is pretty great. It's soft and adorable. When it comes to your clit, the sensations it provides are deep and interesting, but not very precise. It's great for a new and wonderful sensation, but might take a little work to help you reach climax.
Soft, pleasant to hold, deep sensations, kinda pretty.
Strong smell at first, sensation not specific enough.
Essence for couples reviews
Price: $14.99

Essence for couples

I found this item to be a great compact and discreet pleasure tool. It is very diverse, being waterproof it is great for exciting water play or dry land activities!
- compact & discreet - submersible
- vibration a tad weak
Pleasurezone slim contoured clitifier reviews
Price: $30.99

Pleasurezone slim contoured clitifier

It was like a long, long tease. The vibration was too light, and when I would try to push it closer or even just rub myself with it, the shaft would just flex the other way. I tried it with lube. I tried it without. Whenever I was close, I would accidentally push down harder, and the shaft would flex and the head would slip away from where I wanted it.