#Buzz - Weekly Buzz: New Releases and Upcoming Products (04/15/11)

#Buzz - Weekly Buzz: New Releases and Upcoming Products (04/15/11)

Kayla Kayla
What beautiful and sexy items hit our virtual shelves this week?

I promise – you're barely going to believe it, but we just expanded our Liberator section by quite a bit! If you've been waiting for the new Liberator products to become purchasable, your dream just came true! We're now carrying the Flip Ramp, Hipster, BonBon, Whirl XT, Pulse, Axis Hitachi, Jaz, and the Wing in new colors! Wow! That's a mouthful! Everything except the Wing is brand new to EdenFantasys, and they're ready for your purchasing! Whether you want to add some support to your sex life or just experiment with positions you didn't think were possible, the new Liberator shapes are here to help. I'm definitely looking forward to some of the reviews; aren't you?

Another one of the neat vibrators coming to EdenFantasys is the Couture Collection Liberte 3 from California Exotics. This silicone vibrator has seven different vibrational patterns, and has an interesting texture and curve for g-spot stimulation. happeegrl03 gives this vibrator a 4-star review and says “I'm sure you will love her as much as I do. She has turned into one of my go-to toys in my nightstand. If you're a size queen, you might not love her, but why not give her a try? She LOVES to please!”

Another new release this week is the Softee Ballsy Cock! This is a realistically-designed dildo that comes in multiple colors in the Sil-A-Gel material. Heartthrob wrote a review over this toy and adds “The Softee is really one of my better dildos. I admired it for a moment, lubed it up, and popped it in. In no time, I was on the verge of a vaginal climax, something I am new to, but really loving. The veins rubbed against my G-Spot adding a deliciously toe curling aspect to stimulation. The softness of the toy gave it some give, just like the real thing, although it did feel a little softer than normal. The balls flapped against my inner thighs and butt making me feel like I was being pounded.” Looks like it works for them!

We have another new Doc Johnson dildo hitting our shelves this week as well: the Blush Bulge UR3 Cock! This realistic dildo is made from the Ultra Realistic 3.0 material, and it comes in realistic colors and also allows you to choose from two different sizes. With three 5-star reviews under its belt (testicles?), this dildo seems to aim to please. hshaughnessy says “This item is 100% worth buying. It is honestly the best dildo in my collection and anyone who buys this will not be disappointed.” while mica123 adds “I love, love, love this dildo! It still gets the job done for me. I can't say anything negative about this. It's as real as it gets when using a toy. The next best thing is the REAL thing. Ladies, if you want something really good, go for this toy!” in her review.

The VixSkin Spur found its way in vanilla onto our site as well. This small dildo looks like it works well for those who want a smaller toy to play with, and with the different color choices and the realistic-feeling of it, you can find the dildo that will work perfectly for you. Sammi says, in her 5-star review, “It’s soft and plush, squishy but with a firm inner core, so it’s flexible and easy to insert while being rigid enough to thrust with. The size will please those who like realistic dildos on the smaller size, whether the intended use is for vaginal or anal insertion.”

The Vibrating Support Plus Dual Support Enhancement System came out this week as well! This is a vibrating cock ring that features a unique design to enhance the pleasure of both partners. Zabrina gives this product a good review and says “This product is definitely worth the purchase and experience. I found this to be one of the best stimulation products I have ever used.”

Some of our amazing EdenLink companies have let us know about some of their upcoming products as well. While these can't be purchased quite yet, they are available to go hang around on your wishlist until the moment of truth comes when you can purchase them!

Fleshlight uploaded two new types of Fleshlights! For whatever your choice is, they are now producing the Fleshlight Misty Stone and the Fleshlight Tori Black Fleshlights. Both of these sexy new Fleshlights use the “Lotus” texture, and both are part of the “Fleshlight Girls” series which means that their outer design is an exact replica of the star that its named after. How neat!

California Exotics uploaded some neat products for us to see! There are five new products waiting for you to check them out: the Tantric Body Mist, the 7 Function Power Play Bullet, the 7 Function Power Play Slim Line Bullet (it has a smaller bullet size), the Crazy 8, and the Vibrating Crazy 8. With two new cock rings, two different bullets, and an interesting body mist, CalExotics is providing all sorts of new items to check out!
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Liberator Flip Ramp
Kindred , MonkeyBoo , newlady , Alys , Darling Jen , Solar Ray , ToyTimeTim , Eeyor89 , Lady Venus , PiratePrincess , Lummox
Liberator Hipster
MonkeyBoo , Lady Venus
Liberator BonBon
Tori Rebel , MonkeyBoo , wetone123 , Dusk , namelesschaos , Chilipepper , Sammi , Darling Jen , Solar Ray , Lio , A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople) , Lady Marmelade , Waterfall , goodeatz , PassionQT , kelaaa33wish , ToyTimeTim , Eeyor89 , Lady Venus , amandaco2011 , Lolla Munz , sexyintexas , Eva Schwaltz
Liberator Whirl XT
MonkeyBoo , namelesschaos , Sammi , Darling Jen , Lady Venus , Jobthingy
Liberator Pulse
MonkeyBoo , wetone123 , namelesschaos , Chilipepper , Sammi , Alys , Darling Jen , Shellz31 , Pleasure Piratess , kelaaa33wish , ToyTimeTim , Lady Venus
Liberator Axis Hitachi
MonkeyBoo , wetone123 , Kayla , Sammi , Alys , kelaaa33wish , Lady Venus , SamsDelight
Liberator Jaz
MonkeyBoo , Coralbell , goodeatz , Eeyor89 , Lady Venus , Jobthingy , Lummox
Liberator Wing
MonkeyBoo , namelesschaos , Alys , Darling Jen , Shellz31 , ToyTimeTim , Eeyor89 , Lady Venus , Eva Schwaltz
Couture Collection Liberte 3
tigerkate , amandaco2011
Softee Ballsy Cock
Blush Bulge UR3 Cock
wetone123 , Chilipepper , newlady , Shellz31 , EndlessFrost
VixSkin Spur
ShadowKitten , Solar Ray , Waterfall , DCorrelle , PassionQT , mikebooks , Eva Schwaltz
Vibrating Support Plus Dual Support Enhancement System
Fleshlight Misty Stone
Solar Ray , ToyTimeTim , mikebooks
Fleshlight Tori Black
Solar Ray , mikebooks
Tantric Body Mist
Kayla , newlady , tigerkate , amandaco2011
7 Function Power Play Bullet
Sammi , Alys , Crystal1
7 Function Power Play Slim Line Bullet
Crazy 8 Cock Ring
big b
Vibrating Crazy 8 Cock Ring
billybobtoy , ToyTimeTim
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Jul!a Jul!a
Oh man, I want all of the Liberator stuff, lol.
wetone123 wetone123
Some great products to choose from! Thanks Eden!
Joie de Cherresse Joie de Cherresse
Awesome new products!!!
Dusk Dusk
So excited! I've been wondering when we were going to get the pulse; if you're craving one, don't forget to check out my Raffle for the American Cancer Society; you could win one! I'm actually a bit jealous of whoever gets their hands on it.
ShadowKitten ShadowKitten
Already ordered the Vixskin Spur! It's been on it's way to me for 3 days now it'll be my first Vixskin product too (and probably the only for a long time since the others they have released are too big or long @.@)
namelesschaos namelesschaos
I already ordered the pulse, and want the bonbon wing and whirl. I already own a Jaz.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
Want a bon-bon. It's as close as I'll ever get to a Sybian - now to find a suitable vibe to stick into it ...
Sammi Sammi
There's a lot here I want to get, for sure
Darling Jen Darling Jen
All the Liberator are belong to me!
Solar Ray Solar Ray
Some really great items coming out. The Liberator stuff alone could keep a couple happily amused for months.
A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople) A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople)
Originally posted by Darling Jen
All the Liberator are belong to me!
I'm for BonBon.
tigerkate tigerkate
Liberator and Cal Exotics stuff... very excited for all these things
Waterfall Waterfall
I must try the BonBon!!
PassionQT PassionQT
I keep missing out on the SPUR, but I'm getting a BonBon. Merci Beaucoup!
Shellz31 Shellz31
I just placed my order for the Liberator Wing and Pulse. I'd like to also get the Blush Bulge UR3 Cock.
Eeyor89 Eeyor89
The fuchsia Liberator Jaz is sooo cute... I want one.
Lady Venus Lady Venus
All the Liberator stuff!
M121212 M121212
Thanks for the update, Kayla.
Jobthingy Jobthingy
I am getting the Whirl!! I want the Jaz also
Crystal1 Crystal1
The Blush Bulge cock is so pretty!
Kayla Kayla
Originally posted by Jobthingy
I am getting the Whirl!! I want the Jaz also
The Whirl seems neat! You'll have to give us a review; I wonder how well it works.
SamsDelight SamsDelight
Love the liberator Axis Hitachi. I just bought the Hitachi and it is by far my favorite right now. And the Liberator has been in my home for years. So putting them together would just make a perfect match.
sexyintexas sexyintexas
Wow I am so going to have to turn my spare bedroom into a sex shop!!! Better get good locks lol!
big b big b
keep them coming and me to
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