Spotlight on Je Joue Uma (and a giveaway)!

Contributor: Kayla Kayla

Have you seen the new Je Joue Uma vibrator? Made of silicone and featuring a strong and powerful motor, the JeJoue Uma includes a g-spot design and is rechargeable! Uma is intended to be a fantastic toy for both internal and external pleasure, and it features 7 vibration levels. And this week, we’re giving one away on EdenCafe!

With this Uma giveaway, you get a chance to win some pretty amazing prizes! First place is going to win their very own Je Joue Uma! Second place will win a $50 EdenFantasys giftcard while third place is going to win a $25 EdenFantasys giftcard. Those are some fantastic prizes with the holiday season right around the corner!

You guys have been raving about the Je Joue Mimi since it first came out, and since the Je Joue Uma is Mimi’s big sister and shares similar features, let’s see what you had to say about the Je Joue Mimi!
While I had it, the Mimi was becoming a fast favorite of mine. It delivered wonderful orgasms everytime so I can't really complain that much about it. The benefits by far outweigh anything negative I had to say about it. from unfulfilled

If you're looking to show your clitoris or other happy bits a little love, the MiMi is all you need. This little palm-sized vibrator has some super high-intensity, rubmly vibrations, and it incredibly quiet on top of that. You can do so many things with this one little wonder! It's the perfect vibe for just about anyone out there! from Miss Debauchery

I love my Mimi! It's strong, discreet, and simple both in design and functions. Completely worth the price and should be in everyone's toy box as it delivers powerful orgasms and is phenomenal for body massage. from Katastrophy

I cannot think of one reason why every girl shouldn't own a MiMi. MiMi has a great range of vibrations suited to fit everyone's needs. The easy to use controls make it perfect for all users from beginner to advanced. The material is some of the highest quality I've come across. If you're on the fence, do yourself a big favor and get a MiMi. from stainedclear

Oh, MiMi, vibrator of the Gods. The MiMi has completely replaced all my other toys as my go-to vibrator for daily use. That's right, y'all, the Hitachi has been dethroned. I was anticipating something that was nice, but not enough to bring me to climax, but this? This blew my mind. from DeliciousSurprise

I personally can't find a single con to this toy. Everything is top notch, and the price is definitely well worth it. The stimulation is perfect, and some levels are even too much for me. This toy has multiple uses, including an excellent neck/back massager - making it a great thing to keep around even if it doesn't work for you sexually. Charging it is a breeze, and maintenance is so low that it's comparable to glass. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone I know. from SecretToyLover

First off, go enter the EdenCafe giveaway. After that, come back here and let me know what color of the Je Joue Uma you want to own!
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Beck , Mrs. J , queergaze , FHeemz
4  (16%)
newlady , Nothere , Gracie , Drakoni , Janis , Sublime , NorthBayLady , Sohotdinosaur , EarthSoleil , LinToxic , A.Mari , potstickers , Nacht Stern , KottonKandi
14  (56%)
- Kira - , Ryuson , ToyLady , Cherry21 , sexynola , Gina RPG Geek , karenm
7  (28%)
Total votes: 25
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Spotlight on OhMiBod (and a giveaway)!
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Contributor: - Kira - - Kira -
Awww. I always buy the new stuff too quick. I should try to win one first. LOL.

I got mine in lavender to match my G-Ki.
Contributor: Nothere Nothere
I feel the need to match my G Ki
Contributor: Beck Beck
I want the Fuchsia, I think I am going to order this one eventually.
Contributor: newlady newlady
I love the purple!
Contributor: ToyLady ToyLady
Just received my Mimi today after reading all the hype about it. I can hardly wait to use it, but it is still charging. How long does it take to charge for the first time, straight out of the box?
Contributor: Cherry21 Cherry21
Originally posted by Kayla

Have you seen the new Je Joue Uma vibrator? Made of silicone and featuring a strong and powerful motor, the JeJoue Uma includes a g-spot design and is rechargeable! Uma is intended to be a fantastic toy for both internal and external ...
Contributor: NorthBayLady NorthBayLady
I would just like to win something LOL
Contributor: Mrs. J Mrs. J
I would love to own the Fuchsia. It is so pretty. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway
Contributor: EarthSoleil EarthSoleil
Purple JJU
Contributor: LinToxic LinToxic
Why is the black not in stock?
Contributor: Nacht Stern Nacht Stern
Purple to mach the rest of my toy collection.
Contributor: karenm karenm
I like the lavender.