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Mama MiMia! Best toy yet!

I personally can't find a single con to this toy. Everything is top notch, and the price is definitely well worth it. The stimulation is perfect, and some levels are even too much for me. This toy has multiple uses, including an excellent neck/back massager - making it a great thing to keep around even if it doesn't work for you sexually. Charging it is a breeze, and maintenance is so low that it's comparable to glass. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone I know.
High intensity, Multi function, Low maintenance, 100% waterproof, Box is good for storage, Quiet
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This toy has not one use, but many uses. It can be used as a powerful clitoral stimulator, or all-around labia massager. Maybe your man likes his perineum massaged; If that's the case, Mimi is the gal for the job! You can even use it to massage the neck, back, arms, legs... anywhere, really. If your head hurts, the powerful vibrations from this toy could relieve a headache in no time at all. I've personally done this twice since my MiMi arrived.

I do think that the BEST overall areas this toy stimulates best are the clitoris for females, and the perineum for males. Contrary to several reviews I have read, the MiMi does indeed offer excellent pinpoint stimulation at the tip which is not just good - but perfect. I don't see how anyone couldn't get pinpoint stimulation out of this. I mean, look at the shape! There's a beautifully rounded tip that is just calling out to my clit!

The MiMi by Je Joue is great for both males and females, no matter what you may be into. If you aren't into vibrating toys right now, this little baby will change all that. The MiMi offers a whole new experience to the average mini vibe user. This toy is nothing like you have ever tried, and I will gladly stand behind my word. Even if you're just trying to find something for a regular massage, you should definitely give some thought to the MiMi.

One really awesome thing to do is use the MiMi during intercourse. I rarely ever do this with toys, but I was curious and both my fiance and I were pleased with the results. In missionary position, I laid the MiMi flat against my upper part of my vagina so that it touched both my clitoris, upper labia, and vulva. The MiMi stayed perfectly in place as my fiance pounded into me (VERY hard!) and did not once slip. It gave him pleasure around his penis, and we both had amazing orgasms.
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    • Anywhere
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    • Travel friendly
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    • Perineum

Material / Texture

The MiMi is made out of silicone, which encases the entire outside. My guess is that internally, there is a plastic shell due to how light it is; however, that cannot be determined for sure because it was not included in the manual. There are also two magnets at the base which are used for charging, and are located within the "+" and "-" buttons.

The silicone is velvety smooth, and feels like butter to the touch. It glides across your pussy like a pro surfer riding a wave - smoothly, and to perfection. You will wonder to yourself, "Is this even silicone? It can't be! It's just TOO smooth to be silicone!". It has the smooth feeling you get with Ur3 and certain jelly toys, but slides almost as well as naked glass against your skin.

There are no bumps, or any type of texture. Only smooth silicone. I did not see a single imperfection to my MiMi. No pieces of silicone sticking out, dents, cracks, etc. Just one beautiful, perfectly designed massager. I usually like my toys with texture, but this is one exception to that statement. The MiMi comes in 4 gorgeous colors to fit everyone's tastes:

There is technically no smell to the MiMi, except for when it is first removed from its package. The plastic which wraps the MiMi gives off a horrible smell, but it will dissipate completely within a day or less. The box may need a little more air exposure, but not much at all.
    • Buttery smooth
    • Not porous at all
    • Somewhat strong odor wears off in a day

Design / Shape / Size

The MiMi massager is in a very discreet shape that I would describe to either be an egg, a bar of soap, or a flat river stone. The only thing that would obviously give this away is the magenta color. If you were to buy the light pink shade of this massager you could easily get away with this toy being a bar of soap, and if you bought the black MiMi you could totally write it off as a stone. This is definitely the most discreet toy that I own.

I personally really enjoyed the design of this toy. One of the most brilliant designs I have seen, by far. I found the flatness of the toy to be nice for regular body massage, or sensual massage against my vulva. It was really nice to just hold the mimi flat in my hand behind my fiance's scrotum during handjobs and blowjobs. Since the vibrations are felt throughout the entire toy, every piece of this toy is going to give you powerful, direct stimulation. The smaller "tip" of the toy is perfect for clitoral/perineum stimulation.

As for size, MiMi is smaller than I expected to be honest. No larger than a bar of soap or a medium sized river stone - thus the comparison. I wanted it to be small, so that I could carry it in a purse, or keep it in my room without people being able to find it. I have family members visit and stay with me from time to time, so it's always been important for me to have toys that cannot easily be noticed or discovered.

MiMi can be hidden anywhere you please since it is so small. You can wrap MiMi in a sock and keep it in your undergarment drawer, or disguise her in a bowl of flat charcoal-colored river stones. Maybe even set her on a soap plate in your bathroom for convenient bathtime fun. With MiMi, the options are just endless as far as playing hide-and-seek.

The design, shape and size is suitable for all users. The only thing that may be a problem is that you might need to be a little flexible to use the MiMi, unless you plan to use it with a partner. Because of the size, using MiMi will almost be like using a bullet vibrator. You really have to reach down there if you are lying down flat. An easier way to use MiMi would be to prop yourself up on a Liberator wedge or 1-2 pillows so that you can really get down there. I only mentioned this because my roommate has a bad back, and is overweight by 10-15 lbs, and she has trouble reaching her clitoris with small toys while lying flat. I let her use my wedge and she has been able to use her MiMi with a lot more ease. I personally have no trouble playing as long as I have a regular pillow under my head.
    • Discreet look/design
    • Easy to disguise
    • Easy to use for everyone

Functions / Performance / Controls

I want to start out and let you all know that MiMi is virtually silent compared to its intensity. There is somewhat of a "bzzz" for the first 3 intensities, but it is just barely there. You couldn't hear it unless it was directly next to your ear. The MiMi could easily be used with your door opened on these levels, and no one would know. The last two intensities, or levels 4 and 5, are a little louder. They do not go over 2 bees, so there's not much to worry. This can easily be silenced underneath a blanket and with the door closed if you wish. The 5 other levels of speed are all a little bit loud, but do not go over 2 bees either.

True Story: I used MiMi on the couch under a blanket this morning as my roommate was doing her bills at the table and she had no idea! Other than maybe some heavy breathing of mine, she couldn't hear anything at all! I think this was the perfect test to figure out how loud this toy was, and the MiMi passed with flying colors. If live in a house full of people, you can turn MiMi off in only 2 seconds by holding down the "-" button. So if you hear someone coming, no need to worry! Just hold down that easy to press button and your MiMi will be turned off in no time!

I still do recommend at least leaving your doors closed if you are on one of the EXTREMELY high levels.

Some reviews explained that the on and off buttons were hard to press, but mine were extremely easy to press. Maybe I'm just really strong, but I'm thinking this may have been something Je Joue "fixed". The buttons are not so easy to press to the point where you'll accidentally change settings, but they are easy enough so you wont hurt your finger or put up a struggle.

There are 5 levels of vibration, plus 5 pulsation modes. You simply press the "+" button, which is located at the bottom side of the toy, to turn MiMi on, in which you will see a small red, heart-shaped light turn on and the lowest level of vibration will start. Press the "+" again and the vibrations begin to increase. The light comes from the center of the heart, and also surrounds the heart. This light is great to help you see what's going on down there in the dark, or maybe just for decoration. Who knows, but I find it to be really cool. Simply continue pressing the plus sign to get through all the levels of vibration and pulsation. Couldn't be any easier to do.

So let's say you get to a level of vibration that is just too much for you, and you want to go back a level. Guess what guys and gals? You DON'T have to start all over again to get there! Simply press the minus button to go back a level. How awesome is that? No more wasting time and losing arousal to try and find the perfect level!

MiMi is 100% waterproof, making this an excellent bath time or shower time toy. You can easily get this entire toy wet without worrying that you will get water inside of a crevasse or hole. No amount of water is going to break this vibe, but I don't recommend dunking it. Extreme pressure can break the motor of any toy.



REVISED: I don't know if my MiMi is broken or if I have just noticed this, but the sound level has seemed to have gone up a notch. We're at about a 3 "bees" outside of blankets. It still works good, and everything feels normal. No decrease in quality. The sound is just a little louder than I recall? Has anyone else had this happen?
    • 100% waterproof
    • Multiple settings
    • Very discreet

Care and Maintenance

The MiMi by Je Joue is probably the easiest toy to care for that isn't Pyrex glass. Since it is silicone, you can wash it with antibacterial soap and water, let it dry off, and stick it back in its box or your choice of storage. There aren't any crevasses whatsoever that need any scrubbing. The Je Joue logo is indented slightly, but as long as you wash it right after use you wont have to worry about any crusting. It's really up to you when it comes to storage. A toy pouch or a sock would also work just fine. I just recommend putting it somewhere safe since vibrators are known to break when they fall. I actually dropped MiMi twice on accident and it didn't break, but just to be safe, try not to!

You want to be sure to only use water-based lubricants and oils with MiMi, since it is made of silicone. Silicone lubricants do NOT work well with silicone toys, and can actually damage them. Oil based lubricants are okay, but are also not recommended for the same reason. If you want to get the same slippery feel with MiMi that you get with other lubricants, you needn't worry since MiMi is already smooth like butter. But if you want, lubricants like KY or Maximus work very well. If you would like something more watery, Sliquid or Pink Water work great.

Charging is as easy as ever since this vibrator uses a magnetic wall charger. You simply hold the MiMi next to it's charger, and it will pretty much connect itself. You don't have to worry about connecting it backwards because the magnetic field of the charger wont let you connect an opposite to and opposite or a positive to a positive. It only takes two short hours to fully charge this toy.

MiMi stays connected to the charger even if it is dangling, and it takes a lot to remove the toy from the plug. It charges rather fast compared to other rechargeables; a little less than 2 hours. When the flashing light goes off, you will know your toy is ready to be unplugged. You get 2 hours of play out of your fully charged MiMi, which is plenty of time to orgasm more than once with this baby!
    • Easy to clean
    • Extremely low maintenance
    • Water based lubricants only


Je Joue has really outdone themselves not only on MiMi itself, but also the packaging for MiMi. This massager comes encased in a beautiful, elegant, gift-style box. It is a dark, charcoal type color that is somewhere between a very dark gray and black, as you can see in the picture below. It is opened with a ribbon, very similar to a stationary box. All you will find are the words "Je Joue" on the top of the box, making this box very discreet.

Inside you will find your MiMi perfectly nestled in a form-fitted indentation. When you first open the box, MiMi is actually in a plastic wrapping for safety during shipping. There is a strong plastic smell when you first get your box, but it wears off in a day when left open to air out. It is definitely chalked up to the plastic wrapping, and not the toy. MiMi has no scent, whatsoever, as silicone should not since it is non-porous. So don't worry at all about the scent, simply let the box and toy sit out in open air.

This package can most definitely be used for storage and gifting. The box is just so beautiful that I am wishing all toys came with one. It is so elegant and I think the ribbon adds a nice touch. The box itself slightly snaps shut with a magnet hidden within the box material, so it doesn't open extremely easily. The charger and instructions are safely kept underneath the first cardboard layer, and can be kept there for as long as you would like.

I am a tad bit disappointed that Je Joue did not include any type of travel bag. Even if it was a cheap one, it would have been a nice addition. I can imagine some people would not like the idea of having yet another box in their home, even if it is beautiful. I rarely use the boxes for my toys, so it didn't bother me; However, a bag would have helped out so much with traveling since I do it quite a lot. No one wants to lug around a box on vacation.
    • Beautiful box
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

The only other thing I would like to share about this toy is that there is a weird buzzing sound that was happening for the first 5 minutes or so of having the MiMi on. It stopped and hasn't occurred again since that time. I'm not sure why that happened, but I've noticed a few other reviews noting that. It must just be since it's the "first time" that the toy is being used. I would get too worried if this happens to you.


My experience with MiMi was one of a kind. I can't seem to put this vibe down since it came in the mail. I was skeptical due to other reviews, but I am so happy that this toy was a success for me. Even the lowest vibrations are very intense. This toy has excellent pinpoint stimulation, and has done wonders for my clitoris. It took no practice at all for me to find pinpoint pleasure. Simply touch your sensitive area to the tip of this toy, either on its side or flat, and you're in for the orgasm of your life.

All orgasms aside, this vibrator is perfect for body massage. Get some water based massage oil/lubricant, such as KamaSutra's Oil of Love, and massage your partner's back or neck. Maybe even massage yourself when you're in pain or have had a long day. MiMi makes massaging yourself easy because it is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and the silicone keeps you from losing grip. Wherever your hand goes, MiMi follows.

For the price that I paid, MiMi was far more than worth it. The quality of this toy would make you think that this toy cost well above $80. It's just an exceptional massager both for the genitals, and all over the body. Easy to use, easy to care for, and charging is an absolute breeze. What more could anyone ever ask for?
    • Extremely high quality
Follow-up commentary
The MiMi, by far, is still my absolutely favorite toy out of my entire vibrating collection. The vibrations are some of the strongest I have ever experienced, and the multiple settings makes for a night full of unique orgasms. My husband has also enjoyed the MiMi very much when used against his perineum and scrotum. The MiMi makes a nice teaser when you run it along your body, and the silky smooth silicone material glides perfectly across skin without any lotion or oil. It's extremely easy to charge with it's magnetic charger and the power has not at all lessened. I can't see this vibrator ever breaking or losing it's "shabang"! I've used it so many times and I don't think it ever gets a day of rest! Amazing toy :)
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