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I'm In Love With A Girl Named MiMi

I cannot think of one reason why every girl shouldn't own a MiMi. MiMi has a great range of vibrations suited to fit everyone's needs. The easy to use controls make it perfect for all users from beginner to advanced. The material is some of the highest quality I've come across. If you're on the fence, do yourself a big favor and get a MiMi.
Ergonomic design that works
Strong vibrations
Good for beginners to advanced users
Easy to use
Buttons hard to press
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MiMi is Je Joue's luxury clitoral vibrator. There's something for nearly every girl to love here with MiMi's range of vibration settings and patterns. MiMi's prime focus is clitoral stimulation, but she could be used for very light internal vaginal stimulation if you're careful. She is quite small so she's certainly not ideal for internal use. MiMi is not intended nor should she be used anally.

MiMi is a small girl and can easily be used during sex without getting in the way. She can, of course, also be used by herself or in conjunction with other toys for some alone time. Discreet in appearance, any time is a good time for MiMi.

Material / Texture

MiMi is made of high quality, seamless silicone. MiMi's silicone is like butter. It's like they literally spread butter over an egg and then wrapped it in velvet. MiMi's silicone is some of the best I've run across. No matter how hard I run my hands across her I can't produce any drag. Those looking for added stimulation through texture won't find it with MiMi, but for someone looking for a smooth, sensual vibrator - it doesn't get any better than this.

Remember that since MiMi is made of silicone she will not play well with silicone lubes. Water based lubes only for MiMi.

MiMi does have a slight silicone taste to her but it's nothing terrible. MiMi isn't made for your tongue and according to my husband the silicone taste does not transfer to my skin. Even though she does taste a bit like silicone, I can't detect a silicone odor.

Design / Shape / Size

If you took a Jumbo egg like you get at the grocery store and somehow managed to flatten it without breaking into pieces you would have a MiMi. MiMi is 3 inches high, 1.5 inches long at the bottom, and about .5 inches wide at her tip. She's about the same length as an average bullet but much wider.

MiMi vs Average Sized Bullet:

MiMi's extra width makes her mold into your palm. If you curl your finger slightly to make a cup, the wider end of MiMi will fit perfectly in the cupped palm leaving the tip extended just beyond your finger to use where you please. Unlike other toys where I ended up holding the toy in a completely different way than the toy is designed to be held, I found myself holding MiMi the "proper" way for the most part. I placed her in my cupped palm and curled my fingers around her sides. Not only was this position comfortable during use, but the position was such that the vibrations did not hit where my fingers were causing them to go numb. Aside from bullets that I hold at the utmost tip, I've yet to find a vibrator that doesn't make my fingers uncomfortable from vibrations. Major points to Je Joue on coming through with a truly ergonomic design.

This isn't how you hold it, but just for size reference:

MiMi from the side:

The only downside I can find to MiMi's design is that those who require the utmost pinpoint precision might not get what they're looking for. The surface area on the tip of MiMi is larger than what you would find on the tip of a pointed bullet. If you know that you need something laser pointed, MiMi might not work due to her slightly wider tip. I usually prefer more pinpoint stimulation and was able to make MiMi's tip work for me, so I would still suggest giving her a try.

MiMi doesn't look much like your traditional vibrator. She's isn't phallic in shape, doesn't have nude photos upon her, doesn't even look like a bullet really. She looks like a flat egg or a larger stone. Due to her shape, MiMi is quite discreet. I feel comfortable leaving her out without worrying that someone will jump to the immediate conclusion that she's a sex object. She does vibrate though, so at some point I'm sure anyone could figure it out.

Functions / Performance / Controls

MiMi is operated by two simple buttons, a plus and a minus. Hold the plus sign for about four seconds to turn on. Hold the plus sign again to increase the vibrations through speeds 1-5. Once you cycle through these five speeds the plus sign will then cycle through five patterns. If you want to go back, press the minus key. To turn MiMi off, press the minus key for four seconds. While easy to figure out, I always do prefer three buttons to two as personal preference. MiMi's buttons are incredibly hard to press. The good thing about this is that you will never accidentally change a vibration setting when you don't want to. The bad thing is that when you do, you'll probably have to pull her away from you to do it. Once in the shower I broke off the tip of my nail changing the vibration setting. As time goes on they seem to be giving a little more but not a lot.

MiMi's vibrations start at around two vrooms and increase in intensity as you go through to a very intense five vrooms. For such a small little girl, she packs a serious punch. As proof of MiMi's power, I impart upon you a short story. A few years back, I got my clit pierced. Problem was, all my vibrators would cause the ball to fall off and would leave me frantically searching around for this tiny little ball before it got lost. Total mood killer. One day, my husband got the brilliant idea to take some pliers and screw the balls on with them. It's been four years since he did that and no vibrator has managed to touch those little balls since then. I can't even get them unscrewed. MiMi vibrated them off. Off! I didn't think that was possible. MiMi is one powerhouse of a vibrator. If you require milder vibrations, don't be scared off by my description because she does have lower settings.

Not only does MiMi boast the most powerful vibrations I've ever seen for a vibrator of her size, but her vibrations are at a very different pitch than most vibrators I own. While many vibrators can be buzzy, MiMi is deep and rumbly. She is deeper than my deepest vibrators. If MiMi were a singer, she'd be a bass. Her vibrations make for different orgasms than other vibrators that I have.

I found that another great thing about MiMi is that when you apply pressure, she loses very little power. With most vibrators, the second you apply the slightest pressure even a five vroom will suddenly become two. MiMi's five vrooms hold steady at the lower range of five or the higher range of four with intense pressure applied.

Her vibrations are located almost entirely at the tip. Almost none of the vibration carries to the base. While you will feel the vibrations in the part where you hold her, even at the most intense setting you will not lose feeling in your hand.

I would have been happy with the five vibration settings alone, but for those who like patterns MiMi comes with five. Four of the patterns are different pulses that range in speeds. The fifth pattern is one that basically goes through the speeds from fast to slow. The switch is seamless and you don't feel it jump from speed to speed. I played with the pulses a little, but as I can never seem to produce any result with a pattern I can't really give a definitive word on if these are good or not.

MiMi is a bit louder than other similar toys I have. I could hear her over running water at her highest settings. It wasn't jackhammer loud, but it was noticeable. With the running water and the door closed, my husband could not hear her in the next room. However without running water you can hear her ever so slightly through a closed door. At her lower settings this is not the case.

MiMi is rechargeable. She connects via a magnet U shaped connecter to an AC adapter. If you have a MacBook, it's a similar set up. Get her close to the magnets and she will snap in place and start to charge. The heart on her front will blink red when charging. When fully charged it will be solid red.

MiMi is a waterproof toy. I used her in the shower multiple times with no decrease in vibrations and no glitches. I didn't do a submersion test on MiMi because, well, I just like her too much to risk dunking her. The manual she comes with does say she can be submerged so you're welcome to try if you like, but I wasn't going to risk it.

Care and Maintenance

MiMi is easy to care for. She has no curves that are hard to clean or get to. She's waterproof so you don't have to worry about damaging her during a wash. You can use soap and water or your preferred toy cleaner.

I store my MiMi in the box she came in, but she could also be stored away in a pouch. Make sure you keep her away from bottles of silicone lube that could leak and potentially damage her or other silicone toys that might not play nice.


I do not even have words for how gorgeous Je Joue's packaging is. When I got this I felt like I had bought an engagement ring for my clit. MiMi comes with two boxes. The first is an outer box which is a lovely merlot color. This box protects the inner black box. The inner box is the best part. It's like something you'd get if you bought very expensive jewelry. It's a flip top tied with a black bow. When you open the top, MiMi sits nestled inside with all of her parts and instructions hidden below her where they can't be seen. She is the shining star of the display. I literally squealed when I saw the packaging. It's so girly and expensive looking.


Inner Box:

Behold The MiMi:

If you like to gift sex toys, gift wrapping doesn't get better than this. I'm not one to store toys in original packaging, but this box is now proudly sitting on my night stand to hold my precious gem in it. It's just that pretty.

MiMi comes with a very thick instruction guide. It's thick mostly because it's in a hundred different languages. It doesn't really give all that much information. It's mostly a few blurbs about how lovely MiMi and Je Joue are, how the plus and minus work, how to charge MiMi, and a page of disclaimers.

Side note that I guess falls in packaging - my MiMi came fully charged. I was ecstatic! I even threw her on the charger just to check to make sure it was a full charge and not a half charge and it was. No wait time! Like a toy coming with batteries, it's a small thing that makes a big difference.

Personal comments

I can't think of many reasons not to love MiMi. If you have a clit, you should be buying this. If you know someone with a clit, you should be buying this for them. The only people I can see MiMi not working for is the most sensitive of girls (one vroom only) or girls that can get off by Hitachi and Hitachi alone. It doesn't matter if this is the first toy you've ever bought or the thousandth, odds are you will fall head over heels with MiMi. If you don't love MiMi, I'll buy her from you. Okay, I don't have that kind of money. But you get the point. MiMi is the queen bee of luxury clit vibrators.

Will I stop buying new ones now that I have my much lusted after MiMi? Of course not. That would be boring. However, from now on every vibrator will have to answer the question "are you better than MiMi?"


MiMi has graced the top of my wish list for a few months now. As a bit of a power girl, I found myself disappointed with the vibrations of many of the toys I was buying. MiMi was touted as the one to get and so up my list she jumped. Whenever a vibrator has a lot of hype I'm always worried I'll work it up too much in my head and it won't ever be as good as I've imagined it to be. That wasn't the case with MiMi. She was everything I hoped for and more.

I have two types of orgasms. I have clitoral orgasms, which I call my lightning orgasms. They're very intense but they don't last long, a few seconds and the most. Then I have vaginal orgasms, or wave orgasms. They start out slow but last longer and can build upon each other to become more intense. Without any vaginal penetration, the deep pitched vibrations that MiMi emits produced a wave like lighting orgasm. It was just as intense as my usual clitoral orgasm but kept building and building to a more intense orgasm. I didn't sit there with a timer or anything, but my guess is that it lasted a good minute or two. That's a serious record.

When used during intercourse? Don't even get me started. Using MiMi during sex has resulted in the most intense orgasms of my life. They last what seems like forever and start out incredibly intense and just continue on from there. There's no break in between them. As soon as it feels like I might stop, another starts.

If I haven't sold you on MiMi yet, I suck as a sales person. MiMi's orgasm producing abilities are no joke.

I found that my sweet spot with MiMi was slightly different than my sweet spot with other vibrators has been, partially due (I think) to her wider head. I usually use really fine pointed vibrators so I had a little learning curve on where the right places were with a wider area. Sometimes learning is part of the fun and when I found it? Pure bliss. If you're used to a smaller tip, don't get frustrated if you don't get off with MiMi in the exact point that you normally do. Play around with her some and you'll probably find a new spot to share with her.

I cannot gush enough about MiMi. You shouldn't even still be reading this. You should be clicking "add to cart."
Follow-up commentary
MiMi is still my favorite toy ever. I get great battery life out of it. I use it almost every day and only have to charge it about once every two weeks or so. The vibrations are still strong and I haven't noticed that they decrease when it gets close to needing a charge. If anything ever happens to my MiMi I will be overnighting another one. I've even thought about buying a second one as backup for when mine is charging.

The only thing I can say I don't like is that the silicone has somewhat detached from the core. It feels almost like a big bubble has formed. It doesn't cause any issues with use of MiMi or make it look any different. It's something I can feel when I touch it but that's it.

The buttons have become easier to press. In fact, I have no issues at all with the buttons anymore. They take a little pressure to press but not much more than any other toy would.
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