Anal Plug Questions

Contributor: Woman China Woman China
Good afternoon from the sunny desert!!!

I am in the market to buy a toy specific for my tush... I've been reading lots, and looking at all the toys here and wanting them all. But there can be only one!!! LOL!!! And I do have some questions, that I cannot seem to find pointed answers for. I love the look and feel of glass, and do play with my glass toys often, am in the market for a glass anal toy for prolong wear.

So I am asking you all if you wouldn't mind sharing some advice and offering some suggestions.


-What is the long term effects of a thicker base Moon Shine vs a smaller base Moon Plug? Or no long term effects and the whole thing on anal leakage later in life a myth when choosing to wear an anal plug for prolong periods of time?

-The base. I do understand that one should try to have anal toys with safety in mind in having the base the same size or a little larger than the widest part of the toy. That being said, what about the comfort of a circular base such as Luxotiq vs a T shaped base Moon Plug with a T Handle for prolong wear?

-What about something like Pleasure Pearls for prolonged wear? (I do not know if this idea is suggested or not, but it is a kinky thought in my head!!!)

Thank-you in advance for your suggestions, idea's and thoughts... recommendations too if you have them!
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: Beth D Beth D
I honestly don't know, I've only begun experimenting with plugs and I only have one, and it's silicone and rather small.

But one thing; the idea of wearing glass around for a prolonged time when who knows what might happen (I'm clumsy and I fall ) scares me, lol. I mean, I know that stuff isn't supposed to break, but... I'd rather not take my chances! I'll stick with cushy silicone.
Contributor: Woman China Woman China
Just a quick bump as I am still curious about this!
Contributor: ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
For long term wear, look for something with a small neck and larger bulb/ball/spade. These will stay in better.

As far as bases go, a large base will be less comfy compared to a smaller base. This does depend on your butt cheeks. If you have have small buns, the bigger base will work better. A "T" base will work better for larger buns. It will also depend on what you are doing while you are wearing it. If you are walking around a lot it will be worse than if you are sitting. At least for me.

I prefer a "T" base for long term wear. My favorite is the Ryder, the base is big enough to be safe yet soft enough to be comfy.
Contributor: ScottA ScottA
As long as you do not force a large plug and tear the sphincter there will be no long term effects from using a buttplug except for better control over your anus. Anal incontinence is a myth if buttplay is done right. There isn't anything really hard that the plug is up against, so as long as you get a good plug the chance of it breaking from a fall is minimal.

A circular base can be a bit irritating during long-term wear where it presses into the buttocks, so a oblong or T base is more comfortable.
Contributor: Woman China Woman China
Thank-you so so much Tim and Scott!!!!

This is good info to have!!!
Contributor: Rainbow Boy Rainbow Boy
In regards to material, I would definitely recommend a silicone plug. Silicone plugs are soft, smooth, and quite flexible. I am not certain how experienced you are with butt play, but assuming you're a beginner you should go for softer, smaller plugs. In that case, I would highly recommend the Plug of Lust (small), the Bootie, or the Li'l End.