Anal Plug Questions

Anal Plug Questions

Woman China Woman China
Good afternoon from the sunny desert!!!

I am in the market to buy a toy specific for my tush... I've been reading lots, and looking at all the toys here and wanting them all. But there can be only one!!! LOL!!! And I do have some questions, that I cannot seem to find pointed answers for. I love the look and feel of glass, and do play with my glass toys often, am in the market for a glass anal toy for prolong wear.

So I am asking you all if you wouldn't mind sharing some advice and offering some suggestions.


-What is the long term effects of a thicker base Moon Shine vs a smaller base Moon Plug? Or no long term effects and the whole thing on anal leakage later in life a myth when choosing to wear an anal plug for prolong periods of time?

-The base. I do understand that one should try to have anal toys with safety in mind in having the base the same size or a little larger than the widest part of the toy. That being said, what about the comfort of a circular base such as Luxotiq vs a T shaped base Moon Plug with a T Handle for prolong wear?

-What about something like Pleasure Pearls for prolonged wear? (I do not know if this idea is suggested or not, but it is a kinky thought in my head!!!)

Thank-you in advance for your suggestions, idea's and thoughts... recommendations too if you have them!
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Beth D Beth D
I honestly don't know, I've only begun experimenting with plugs and I only have one, and it's silicone and rather small.

But one thing; the idea of wearing glass around for a prolonged time when who knows what might happen (I'm clumsy and I fall ) scares me, lol. I mean, I know that stuff isn't supposed to break, but... I'd rather not take my chances! I'll stick with cushy silicone.
Woman China Woman China
Just a quick bump as I am still curious about this!
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
For long term wear, look for something with a small neck and larger bulb/ball/spade. These will stay in better.

As far as bases go, a large base will be less comfy compared to a smaller base. This does depend on your butt cheeks. If you have have small buns, the bigger base will work better. A "T" base will work better for larger buns. It will also depend on what you are doing while you are wearing it. If you are walking around a lot it will be worse than if you are sitting. At least for me.

I prefer a "T" base for long term wear. My favorite is the Ryder, the base is big enough to be safe yet soft enough to be comfy.
ScottA ScottA
As long as you do not force a large plug and tear the sphincter there will be no long term effects from using a buttplug except for better control over your anus. Anal incontinence is a myth if buttplay is done right. There isn't anything really hard that the plug is up against, so as long as you get a good plug the chance of it breaking from a fall is minimal.

A circular base can be a bit irritating during long-term wear where it presses into the buttocks, so a oblong or T base is more comfortable.
Woman China Woman China
Thank-you so so much Tim and Scott!!!!

This is good info to have!!!
Rainbow Boy Rainbow Boy
In regards to material, I would definitely recommend a silicone plug. Silicone plugs are soft, smooth, and quite flexible. I am not certain how experienced you are with butt play, but assuming you're a beginner you should go for softer, smaller plugs. In that case, I would highly recommend the Plug of Lust (small), the Bootie, or the Li'l End.
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