Rabbits for those with more distance?

Rabbits for those with more distance?

Bzz Bzz
As I found out by measuring, my clit is rather far away from my vagina, probably about 1 3/4 inches? (I vaguely remember it being around 45mm) What are the best rabbits for this distance? Not all review list if it's good for shorter distance or longer distance or whatever.
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Rossie Rossie
Check out the Jopen Vanity Vr5.5 and Vr6.5 reviews, both of them should fit your anatomy. If you're still not sure, message the reviewers (Sammi and Ryuson for the Vr5.5, and Beck for Vr6.5) for more information about the rabbits.
Bzz Bzz
Well, I was hoping for something not that expensive. Those are a bit out of my price range. I fully expect for any good rabbit to be $50+ but that's a bit much. And I'm okay with TPR, since it's pretty high on the safety scale.
Rossie Rossie
Sorry, haven't thought about the price range. I recommended the Jopen rabbits because they are so much better than the other ones out there. If you're willing to wait and save up more points, you can get one with the Buy-Out Assignment 30% discount and only pay a little over $100 for one of them. I don't know much about rabbits at lower price ranges, hopefully there will be other EFers who can help you out.
Gracie Gracie
Well I had another jopen suggestion for you. The vr10.5 overshots on me (20mm distance fron vagina to clit)and I think that on would work for widely spaced gals. I also tried platinum jack rabbit on my rabbit search. The only things I dont like about it is it uses batteries and it isnt silicone. It is nice and strong. Watch for it to go on sale. I see it is out of stock at the moment, but I think it was recently on sale.
spineyogurt spineyogurt
Hmm yeah I agree with rossie
indiglo indiglo
Mine is about 40mm away from my urethra. We have a thread here on spacing, so maybe you could find someone on the thread with similar spacing and see what works for them.

I'm guessing you and I may be similarly spaced, though I've only measured from the urethra, rather than the vagina. Anyway, I'll list a few of the rabbit toys that have worked well with my anatomy. I generally need the clit arm to be fairly looong and to curve back down towards the shaft of the toy to really work for me.

Passion Wave Stimulator - fit me like a glove

Triple Pleasure arouser - though I just saw it's been discontinued

Lelo Ina - more on the expensive side though

Jopen Vanity Vr 4.5 - fits like an unbelievably orgasmic dream, but again is more expensive

Ones that do not fit my anatomy have very short clit arms, for more closely spaced anatomies:



Maybe this will at least help point you in the right direction of what kind of configuration will work best for your anatomy.
voenne voenne
I've had trouble with rabbits because of the length between my vaginal opening and clit, like you. Also my problem is that I can't use ones with an insertable length of more than 4 if I want the clit arm to even touch my body. Definitely agree about the new Jopen rabbits (4.5, 5.5...) if you can afford it. Those will probably be the best bet!
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