Okay for me, great for her

So this toy really fell short in living up to my expectations since it applied too much pressure to my prostate resulting in me not being to able to get or keep an erection easily. That said it felt really comfortable and the vibrations were amazing to experience. The most amazing thing about this toy is how much my girlfriend loves using it vaginally so even though it didn't work out as a new prostate massager for me, it's not a loss since it can be used in this fashion instead.
Powerful vibrations
Girlfriend loves using it too
Too much pressure on my prostate
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This toy is sold as a prostate massager for men. So the best use of this is for it to be used in this fashion. The toy is C shaped with one end that is designed to be inserted anally and press against the prostate and the other end of the C to sit against the perineum.

Unlike most other p-spot massagers I've used this toy can be used while sitting down. I've also walked around the house with it inserted without any worry about it slipping out; however, I was flexing my kegel muscles to both to move the toy and keep a hold on it when I did. I'm not sure I personally would wear it for extended periods or out in public, but it seems reasonably discreet when worn... mind you the vibrations would likely be noticeable if you were to use them out in public.

Inspired by a review on Lelo's site for this toy of a wife who bought the toy for husband but after trying it herself vaginally never let him use it, I let my girlfriend try the toy with the inserted in being taken vaginally and the perineum massager resting on her clit. Suffice to say, she really enjoyed the toy when used in this fashion. Based on my personal experience with the toy, which I'll share later... this might be how we end up using this toy in the future.
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Material / Texture

So after buying the Lelo Tiani 3 for my girlfriend and I to use together I was shocked at how amazing their silicone is. I really can't describe how remarkable it is compared to the other silicone toys I own. It is a super soft and smooth silicone, without a grippy feel that some other silicone have. This results in a super easy toy to insert as it only needs minimal lube and it slides right in. This is one of the larger p-spot toys in terms of diameter of the largest section of the toy that I own and it takes almost no effort or warm up for me to get it to slide in. The material doesn't add anything to the experience but it also doesn't have a negative impact on it either.

As the toy is encased in non-porous silicone, it can be sterilized. This is a great feature as it allows both me and my girlfriend to enjoy this toy and as I'll discuss later... she has gotten more enjoyment out of the toy than I have.

The chrome base/back of the remote are both a smooth plastic and not actually metal; however, this doesn't take away from the luxury feel of this toy. The remote is silicone aside from the back too, and since it replicates the vibrations during use this smooth silicone is very pleasant to caress your body or partner's body with while using.

The tip of the perineum massager only moves maybe an inch total back and forth... it's not extremely flexible in this regards but it gets the job done. The inserted section is very rigidly affixed to the base, which as I'll discuss in the design section poses me some troubles.
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

I was really excited about this toy and the prospects it offered; however, I personally had some issues with the design of the toy. The inserted end is has no flex in regards to the base and the perineum end, which is where the button to control the toy is located, has a very small amount of flex or range of adjustability. This lack of flex in the inserted end means that once inside it presses where it wants regardless of your internal geometry, and though I didn't find the toy to be unpleasant or uncomfortable while inserted like I did with the Rocks Off Limited Bad Boy, I did find the pressure it applied on the prostate to be too aggressive for my taste. I actually made the comment to my girlfriend that it reminded me of the Nexus Vibro in terms of how much pressure I felt on the prostate while it was inserted, which if you look at the picture below you can see they have a similar orientation of the inserted section in relation to the base so this makes sense.

Some of you might like this added pressure and it may actually result in a more enjoyable experience than a toy that lacks this feature; however, p-spot toys that apply this much pressure also tend to reduce the blood flow to my penis... this results in the loss of erection or not being able to get fully erect. So for me this makes the toy difficult to enjoy during masturbation or sex as an erection helps with both of these uses. Let's just say it's frustrating to not be able to get fully hard or stay erect when trying to please your partner at the same time.

So that's the bad, honestly if you need the added pressure or don't have this fit issue this toy is astounding. And even with this erection stopping problem... this is the most pleasant thing I've had in my butt so far. The vibrations are super powerful and I think I begin to grasp the difference between buzzy and rumbly vibrations. It feels like my whole existence is being vibrated when the toy is active and fully powered. In the brief moment I was able to keep an erection with my partner during testing she expressed shock at being able to enjoy the vibrations too while she rode me with the toy inside me and active.

The size and fixed shape would likely make this toy enjoyable for those who are more experienced with anal play, and yet it's not so large that it's overly intimidating. And due to how easy the toy's material is to insert and comfortable it is while inserted that beginners might enjoy this toy... truthfully, I'd likely start with something a bit smaller but still. I was asked on the forums about the size so for comparison I include the following photo:

Hugo Size Comparison

Inquisitor asked for a picture of the toy next to an "easily identifiable household product". All I had on hand was Bush's Black Beans, but also opted to include a measuring tape + some other toys in my collection for size comparison. On the bottom from left to right are Rocks Off Limited Bad Boy, Nexus Vibro, Aneros SGX Classic, and Aneros Vice. This should give you a good idea as to the size of the Hugo.


Lelo makes the claim in their informational video that they set out to make the most powerful vibrating prostate massager on the market. I can say in this regards they definitely succeeded, of the vibrating p-spot toys I own this makes them seem like they have no power in comparison. The vibrations also have a bit more "rumble" than buzz, which is really different than the other toys I own. And while inserted these vibrations can be felt to the point where it almost seemed like my whole self was vibrating.

Something unique from the other vibrating p-spot toys that this Hugo offers that they don't is the perineum massager vibrates as well. This means both your perineum and prostate are getting the same vibrations resulting in a really amazing experience. But this also means if used by a female partner that it vibrates internally but also the perineum massager will vibrate in the area of her clitoris.

The toy offers the same vibration patterns as all the other Lelo SenseMotion toys I own. It has 8 vibration patterns, 6 standard and 2 that are changed by moving the remote. The 6 standard ones can be cycled through by pressing a button on the bottom side perineum massager end of the toy. The six standard modes are as follows:

1. Constant
2. Pulsing Slow
3. Pulsing Fast
4. Ramping Pattern Up
5. Ramping Pattern Up/Down
6. Variable

The ramping pattern 4 starts with slower vibrations and then speeds up to faster ones then starts over as slower ones again, repeating this process. The ramping cycle is about 2 seconds but is very pleasant and keeps you from getting too used to the vibrations. Ramping pattern 5 slows to almost not existing; however, ramps up to full power faster vibrations then will slow back down to almost not existing, repeating this cycle over about a 4 second period. Pattern 6 is curious and I can't really explain it, but it's almost a random combination of changing speeds and pulsing, which if you are like me constant vibrations almost get tuned out so this is like a godsend.

The other two vibration modes are what Lelo calls "SenseMotion" and is available on a number of their toys. I requires the remote to work, which can both do the SenseMotion vibration modes + allow you to cycle through the 6 standard modes. The SenseMotion mode 1 is the first mode the toy and remote go into when you sync it by pressing the button on the toy one time and the plus symbol on the remote. This allows you to slow/speed up the vibrations of the toy (and remote as you get the same vibrations as feedback in the remote) with if the remote is held horizontally at the slowest and if held vertically at their fastest. There is some slight delay between the remote/toy as to be expected but it's nice to have this feedback + doubles as a second vibrator that I can run over my partner's body while we use the toy. SenseMotion Mode 2 controls (and is the next setting when you press the motion button in the middle) the speed of vibrations relative to the speed you move the remote, which is a bit tricky as it's looking for an arcing motion vs general motions of the remote. But definitely could see this mode combined with moving the toy over your partner or your body at different speeds being an interesting use, so far we've not really gotten much from this feature.

In addition to the SenseMotion & cycling through the vibration modes (via the center button) you can speed up/down the traditional vibration settings via +/- buttons on the remote in case you want faster/slower vibrations or you want to keep changing the vibrations.

You can stop all vibrations and turn the remote off by holding the - symbol button. You just need to press the + symbol to re-sync the remote with the toy and the vibrations start again. This is nice if you want to set the toy up and use the vibrations later.

Finally, a neat feature we discovered as we have a couple SenseMotion toys is that they can all use the same remote. I'm not sure what happens if you try to use two remotes at the same time, but this allows you and your partner to share the same vibrations if you both are using a SenseMotion toy. While I was reasonably hard while we used the Hugo during sex managed to slip one of our Tiani toys in and then my partner could enjoy the vibration sensations a bit more directly while grinding on me and the toy. I also see this as an interesting benefit if you have multiple partners w/ multiple SenseMotion toys as means you can play with them all at the same time without needing to hold multiple remotes and keep track of which one is for which partner.

The toy is 100% waterproof, it has a silicone plug that sits in the charge port that keeps it clean. The charge port is located on the base of the toy as pictured below.

Charge port

The toy charges via a provided USB power cable. When it's plugged in it blinks until fully charged and then the light on the perineum massager will glow solid. You can see the toy plugged in and with the LED lit below.

Hugo Charging

The toy holds a charge for an extended period of time and the remote keeps a charge for quite a while considering it's powered by AAA and not rechargeable.
    • Multiple settings
    • Powerful
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

The smooth silicone makes it super easy to clean. The toy is super well constructed and comes with a storage bag that provides a nice way to store the toy and keep it from interacting with other silicone toys that might pose problems.

As the toy is made of silicone it can only be used with water based lubes.

I currently store the toy in the fitted foam part of the box that it came in; however, I'll likely move to storing it in the storage bag in the future.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The toy comes in the packaging I've now come to expect from Lelo, in a very well elegant and solidly built package that is then covered with a black semi-transparent cloth-like bag to make what's inside less discernible. Thankfully, their packaging is so well built as the shipping box for this shipment was damaged but the toy's packaging kept the toy safe during transport. I've included a picture of the box below along with the toy's packaging with the cloth-like bag.

Damaged Shipping Box

Box in bag
Bag Tag

I can't express how surprised I was at how undamaged the Lelo toy packaging was with the damaged shipping box being so damaged. As you can see below once I got it out of the cloth bag there doesn't appear to be any really noticeable damage. The toy comes with a see through plastic window on the box inside the bag, which shows off the toy and remote. This seems to be how the newer Lelo toys are being packaged as my Tiani 24K had similar packaging with the window as well.

Toy in Box
Back of Box

The back of the box gives you all the general information about the toy and it's features in multiple languages. But regardless, the package had a bit of stress visible but it still looks nice even after the issue w/ the shipping box. Once you take the top off the box you can see that the toy and remote sit in foam that is cut to the toy to keep it from moving both in transport, but also provides a nice organized way to store the toy.

Toy in Box upon Opening

If you pull the toy out you will see that the foam pulls out and underneath is all of the accessories and instruction manuals that come with the toy. The toy comes with a sample of lubricant and it's owner's manual. Additionally, comes with the USB charging cable, two AAA batteries for the remote, remote key (to open/close the remote back), warranty registration card with serial #, storage bag, and Hugo instruction manual. You can see all of this w/ the toy still on the foam but out of the box pictured below:

What's inside

Summary being that not only is the provided Lelo packaging functional, attractive, and well built... but it also did an astounding job of protecting this toy when the shipping box was damaged during transport.
    • Good for storage
    • Very informative

Personal comments

So I am slightly disappointed personally with this toy since it's forward pressure causes me some unwanted side effects in terms of having and maintaining an erection while using this toy. And if I had spent this much on the toy and only I benefited from it, I would have had some serious buyers remorse; however, since it turns out that this toy might have failed for my use it seems it is very enjoyable for my girlfriend.

So we have two of the Lelo Tiani couple massagers at this point, which my girlfriend really enjoys and add something to sex be it vaginal or anal. That said her reaction to using the Hugo vaginally with the perineum massager on her clit was out far more intense than any reaction she's had to the Tiani toys. This includes her reaction to our newer Tiani 24K that also offers internal & external vibrations like the Hugo does when used in this fashion. I think this is mostly due to the power this toy has over that of the Tiani or any other vibrators we currently own. It provides her a deep rumbling vibration internally pressing into her g-spot region combined with strong external vibrations against her clit. This combination brought her the most orgasmic state I've seen her in yet.

I'm not sure how much more use I'm going to get out of this toy, but I'm super excited to explore using it more with my girlfriend. Something we are talking about trying in the future is her using the toy while we have anal sex. Should be quite an experience for both of us, likely will include feedback of this in a follow up in the future.
Follow-up commentary
We still like it for her use... we don't use it as much since we got the Lelo Ina Wave toy, but we still like the toy overall and for her use.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  • Contributor: Trysexual
    Very thorough review. I agree with your feelings. Probably great for women, but I found it uncomfortable and didn't stay inserted. Amazing power though, but I think I like buzzy more than rumbly, but it's quite a package...a different shape would have made all the difference.
  • Contributor: MrClark
    Thanks for the feedback. And agree a slightly different shape and/or flex could have made all the difference. I thankfully didn't find it uncomfortable and had no issues with it staying in... but does seem that varies from user to user. They have a good initial idea just needs some retooling for sure. I'm just glad my girlfriend enjoys it so that it doesn't go gather dust in my closet.
  • Contributor: Lilith Bealove
    So happy that the product box wasn't damaged. I remembered you mentioning this to me!
  • Contributor: MrClark
    Me too, as you can see was some pretty serious damage to the shipping box. Think the quality packaging helped keep both the product and product box intact.
  • Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears
    Excellent review for someone interesting buying this. Covered anything they may need to know.
  • Contributor: MrClark
    Thanks for the feedback and taking time to read!!
  • Contributor: MrClark
    For an extended follow-up... I've started significantly more recently and not sure if something has changed but I'm finding it quite a lot of fun to use.
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